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An online fighting game for 1-4 giant monsters (Kaiju).  Mix & Match classics like Godzilla, Gamera, etc. with fan originals!
An online fighting game for 1-4 giant monsters (Kaiju). Mix & Match classics like Godzilla, Gamera, etc. with fan originals!
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Kaiju Sponsors! Elite Reward Tiers!

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Today we are adding several new reward tiers to Kaiju Combat, to address some long-standing fan requests.

Elite Rewards!

We are adding a $10,000 and two new $5,000 reward tiers: Executive Producer, Associate Producer and Comic Kaiju.  Executive and Associate Producers get special listing in the game credits, and are invited to join in on official Sunstone Games conferences where we make studio-level decisions.

Comic Kaiju will get a uniquely personalized mini-comic starring you (or a human of your choice) in an original storyline involving several of our original Kaiju.  This was the most popular option suggested on the forums, so we're pleased to make it available!

Kaiju Sponsors!

Of course the request we get on a daily basis is "Is there any way for me to submit my monster to Kaiju Combat without becoming a $500 backer?"  We've thought about this long and hard - we love the idea of taking a monster concept or two from our fans who can't afford to back Kaiju Combat at that level - but we didn't want to take any of the focus away from the folks who have put money down to make their character a reality.

SO!  We are adding new reward tiers at $35 and $100 which allow you to nominate (or "sponsor") one original kaiju idea for inclusion.  This can be your own idea, or a friend's idea, or just one you've seen on the forums or the Facebook fan gallery.  At the end of the campaign, we'll pick one sponsored character for every $500 pledged in this way (we'll even round up).  We'll weight the choice by the number of sponsors each character has received.

This allows a group of people to get together and sponsor a monster which might otherwise not have a chance to become a part of Kaiju Combat.

What's next?

We are hard at work producing new videos that show off more of our in-game content, which you can expect to see ASAP.  We're also working on several new licenses, and working for additional press coverage.  Many of you are helping us to spread the word, and we are SO THANKFUL for your tireless support.  We're going to keep this campaign up until the very last day, so that we can all enjoy crushing our opponents underfoot in 2013!

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    1. Brantley Love on

      I love co-op, so that sounds pretty awesome! My brother and I used to play King of the Monsters 2 quite a bit, when we were younger.

    2. Sunstone Games, LLC. 3-time creator on

      @Brantley - we can absolutely support 2-on-1 battles like that - the part we're not able to replicate would be the "moving thorugh the city to a new location" aspect of the game. Our environments are built to be single (large) fighting environments, and we can't really break them down into smaller segments.

      But I think it would be great to have an entirely co-op story mode!

    3. Brantley Love on

      I mean similar in game mechanics. Specifically, the sort of co-op experience King of the Monsters 2 had.

      Here is an example:…

      If you have the time I recommend watching this video of gameplay. The whole video is almost half an hour long, but watching the first four minutes should be sufficient to understand what I am asking.

    4. Sunstone Games, LLC. 3-time creator on

      @Brantley - do you mean "similar" in game mechanics? Or in visual style? It's possible we'll license those characters - It would be a nice reference, but not really worth much $$.

    5. Shnurbinator Studios on

      @ Brantley Love

      Those monsters will definitely make an appearance!

    6. Brantley Love on

      I'm curious to know, will there be anything similar to King of The Monsters 2? Since I am bringing it up, is there the possibility those monsters will make an appearance?

    7. Missing avatar

      Don Northrop on

      Great idea and YouTube videos will be helpful as well, but do you have a pdf flyer that can be shared on FB as well as be distributed at events and local gaming/comic stores? Perhaps something with a QR code so people can easily scan it and be directed to this kickstarter page? Thanks!

    8. Sunstone Games, LLC. 3-time creator on

      They absolutely are. If you're giving $10,000 you are doing it to help the project come to fruition - not because you are getting slightly more swag!

    9. Shnurbinator Studios on

      Associate Producer and Executive Producer kinda seem the same...