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Zombies mean what they moan. Do you know what they're moaning about? We do, so we're writing the BIG book of zombie-speak.
72 backers pledged $6,035 to help bring this project to life.

1001 Things Zombies Say is at 114%. 10 Day Count Down starts tomorrow!

Posted by Rebecca A. Frierson (Creator)

We're not gonna keep you long. More boss art has come in for you to help us choose from for the book. This one is from @TheZuingaGroup...

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 4.57.41 PM

Tonight's quickie update ends with a cool graph of our progress from the nice folks at Kicktrac. 

The bottom line is the math says, with all the great support we've had so far, we should reach somewhere between $8,846 and $18,000+. Boy, we'd love to do that. It would mean expanding the size of the book considerably. At $18,000 we can almost DOUBLE the amount of art in the book. That means that we could introduce around EIGHTY pages of art. We're putting some pencils to numbers tomorrow!  WE'RE GONNA FEED A HORDE OF ARTISTS!

MEANWHILE... WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP. Please help us by continuing to spread the word. 

▪ Send our Kickstarter link to your friends:

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▪ Tweet something like "Ever wondered what all those‪#‎zombies‬ are moaning about? 1001 Things #Zombies Say KickStarter has the answer - "

• Since we're so tapped into zombies, we know what it feels like to be hungry all the time. If you know a starving zombie artist, have him or her Tweet SuZSie @ShitZombiesSay or post a comment on the Shit Zombies Say Facebook page.

So until tomorrow, thanks again for your support. Pleasant #BiteMares!

SuZsie ShitZombiesSay

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