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Zombies mean what they moan. Do you know what they're moaning about? We do, so we're writing the BIG book of zombie-speak.
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#ZombieHealth Update: A bunch of X-rays, a week of oral corticosteroids, a MRI, and a spinal injection of corticosteroids later...

Posted by Rebecca A. Frierson (Creator)

Hello MEAT!

In typical zombie fashion, my bits are falling apart. Thank god they're not falling off ... which reminds me of one of my fave SZS quotes: Confucius say, "One-legged Zombie have trouble keeping up with the Joneses."

Meanwhile, back at the body repair farm, the good news is, we have the technology to fix some of what's ailing me and can slow the progress of the rest. Yep, the headline to this is the short version of what I've been up to since I updated all the backers a few weeks ago on what's holding up the project. 

What the sawbones discovered after much poking and prodding was that I have a narrowing in my spine that's pinching the hell out of a nerve running to my arm, the C-3 and C-4 vertebra in my neck are crumbling and pinching other stuff (The rest of my spine is like a rock. Go figure.), there's some other leg and hip joint degeneration that's flared up, my cortisol level is running abnormally high from the chronic pain and sleeplessness, and all the above have my blood pressure much higher than normal for me. 

So, for the next couple of months I'm focusing on getting this bod back to behaving like I want so that my brain can behave like WE ALL WANT and finish this book. I'm feeling well enough to get back on Twitter some days. I've already bantered with a few of you and look forward to hearing from the rest. I know that some days will be productive and some most likely won't. It will depend on whether the bod co-operates. 

Thank you all for hanging in there with me. We'll get to the finish line one way or another. 

All the best, 


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    1. Frank Wuerbach on

      Hm, a full year and no updates? Bad health or not. If you are not dead you could have even dictated an update to a friend. This is really extremely rediculous.

    2. Frank Wuerbach on

      Last we heard was almost a year ago?
      What is going on?

    3. Frank Wuerbach on

      Now three months later and still nothing. I am really starting to worry.
      Greetz, Frank

    4. Frank Wuerbach on

      Any new nes? Half a year has gone by now? Feeling any better? Restarting the career as a zombie? What is goint on?

      Greetz, Frank

    5. Rebecca A. Frierson Creator on

      Thanks everyone!

    6. Kim Stevens on

      Feel better love

    7. Patty L on

      I KNOW you'll shamble your way back into full Zombie mode! In the meantime, take care of your bad self! xxo

    8. Rebecca A. Frierson Creator on

      Shambling is the operative word right now. Thanks Kev! xxx

    9. Missing avatar

      Kev Foster

      Hoping you make a speedy shambling recovery towards being a fully functioning zombie xx