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Self-adhesive postcard-back labels that transform photographs, drawings, notes, fabric and all kinds of things into real, physical postcards.
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Postick 2013


Hello and happy 2013!

I hope you're all having a ridiculously awesome start to the new year. I haven't posted any updates in a while so I thought I'd fill you in on what's been happening with Postick here in Cape Town. Let me begin by saying thank you to all the backers for the beautiful postcards I've been receiving. It feels like it's my Birthday every time I go to the mailbox. Such lovely insights into the things and places you love. It's certainly magnified my desire to travel again in the near future. So many beautiful places to visit and things to see. Don't be afraid: if you haven't sent that extra Postick yet it's never too late.

I've been loading a backer postcard a day (almost every day...) to the facebook Postcard Happiness page so if you'd like to see them and maybe spot the one you sent in all its glory, “Like” the page and it will show up in your activity feed. I add all sorts of interesting info and projects to the page so you won't be disappointed. Alternatively follow me on Twitter @PostcardHappy for relatively regular updates.

I sold some packs of Postick at a Christmas Market in December and it was great to see people's reactions to the labels. The little stall was abuzz with shoppers all day which was a wonderful surprise. I've also started approaching retailers with them and so far so good. In fact I was at Orms just this morning showing the friendly people behind the counter how they work.

Posticks are now available on online Etsy and for those who would like to purchase them directly from me online I have activated my PayPal account. As far as retailers in Cape Town go they're available at Orms and at the Exposure Gallery in Woodstock (watch this space).

I have contacted some of you about returned parcels and addresses that have changed. If you have not received your rewards by now it means they're at your ex girlfriend's house, your neighbour's dog's eaten them or they've been sucked into the postal black-hole. If it's the latter please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

I was fortunate to get asked to illustrate some cards for Yuppie Chef based on the cards I designed as rewards for me Kickstarter campaign. The clever team at Yuppie Chef produced the cards in a way that they become re-usable postcards for their clients. Genius!

That's it for now. I hope you've sent off some super beautiful postcards already. If you haven't made the time yet, put five minutes aside this weekend. you'll make your grandmother's day!

Here are some of the postcards I've received.

Have a beautiful weekend!


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