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An online fighting game for 1-4 giant monsters (Kaiju). Mix & Match classics like Godzilla, Gamera, etc. with fan originals!
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Last week Simon & Matt attended G-Fest in Chicago, and showed off the latest build of Colossal Kaiju Combat to a few thousand fans!  We were very happy with our reception, and hope to be back next year!

The show also represented our first opportunity to present the first limited run of CKC 

Trading Cards - featuring all-original monsters created by our fans!

This set of 50 cards are available in random 8-card packs through our store page HERE.  Buying these cards is one of the best ways to ensure that we can continue to accept original character concepts from our fans, and make them part of the CKC universe.  Our next sponsorship vote is coming this August, so we hope to have broken even by then!

In addition to their own sweetness, these high-quality cards can be used as additional characters for the Combat Deck - an original card game Simon designed based on CKC combat mechanics.  It plays like a fighting game - quick matches (8 minutes or so) so that you can play several over a lunchbreak, or at your game night.

We'll also be revealing new figurines in the shop very soon - all 11 of our characters from the Fall of Nemesis will be available within a month or two!  If you've looked at the shop before, you might notice that we've been able to adjust some of our prices down, and combine shipping costs to make larger orders more efficient.

Finally, we'd like to point out that we have revealed our 29th character collaboration - the fan-favorite Shadow of Red!

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    1. Creator Ryan Bly on July 18, 2013

      @Muskie: Imagine if every time you paused the game with RED on screen he would turn to face you with glowing eyes.

    2. Creator Muskie on July 18, 2013


      But seriously, you had better make Red as creepy as freaking possible. If you lose to him, the screen should fill with KILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILLKILL.