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BRASH writes poetry for Artomatic, (self-generating music added in 2011), a project continuing at AOM 2012 in Crystal City VA.

BRASH writes poetry for Artomatic, (self-generating music added in 2011), a project continuing at AOM 2012 in Crystal City VA. Read More
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Since 1999 BRASH has been writing poetry for the art at Artomatic (a extravaganza in the Washington DC area, and Frederick MD too). The goal has always been to write a poem for each participating artist, including all the children, and even the individual artists who enter under the auspices of a group, such as Art Enables or school groups. That goal has never quite been breached, although twice it fell short by only two poems, but considering that there have been over 1000 artists at each of the last few Artomatics, that's maybe not such a bad record. (See, Notable Artists, for slightly fewer details.)

For the Frederick Arotmatic in 2011, BRASH partnered with MdlGrunge to create a system by which the poems generate their own music, based on the vowel sounds in English and the seven basic (Greek) musical modes plus the pentatonic scale. (See for more information on that process.)

BRASH has already started preparing for Artomatic 2012 in Crystal City (May 18 - June 23), with the same goal of writing a poem for each of the participating artists, estimated to be around 1100 this year. (Previous years there have been up to 1200 artists -- which explains the early start -- to get some of the administrative work out of the way!)

There are essentially three parts to this project:

1. Writing the poems between now and June 22 (and posting them in the artists' spaces)

2. Compiling the best of the poems from this year along with images from the artists who wish to participate and creating a book and/or website

3. Taking the self-generated music a step forward and fleshing out into full compositions.

If you're viewing this page, you probably already know me, or have gotten a poem from me in the past at Artomatic or some other art-related event in the Washington DC area (or possibly central PA). So you know that I have done this sort of thing before, this crazy goal of writing upwards of 1100 poems (one per artist participating at Artomatic) in less than five months. And if you've been to other Artomatics, you know that sometimes the poems are actually pretty good, and hit the mark of interpreting the artwork on some level (I'm proud of that part). So I'm doing it again, but this time with the idea of not losing too much money on expenses (I've always self-funded, even when I hardly had a job to rub together) and maybe even having enough money to get a book together (enough of you have been asking for one, and what poet can resist that? Well, one with no funds for such a thing, that would be me! I also have always insisted that such a project be done right, with the featured artwork in the right format, not cheaply reproduced, so that's been a sticking point. That, and the lack of money. Did I mention lack of money?)

I hope you will consider some sort of donation. I know it may seem unnecessary, since if you are an artist at Artomatic, you can expect to get a poem (or as many people exclaim, mostly in a positive way: I've been BRASHed!) at absolutely no cost to you. But look at the rewards page; you can get a poem in a format of your choosing -- why leave such an important matter up to the poet? And all you have to donate is any one of my favorite prime numbers, or pi. You can donate pi, as long as it is exact change only.

Thanks in advance, and as always, thanks for your participation in Artomatic. If you are reading this  and you did not participate in Artomatic, there's either a) still time to attend (1851 S Bell Street Crystal City/Arlington VA, May 18 through June 23), or b) why the heck not?

Oh and please forgive my (lack of) videographic skills!


If you can't afford to donate, you can always kick my a$$ instead. I may need that more than the least some people say so, even if it is just me myself....


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