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An online fighting game for 1-4 giant monsters (Kaiju). Mix & Match classics like Godzilla, Gamera, etc. with fan originals!
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Posted by Sunstone Games, LLC. (Creator)
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Yesterday just after 5pm we hit our funding goal - Hooray!

But a few hours later our two $10,000 backers cancelled their pledges - dropping us back below our funding threshold.  These were the two "Kaidra fan" pledges - which inspired & energized all of us so much last week.  The idea that so many friends would get together and selflessly help a friend make a dream come true was amazing.

And also, apparently, not true.

When promoting Kickstarter, we often have to deal with people who worry that Kaiju Combat is a hoax - or that Kickstarter is some sort of scam.  Well this is a reminder that deception can travel in both ways.  Two of our backers have perpetrated a scam on the community - and it stings.

However - this is far from a lethal blow!  We still have more than 5 days left in the campaign, and the pledges have continued to pour in.  Successful Kickstarter campaigns generally see their pledges increase over the last week - that has certainly been our experience thus far!  We remain very confident about our ability to get Kaiju Combat funded.

So let's not gnash our teeth and complain about this minor setback - let's keep our eyes focused on the prize!

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    1. m. scott veach on

      @sunstone agreed, lying isn't intrinsically clever. the clever part was creating momentum. if my theory is true, the lying would be a significantly less clever necessity in order to get away with the clever bit.

      but the truth is that i made that point less because i would actually applaud you and more to make it clear that my theory doesn't stem from anger or judgement, it's genuinely my best guess as to what happened. and i could easily see coming up with something like that without foreseeing that it was going to blow up and require lots of lying. like if my theory is true, it wouldn't shock me if you guys are like, "damn, i wish we hadn't done that... i hate lying like this."

      and as i keep saying: i'm not one-hundred percent positive that it happened. it's a theory. of course, you (and perhaps the true perpetrators) are the only ones who know for certain what happened.

      luckily none of this has much to do with designing a great game. so there's that.

    2. Sunstone Games, LLC. 3-time creator on

      @m. scott - Donating to your own Kickstarter is against the TOS, and grounds for your campaign to be cancelled.

      It's not at all impossible that the $20,000 Kaidra funds were added by someone to help the project gain momentum. But it absolutely wasn't done by anyone working for Sunstone Games. You say you would applaud us for acting cleverly - but we don't consider lying to be clever.

    3. m. scott veach on

      @alexanderchard it's true that i've only been online since 1992, but just because i'm green doesn't mean i'm naive. (i assume you worked for darpa? tell me, i've always wondered, were those beards mandatory or did you guys just think they looked cool?) the key point is this: it's not that i think it's impossible someone would do this, it's that the chances of that are incredibly low *comparatively*. especially, because this doesn't have any of the upside of random acts of chaos. because they don't like kickstarter? don't be silly. this doesn't hurt kickstarter? it helps it. it helps this project. the near your funding goal momentum is well documented. so what we're really talking about are two mysterious angels who decided to help these guys out... sure, they don't have $10,000.00 to spend but you know what they do have? a clever idea to create some momentum... now, do you think these angels chose this game out of random kindness? or do you think these angels were strange and a friend?

      @george li, you seriously think being lead designer on atari games means they are instantly above doing this kind of shenanigans? um, remind me to introduce you to my friend american magee... but seriously c'mon... professionally people pull shenanigans WAY WORSE than this all the time... remember they have a strong motive and extremely low risk.

      the thing that all of you are missing is this: you keep acting as if frank and strange were HURT by the mysterious donors? they weren't. they were helped. the fact that you guys say things like "we rallied and made up the money" is EXACTLY what they want you to say..., it's almost certainly not illegal. it may not even be against kickstarter rules. so we're talking about an extremely low risk action with an extremely large reward. i don't judge them for doing it. i applaud them. it was a clever move. but i'm not blind to the fact that it was almost certainly them and not some mysterious angels that decided to help them out....

    4. George Li on

      FUNDED! One jerk screwing with the funds won't stop us now!

    5. Sunstone Games, LLC. 3-time creator on

      We appreciate the trust all of you have placed on us.

    6. George Li on

      Plus, the main guy involved (Simon Strange) was the lead designer for the previous 3 Atari Godzilla games. The two people involved aren't random people on the internet e-begging. They're all large names within the Kaiju community. Strange is a professional game designer, Matt Frank is a professional artist, and there's a forum that's open 24 hours a day, so there's a lot of scrutiny. This is pretty much the textbook example of a trustworthy Kickstarter project.

    7. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    8. Missing avatar

      Alexander Chard on

      @m. scott veach
      Stick around on the internet a bit longer and you will see that worse things have been done out of spite.
      A lot of people dislike kickstarter and if a project gets advertised in any way on their forum/image board/whatever then some of them get angry enough to do things like that.

      I've seen way worse than this before.

    9. m. scott veach on

      The fact that *anyone* entertains the possibility that this event was not the creator's cleverly generating a funding momentum event is hilarious to me. I don't think it's that big of a deal. And obviously they can't ever even hint that it's true. But c'mon people, ask your friend Occam what happened? Did two mysterious people create fake accounts just to fake-promise $20,000.00 to a random kickstarter videogame project with absolutely no apparent motive other than spite? OR did the creators act on their obvious and powerful motive of meeting their funding goal and instigate the fake-funding themselves? It's not rocket science, people, it's human nature.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mike A. Roberge on

      I feel that I can't state my personal opinion on what happened because I do NOT know enough information.

    11. George Li on

      I think a lot of people thinking Kickstarter is a scam stems from the fact that it's still a relatively new way of funding. Most people are used to publisher funding a game, developer making the game, and then the game gets put on the market, where people spend money, then immediately get it. If they don't get it immediately, they assume it's a scam.

      Wait a few years until some of the "big name" Kickstarter projects like Double Fine Adventure and Ouya come out, and Kickstarter will get a better reputation.

    12. Nathan Ethington - Ingo Lingo Games on

      To be honest you would have to be pretty stupid to try and scam over 800 people. When ether one of them could sue you. So that is why I believe Mr. Strange, not 100% mind you. But that is just me. I am skeptical of a lot of things. Strange has provided enough proof that the risk is low. SO much art for the characters and too many people are involved and know about it for it to be a successful scam.

    13. Zeb Jenkins on

      We are at our strongest when our backs are against the wall! We can do this, we've come to far to let some one cut us down!

    14. Christian Gonzalez on

      Man, I was so excited too, But nevertheless, we don't need those back stabbers, this community is strong, and I know that we won't let this project fall apart!

    15. Sunstone Games, LLC. 3-time creator on

      @Steven - both backers pulled out at the same moment - it was either coordinated, or one person who created two accounts.

      @George - unfortunately, large donations made in jest happen quite frequently. As we have said - the "is this a scam" fears around Kickstarter swing both ways.

    16. George Li on

      Has this BS ever happened before? Somebody suddenly backing out with such a huge donation like that?

    17. Steven W. Hunt on

      Why in Godzilla's name would two high-ranking backers hit the dusty trail at the same time? I can see one dude or dudette if there was some financial trouble (it happens to all of us at times), but two? Dang.

    18. GreatCrow on

      Time to dust ourselves off and keep on moving. We can do this! FOR KAIJU COMBAT!

    19. Missing avatar

      Chrysaetos on

      I agree with nifanatic . Those pledges did an amazing job promoting the project so far. Let's keep it up!

    20. Colton Lahache on

      We are not going to let a couple of jerks put us down >:D alright kaiju brother lets get back to work

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    22. nifanatic on

      Fake or not, those pledges were serious morale boosters for the community, and gathered more attention for this game... Still confident we can pull through!

    23. Paul M on

      "The Kaidra Incident" WONT STOP US!


    24. Robert on

      We will rise up stronger than ever before!!!!!!!!!!!

    25. Kaijuduke on

      Sorry to hear two backers backed out at such an inopportune time, hope you guys can still make the project work :3