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The next generation noise isolating, wireless, bluetooth earplug/earbuds hybrid unlike any others!
The next generation noise isolating, wireless, bluetooth earplug/earbuds hybrid unlike any others! Shipping Nov 1st 2017...
The next generation noise isolating, wireless, bluetooth earplug/earbuds hybrid unlike any others! Shipping Nov 1st 2017...
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    1. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      How can I get a replacement or refund, sound breaks every few seconds on and off, top money paid for something than does not work as promised.

    2. Missing avatar


      Piece of JUNK.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alexey Boyakov on

      My Plugfones have already died. I don't know what id wrong with them, is it dead battery or charging slot, but they are not charging and the led diode does not lit anymore. I was very accurate with them, used them only for gym trainings and charged them actually about 10 times after I received them. Is it ever repairable or should I just throw them out and buy cheap chinese analog?

    4. Missing avatar


      Another successful Kickstarter RIPOFF.

      Overpriced cheap headphones. Maximum Bluetooth range is about 5 meters before signal breaks. Little isolation from outside noise, and average sound quality.

      Classic case of cheap Chinese product sold for top price.


    5. Karin Wilcox on

      I followed up with you about never receiving my pledge award . I was emailed telling me to email two specific people and when o tried it said the emails were invalid. I sent anyway and still no reply. I’m very disappointed. I was an investor in your first edition and never got these in time for a huge trip I took or for any time. I’m
      Very sick and tired of creators not following through with their backers. I’ve stopped supporting Kickstarter projects because several Kickstarter recommended projects I ended up backing never followed through after 2+ years and some just plane vanished and no communication at all. I’m tired of trying to help good new tech and engineering make it to market only to get shit on and get bupkiss and watch them send goods to market without ever fulfilling Kickstarter backers packages.

    6. Farhan Hashim


      May i check on the status? I still have not received my item yet. Thanks

    7. Brie Danielle on

      Ryan -

      I'm angry because a few months before these shipped, they asked us to let them know what we would be using them for. I TOLD them it was for sleeping, and I TOLD them I am a trucker. So they might have mentioned then that these wouldn't be ideal for sleeping, and why, or they might have chosen NOT to have the repeating and unnecessary low-battery alerts. I spent like $300!

    8. Ryan Hicks on

      I've been using my liberates for over 6 months now and I love them. The battery last my when work day, 10-12 hours, the buttons are a lot more responsive on this model, I have noticed that they worked better with my iPhone than with my current phone (Pixel 2) they stayed connected to my iPhone with no problems so it most be a phone software issue not the earphones, the noise cancelling during phone calls could be better but it gets the job done. All the folks who are angry about not being able to use thme to sleep, these werent strictly made for that, they are just noise rated ear plugs that have speakers in them, they didn't specifically make them to be used for sleep.

    9. PAH on

      These just randomly stop holding charge after a couple months of use.
      That coupled with the ridiculous decision to have a lady announce "BATTERY LEVEL LOW" repeatedly for the last few minutes of use makes this a very shoddy product.

    10. Kyle Mallory on

      Hey love many things about these but the other day they just died and wouldn’t turn on. It won’t charge or respond to anything I’ve tried. Is there a master reset or fix? Also I think you guys should look into making different models for different applications! I work construction and hate the super long amount of wire... it drapes down my back and catches on my harness, safety vest, or tool bags so I had to tape the cord together. Also why couldn’t the mic be added to the ear bud it self. Maybe on both sides. This would give it the ability to have sound canceling technologies with some software like most other Bluetooth headsets. Also I would love to be able to hit pause and have the mic amplify the voices around me. This is similar to shooting headphones. You can communicate safely but it also protects you from the noise. Just a few features that would open up your market!JdjdLaenforcementshooters,and hunts

    11. Ricky Purvis

      Ok new update on these after talking to them on Facebook messenger they sent me a new and it work thank you guys so much

    12. Brie Danielle on

      @Jonathan - have you thought of covering the light with something? A tiny piece of electrical tape, or something?

    13. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Cremin on

      Does anyone know how to disable the blinking light while the headphones are on? I can't use them to sleep as the constant flashing drives my partner crazy, and it drives me crazy the rest of the time.

    14. Brie Danielle on

      @Bridget -

      I'm frustrated and disappointed, as well, with the inability to use these for sleeping. Angry, actually. Because a few months before the release, they asked us to post what we intended to use them for, and I made it very clear it was for sleeping. But these actually wake me up. Never mind the 8-12 hour battery life being barely 8, that damn woman's voice waking me up to alert me that the battery is going to die! And, if I ignore her, she repeats herself!! You couldn't just let the thing shut off, and let me keep sleeping? You couldn't have tweaked it in production to give us the option to turn off the alerts? You couldn't have let me know these may actually hinder my sleep, rather than helping it? I drive a semi! I need to sleep! And I spent nearly $300 on my package, because sleep was that important to me.

    15. Bridget Espinola on

      I'm pretty disappointed with these headphones. The charging jack is flimsy and they disconnect from Bluetooth every 3-5 minutes - which with the loud voice announcements that come with it, completely defeats the purpose of using these for sleeping. Every 5 minutes a woman loudly announces that my headphones are reconnecting, and my phone isn't even 6 inches away from the headset. This happens with my nexus 5x and my pixel 2. No other apps or electronics running besides my sleep music that could cause interference. I feel like this was a complete waste of money for $100 headphones.

    16. Roberto Morales on

      Hello guys, I have not received the earplugs yet. Can you send me some feedback please?

      Thank you

    17. Missing avatar

      Patrick Serowka on

      The mic stopped working after perhaps 2 mos of use ,

      They are pretty average but noice cancelling is fair

    18. Missing avatar

      artlessknave on

      sound great. multipoint connection. not as noise stopping as i expected but still work in noise datacenter FAR better than the phone handset mode. mic works in the server room too, which is awesome. (foreign callers are understandable now)
      cannot pair with windows (7). there are no drivers, no anything even resembling mention of drivers on their site.
      battery time is decent, glad I got 2 of them though because the batteries do not last for a 12 hr shiftl, probably get about 8 hrs.
      the audible status is glorious, no more figuring out what arbitrary LED blink codes mean.
      wish the wires on my...wireless headphones was less long

    19. Missing avatar

      Stian NK on

      I haven't received my plugfones either - what's going on?

    20. Missing avatar


      I do wish that they’d auto pair w/ my iPad or iPhone.

    21. Missing avatar

      Surya Mathur on

      I didn't received my plugfones at all....

    22. Missing avatar


      Inserting the silicone flange tips can be touch. Put them in far (or at an angle), and the ear tissue blocks the sound requiring higher volume setting to hear audio (the “pairing” voice won’t be heard if it’s at all blocked and no volume setting will change that). Or pull it out a bit (or don’t put them in much at all) and you’ll hear just fine.

      When turning them on, you must keep holding the middle button until it says “pairing”, or you can’t pair them! And before it says pairing. It’ll say battery level hi/medium/low too.

    23. Calvin Chao on

      It has been wait for the item for over 60 days, where is it now ???????

    24. Ricky Purvis

      Update on mine is that the battery doesn't last longer than I thought I charged it left it charged for the night the next day I use it for my work and I only got 40 min use out of them what the hell?

    25. Missing avatar

      Steven Silverio on

      Does anyone know how to contact them?

    26. Missing avatar

      Julian Debono on

      Also, these don't pair with my Galaxy Note8, or the Galaxy Note8 wont pair with the Liberate 2.0. It does connect with the old Plugfones Liberate however.

    27. Missing avatar

      Julian Debono on

      The Liberate 2.0 has been pretty good. the buttons on the remote are much more responsive than the last model, battery is great, Bluetooth range is amazing and the cable is way longer than the original Liberates (perhaps too long for my liking) the biggest let down however is the rattling, fizzy sound in the drivers.

    28. Missing avatar

      Charles Gill on

      I ahve to agree with the comment about the USB cover - being that tight it makes me wonder if they might be waterproof. Would love to be able to swim in them.

      I have a tiny gripe - I use mine to listen to audio books in bed and the LEDs are so bright you could almost read by them. Still, overall, a great product - ear phones, ear plugs and night light!

    29. Melanie Mason on

      Love mine ... not sure what everyone else is complaining about.
      My only issue is with the usb cover ... it’s impossible to remove to charge .. I need a blade of some sort to really get some grip not even my long nails will work.

    30. Zach Ford

      Love the product, but can't use it. Make sure earplug headphones aren't against company policy as I can no longer listen to music during my work day. What a waste of money...

    31. Jill Y

      I never received my Plugfones. Did they get returned or something?

    32. Joel Theriot on

      Is anyone else having problems with the sound cutting out? almost like when you put the volume all the way up it kinda cuts out to let you know your at max volume...

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael L. Scott on

      I have tiny little ear holes. I just ear plugs at work to focus on my work and I thought “earplugs that are headphones or vice versa, that’s exactly what I need”. I don’t like cords, I’ve bought one ear headphones but the silicone ear pieces or just big enough that they hurt. Same with these after long use. And the ear plug ones are BARELY earplugs. They reform too quickly and don’t fit unless I’m shoving it into my head. And even after that the cord and unit is so heavy I have to have it set just so and if I move it’ll pull out of my ears. I was very disappointed in the ear plug part. They are foam but not ear plugs. Please respond to me via phone or email. Would love to collaborate on how to fix this. I don’t want to have to go buy Bose but I will. I supported you because of the practicality of the product idea but if it doesn’t work then it’s just trash to me....

    34. Missing avatar

      Christopher Haubeck on

      You are not allowed to import these plugphones to germany. No CE certification, no identification and no german instruction manual. So if the german customs check the package, no chance you can receive it.

    35. Christopher Wong on

      I got mine..... and there is a rattling noise when you shake the volume control thing....

    36. Fanny on

      Good instructions: Please make sure that your unit is charged. A solid blue LED will indicate the unit is fully charged.
      Turn the unit completely off. To power the unit off, press and hold the multifunction button for three seconds. The light will flash red once while the unit is powering off.
      To try to pair with your iPhone, press the multifunction button for five seconds while the unit powered off. The LED will alternate flashing red and blue while pairing. The unit will say "pairing". "PF Liberate" should show up on your iPhone's list of Bluetooth devices to pair to. The LED will quickly flash blue three times when successfully paired.

    37. Missing avatar

      Pedro Lopes on

      Got mine. It doesn´t work....No BT connection. Tested on Ipad, Galaxy Note 8. Not even appears as a BT device i anyone.

    38. Missing avatar

      Alexey Boyakov on

      @Dan, really? So they don't do their job good enough. I barely hear the music when i go along the street with active road traffic. And it does not matter how deep in the ear I push the plugs. Very disappointing.

    39. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      @Alexey, they aren't active noise cancelling, they're passive noise isolating. Meaning they physically reduce external noise via a good ear plug seal and good audio rather than through electrons pumping in offset audio picked up from the mic.

    40. Missing avatar

      Alexey Boyakov on

      How do i activate the noise cancelling system? I don't hear any difference between the power on and off modes.

    41. René Moser

      received today, thanks, but had to pay customs ... :(

    42. Nathan Winters on

      12 November - Shipped and handed off to but no contact or delivery from them or the sender.
      21 November - Sent email to support@plugfones
      28 November - Sent another message directly to the campaign owner over this platform

      I expect I will never receive my order at all, since I got no support or responses, after over a week. Called UPS and they were unable to track after handing off to the Austrian Post Office.
      Went to the post office and they say they can't track or identify with the UPS tracking code...

      All I can say is that I am disappointed, and more or less give up on this campaign.
      Kickstarter is always a "gamble" and like at the casino, you have to be ready to lose your money and get nothing in return.

      I assume my shipment is lost and will either be sent back or never arrive.

    43. Missing avatar

      Olaf Herpolsheimer on

      My shipment is customs and will not be given to me. It lacks a CE marking on the device, a declaration of conformity and a German user manual. :-(

    44. Missing avatar

      Hankichan on

      When can I get a product? I still haven't received contact with the shipment.

    45. Missing avatar

      Dan on

      A quick note for those with duplicate naming issues. Out of the box they have the same name, but after pairing most phones will let you rename the device.

    46. Missing avatar


      Several things...

      If the sound is at all muffled... These new ear tips (version 2 vs version 1) *DO* block and muffle the sound if you insert them as far in as you'd want to do. SO... you have to gently pull them a tiny tiny bit out and the sound will open up.

      UNFORTUNATELY, though...

      pulling them out just that little bit means that the isolation is noticeably inferior to the version 1. I can't believe that version 2 went through NRR testing and got the same numbers as version 1. In the exact same place I've A/B tested V1 and V2 and it is DEFINITELY noticeably less isolation with V2! (and, the volume on my iPad must be at 50-70 for V2 and 10-18 for V1)

      Now, other than that darn long annoying cord in the way... V2 has lots of other pluses over V1 --- but isolation is NOT one of them. I can go easily 30' away in a restaurant and not have a drop; and when it does drop, once it's at all in-range it reconnects quickly

      I've got two V2 units and get the same results with both. However, since they're both paired and remembered on my iPad, with the same "name", that means that they will NOT automatically pair. I've got to manually click the connect on the iPad for whichever one I happened to choose. Difficult to do since they show up with the same name.

      My next tests will be trying the V1 ear tips on the V2 plugfones...

    47. Brie Danielle on

      Out of curiosity - does the battery in these maintain its lifespan, or does it get shorter over time? I specifically bought these over other wireless headphones because of the battery life. I need them to go at least 8 hours on one charge. But, due to my weird schedule, sometimes I only sleep like 4-6 hours. I don't want to use those same headphones the next night, knowing they will only last half the night, but I also don't want to charge them up again in case it will reduce the overall life of the battery. Please advise. Thanks!

    48. Dima Polsky on

      I have to say I am severely disappointed with the sound quality. I have tried both foam and silicone tips, different placement but I simply wasn't able to reach a satisfactory result. The sound is either muffled or flat.

    49. Missing avatar

      Andre Gram-Rankin on

      Recieved mine yesterday. Charged it today and it works very well. Charged super quick and pairing was easy.
      Will try the different plugs to see what works best but so far so good.

    50. Missing avatar

      Khalid Al Suwaidi on

      My delivery has arrived in the UK (destination) as per the tracking information, but it seems to be lost/idle as there have been no updates for over a week.

      Krista in customer support has been completely unhelpful in helping track it down, informing me which international carrier the package was handed over to, or providing any sort of help whatsoever.

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