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'Gift Horse' will be made of sustainable materials and stuffed with real and imaginary paper viruses, built by the public, at the 2010 01SJ Biennial.

Help us build a giant Trojan Horse for this year’s San Jose Biennial and our exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Art.

Gift Horse is a giant trojan horse stuffed with paper virus sculptures, which we will 'gift' to the museum in a public ceremony on September 18th. It was first built as a 3D model in the virtual world of Second Life. From this design we will build the large-scale version of the horse, so it will resemble a digital model in the real world.

BUILD YOUR OWN WORLD Gift Horse will be presented at the 2010 San Jose Biennial (01SJ), North America’s newest and largest festival of digital arts, from September 15th-18th, 2010. Based on the theme Build Your Own World, this festival envisions a world in which artists, designers and citizens can imagine and build alternative futures through various ecological, social and technological art projects. By building Gift Horse, we hope to inspire others to create using environmentally friendly building techniques and materials.

CONTRIBUTE YOUR VIRUSES From September 4th-14th, we will assemble Gift Horse in the 80,000 sq. foot South Hall warehouse in downtown San Jose, alongside numerous projects, by artists and designers, all open to the public. Everyone is invited to collaborate with us and make a brightly colored paper-craft sculpture depicting a real or imaginary virus. After each person finishes their virus sculpture, they can place it inside the belly of the giant Trojan Horse.

THE BIG EVENT: GIFT HORSE PARADE & GIFTING CEREMONY On September 18th, 2010, Greek warriors will pull the Trojan Horse through the streets of San Jose during ZERO1’s Green Prix parade. Afterwards, Gift Horse will be wheeled to the San Jose Museum of Art for a boisterous public ceremony and media event where we will “gift” the horse to the museum as artwork. In a finale, a trap door in the belly of the horse will open and release hundreds of the public’s colorful paper-craft virus artworks onto the museum floor. Gift Horse and the viruses will be installed in the museum as part of the exhibition Retro-Tech following the Biennial until February 2011.

WITH YOUR DONATION WE CAN MAKE IT GREEN A 13-foot high ‘green’ Trojan Horse isn’t cheap! We have received generous support from SJMA and ZER01, who jointly commissioned this project but still need your help. The estimated cost for Gift Horse will be over $20,000, almost entirely in higher material costs. The interior structure of the horse will be constructed from reclaimed wood, while the exterior will be clad with pixelated wood textures on biodegradable board printed with chemical-free inks.

We will not be paid for this project – we just want to see it created! We hope that this project will be a unique media spectacle, a fun public collaboration and a celebration of the viral nature of art and ideas.

All rewards include shipping within the USA. Add $5 to your donation for shipping to Canada and $10 for the rest of the world.


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    Our undying gratitude and a big thank-you credit on our website.

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    30 backers Limited (70 left of 100)

    1½” round full-color Gift Horse button. Plus, a big thank-you credit on our website.

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    27 backers Limited (73 left of 100)

    8” x 10”, full-color, signed, limited edition mini-print of the Trojan Horse as a 2D paper foldable model. Plus, the button and thank-you website credit.

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    9 backers

    A paper sculpture of a virus — you can choose from twelve different kinds (e.g. Rabies, Snow Crash, the ILOVEYOU compter virus) — that we will hand-assemble. Plus the mini-print and the button.

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    A good quality men's or women's T-shirt with a stylish Gift Horse design.

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    A six-pack of viruses of your choice (e.g. Andromeda Strain, foot-in-mouth disease, smallpox). Plus the mini-print and the button.

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    The 12-pack of the ALL the viruses (Rabies, Snow Crash, ILOVEYOU, ++). PLUS: a basket gift of everything from the lower levels: the T-shirt, mini-print and button.

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    Beautiful, signed, limited edition, plaster 3D-printed miniature of the Trojan Gift Horse (3" high). It’s an exact replica of the 13-foot horse with full color wood texture.

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    Everything from the lower levels! All yours!! WaaHaHa!

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    You and a friend get a private paper-craft building workshop at our studio in San Francisco. Together, we'll make a special model that is yours to take home. Approx 3 hours – burrito lunch included. PLUS - You’ll also receive the Trojan Horse miniature.

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    We will print and hand-assemble the paper sculpture Trojan Horse (24” x 12” x 21”) from the No Matter project. Full-color archival inkjet print, signed from an edition of 9. Includes crating and shipping within the USA. Contact us for other destinations.

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