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An online fighting game for 1-4 giant monsters (Kaiju). Mix & Match classics like Godzilla, Gamera, etc. with fan originals!
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Rewards away! Sponsored Monsters selected!

Posted by Sunstone Games, LLC. (Creator)
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Not a lot of development has been happening over the winter break.  Our animation team has been ramping up (say hello to ThreeDprof in the forums!) but we're still working with engineering schedules to begin feature development around January 15th.

However, that doesn't mean we've been idle!  Far from it, because we've had lots of *rewards* to distribute!

  • Everyone who pledged for a copy of PROJECT: NEMESIS should have received their download link by now.  Please give it a nice review on if you get the chance!
  • All 50 of our controller backers have filled out their address surveys, so we'll be putting those Logitech controllers into the mail tomorrow morning!  Expect yours by January 23rd!

But the big news of the week is, of course, the final sponsorship results!  These were monster suggestions from folks who couldn't afford to pledge the $500 necessary for PROGENITOR status, but still had amazing Kaiju creations to share.  We've been looking at these characters for weeks, and for the past 10 days or so all our sponsorship backers have been casting votes.  These votes were like raffle tickets cast for someone else - every vote increased a monster's chance of selection.  The sponsors raised enough money for 7 additional Kaiju.  And when the smoke cleared the winners were:

These seven lucky winners will become official collaborations after our 50 PROGENITOR backers get their chance.  That means they won't be ready for the roster vote this February, but they should be ready for our second roster vote out in the future.

We haven't even talked about the Card Game, our new monster reveals, or the latest Design Team Member votes!  Things are happening every day (often every hour) in the forums - please come join us there if you want to keep your fingers on the pulse of development.

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      SolTiger on

      I think my sponsorship email got lost ... and I didn't check my email over the holidays anyway ... so never got to throw mine in for anyone.

      Not that it matters because the 7 chosen are all great.