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A Breath of Fresh Air - Interactive Sound Installation's video poster

I might not be able to turn water into wine. . . but I can definitely turn water into experimental/ambient/electronica Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 20, 2013.

I might not be able to turn water into wine. . . but I can definitely turn water into experimental/ambient/electronica

About this project

Watch some classmates interact! 

On March 1st, 2013 A Breath of Fresh Air, my newest interactive sound installation will be debuting as part of "The Rapture" art show @ The Starland Dairy in Savannah, GA. 

The installation is meant to bring people together in an interactive music experience by co-operating with one another to make a communal piece of art by using the electrons in each individual’s body.

Here’s what it's going to look like: There will be six cubes full of water spread out in a star shape in the middle of a space (in this case Starland Dairy). Each cube is illuminated with LEDs tucked away underneath the cube. The person in the middle of the star pattern places their hand on an object that says “place hand here.” In order for your pool of water to emit sound, you must be making contact with the person’s skin that is in the middle of the star that is touching the "place hand here" object. When you make contact with your pool of water, it will emit a sound that is in the same key as everyone else’s pool. The participants all work together to make ambient music as a group. There is no limit to the number of people that can use the installation; as long as you are somehow connected to that person in the middle (by touching them or touching someone who is touching them) you can touch any pool of water and participate in the installation. 

WHY I NEED YOUR MONEY: Right now it’s ugly looking. It’s just a bunch of pools of water with strips of copper sticking into it with no visual component to the piece. I come off as unprofessional and I don’t like that. I am working with three other SCAD students to get together a nice visual aesthetic including clear plexi-glass cubes with sound responsive LEDs under them as well as an “expression” input for each cube – there will be a sensor at each pool of water that will allow you to further affect the sound coming out of your pool of water as well as the LED itself. We have all of the designs finished, prototyped, and rip-roaring to go.

Here’s what we need to make it happen for real:


-Electronic Components (LEDs, PCBs, Resistors, Photo-resistors)


-Lots of wire $$$

-Black Paint

-Adhesive for the plexi-glass

-Gaffer’s Tape to tape down the wire so people don’t trip


It doesn’t seem like much, but in the quantities we need, it gets really pricey.

Risks and challenges

After our project is successfully funded, the only risk and/or challenge we foresee is not making the deadline for the first show on March 1st, 2013. We have confidence in the fact that this installation will be touring throughout galleries in Savannah because we are well connected with the student art scene here.

There are no setbacks in our design/production as we have already prototyped and completed each component on a small scale. It's a matter of playing "big people Legos" and putting them all together (which we have already done on a small scale). We don't believe in Murphy's law because Murphy is a dead paranoid fool and we are all highly intelligent individuals - after all, we're making water make music and affect lights, right?

We are guaranteed a slot at the SCAD Sound Art Showcase on March 14th, 2013 so if we miss this deadline, you'll definitely be able to see it two weeks from the 1st!

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    A custom version of A Breath of Fresh Air with whatever sounds you'd like to come out, not just what I've programmed it as. That's right, any sound you want. Hell, it could even be a recording of your own voice! You could come play with it whenever you want!

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