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On the mean streets of Animal City, one marmot stands on the brink between justice and oblivion.

Animal Crime is a role-playing dinner party game, at times grim and at times hilarious, which is perfect for introducing your friends to tabletop role-playing games or just spending a lovely evening together with them.

The game stars Marmot Detective, a grim-faced Marmot who has seen life, and is full of regrets. He embraces the dark underbelly of Animal City like a lover, and the bottle like his only friend. And yet, tragically, he is drawn into a web of lies and murder, looking only to find justice and the truth. Animal Crime is what would happen Dashiell Hammett wrote for Slylock Fox.

Money from this kickstarter will go directly to the artist, Jake Richmond (of Modest Medusa and Sea Dracula fame), who will be producing art for the game. After talking with Jake, we've worked out an agreement about how much art he will produce, depending on how much money we raise.

  • $300 -- Art for every character
  • $400 -- Art for every character + 1 page of comics
  • $550 -- Art for every character + 4 pages of comics
  • $700 -- Art for every character + 8 pages of comics
  • $1000 -- Art for every character + 8 pages of comics + color cover
  • $1500 -- Art for every character + 16 pages of comics + color cover
  • $1500+ -- We will take Jake out for a nice dinner to thank him for all his work.

The final game will be released as a PDF with on a "pay whatever you like" model, including free copies to anyone who asks.

Update: I'm proud to announce that we've teamed up with Vincent Baker of lumpley games to offer a special deal. Anyone who donates more than $9.56 to the kickstarter will receive a special playbook for Vincent's game Apocalypse World: the Marmot. The Marmot is designed for a player who can't show up for every session, and is good at hibernating and solving crimes.


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    I will send you a physical printed copy of the final game: a reward only available through kickstarter!

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    In addition to the above rewards, I will write a special character type for you and you alone.

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    For someone who funds the game twice over (extra money will be put into the games' production and distribution costs), I will write a short dinner-party style game for you, on a topic of your choice.

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