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pledged of $42,000pledged of $42,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, July 17 2015 1:01 AM UTC +00:00


I have been involved in writing and publishing for more than 25 years. I know what it is to struggle to gain recognition as a writer and to reap its rewards. I’m also an avid reader, more than 50 books in a year.

Many of the books I read are not highly popular or are not written by well-known or famous writers. Yet these are some of the most inspiring, informative and intriguing books I’ve read.

I, therefore, want to accomplish two things here: give good writers the exposure they deserve, and bring avid and interested readers in contact with good books and writers they may not know of.

The app will do several things. Firstly, books will be published on an eBook platform built within the app. These books will be available for download, for a promotional period of 30 days each, at a discounted price, through the app. Royalty will be received by the author or publisher based on the price of the book and the number of downloads. Authors and publishers retain copyright ownership of the published work.

Secondly, books promoted through the app will in turn be promoted to roughly 2,000 reviewers who write for specialist publications such as Foreword Reviews, Book Riot and Publishers Weekly as well as for mass media outlets such as The New York Times and the Washington Post.

Thirdly, the app will bring together writers and readers into a social community with the possibility for face to face local book signings and readings, where hard copy of the books are available. Readers will be encouraged to send in written reviews, the best of which will be published in the app. The formation of book clubs for readers will be facilitated through the app.

Fourthly, the app will ensure connection with and through all the leading social media sites.

Risks and challenges

The app will have to fight to gain attention in a field with established players such as and Book Bub. However, I’m confident for the following reasons. Firstly, the app is different. Amazon is a publisher and seller. This app will promote books published by and sold on Amazon or any other publisher or book seller.

Book Bub promotes books that have long been published and does not promote new works. Most of the books it promotes are by established writers. This app focuses on writers who are seeking to gain attention for their work. This is not for the J. K. Rowlings of the world. But it, hopefully, will make some unknown writer achieve a measure of the success that Rowling and other famous writers have.

In addition to the roughly 2,000 reviewers mentioned earlier, the app will be promoted to the approximately 700 writers in the technology press for whom I have contacts, such as App Developer Magazine, iPhone Life magazine, Cult of Android, Android Authority, BGR Media, etc.
In other words, amidst all the crowd and clutter, every effort will be made to make this app stand out.

Because books are copyrighted materials, the agreement with authors and publishers will have to be carefully managed. It will be ensured that the promotional contract covers all the bases and be a win-win for all.

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