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An online fighting game for 1-4 giant monsters (Kaiju).  Mix & Match classics like Godzilla, Gamera, etc. with fan originals!
An online fighting game for 1-4 giant monsters (Kaiju). Mix & Match classics like Godzilla, Gamera, etc. with fan originals!
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Town Hall Meeting & Livestream, November 20th, 3-5pm Pacific!


Back in May of 2016, we officially suspended development on Fall of Nemesis. Since then a lot of unofficial talks have happened, and it's high time we cleared up any misconceptions. We also need to make some important decisions about the future of CKC - in all of its various incarnations - and we would like everyone's input.

Simon's written a post about it HERE. Livestream ID will be published there soon.

So we will be holding a Livestreamed "Town Hall" meeting next Sunday, November 20th, starting at 3pm Pacific. We've set out 2 hours, but be warned: it may run long if there are still things to talk about! The goal is to answer all questions, though we'll try not to spend too much time on any individual topic.

We'll have moderators watching the Livestream chat, as well as the forum shoutbox, for questions in real-time.

You can also post your questions on the official thread, which is really the best way to ask something meaty that might require more preparation to answer.

Likely topics include:

  • About CKC development, plans, history, misconceptions, goals. 
  • About the cards. Are they awesome? A curse? Will there be more? What about contracts? 
  • CKC outside of the video game. Does it exist? Should it? 

We would still love to finish Fall of Nemesis, and move forward with CKC. Unfortunately, we still don't have a clear path forward that would allow us to do so. We'll keep trying to find a way forward, and should anything substantial develop, we will of course make official announcements. But beyond that, there are important issues to discuss - and we appreciate all of the fans & critics who keep us honest. We hope to see all of you on Sunday.

Note - several years ago we moved all updates off of Kickstarter, and onto our private mailing list, to better reflect the fact that our community had grown to include thousands of fans who weren't part of Kickstarter. If you are some future researcher trying to reconstruct our development history, we encourage you to check out the update archives HERE.

Colossal Kaiju Combat: Kaijuland Battles on Steam!


Steam Keys went out yesterday to all our backers for Kaijuland Battles. The game is under review by Valve - we anticipate it being pushed to the live servers later today. Get your key entered so that you get it right away!

This Early Access release has all four characters playable - there are still some moderate holes in the combat  systems, but we'll be tuning & improving it over the next few months - and all of that work rolls right into our big Fall of Nemesis release for next year.

Feedback, bug reports, and enthusiasm are very much appreciated! We've already got all our mod tools in place - you can create & share custom skins, custom music, custom loading screens, & custome game modes. With an extra controller you can access "director mode" which allows you to better present & prepare the game for video capture & streaming.

We've also got integrated voice chat via Steam, private & public game lobbies - we've been working hard to get the scaffolding of the game in place so that we can just focus on the moment-to-moment gameplay controls & balance during this period.

As always, our primary contact with all of you is via our mailchimp server - please let us know if you haven't been getting our bi-weekly update e-mails! That's how we've sent out Steam Keys, etc - it's important that we know how to reach you!

Colossal Kaiju Combat updates are moving!

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It's been 2 months since our last update via Kickstarter, but we've been doing plenty.  We've put out new monsters, announced new partnerships, new campaigns, new merchandise... the CKC universe just keeps on growing!

And a big part of that growth is hundreds of new people who want to be kept in the loop - who want regular updates and information.  We've hit a point where sending out updates only to Kickstarter backers just doesn't cut it anymore.

So we've created an account at, which gives us the flexibility to keep in touch with all of our fans.  Hopefully you already know this, because all of you should have received our first two updates from that new system.  (September 5th, and September 19th.)

You've all been a tremendous help, and it's not our intent to leave anyone behind.  So please let us know if you HAVE NOT received an update through mailchimp yet.  Send us a message here (or write to and let us know, and we'll make certain your account gets transferred properly.

Oh, and in case you haven't seen them, check out our awesome 3D models!

Now taking monster sponsorships!

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A key element of Colossal Kaiju Combat is the way we integrate our fans & community - especially for our playable rosters!  We get questions and e-mail every day from people asking about how & where to submit their original monster ideas.  We even put together a FAQ for it.  Folks can post original monster concepts at any time, but only during our bi-annual "sponsorships" do those monster have a chance to become part of the CKC universe.

And where are these sponsorships held?  RIGHT NOW!

Yes, if you or anyone you know has wanted a shot at getting their original monster into CKC, this is the last opportunity in 2013 to do so.  Just submit your concept by August 11th!.

We'll be selecting 40 winners on August 15th.  These winners will form the core of our second set of Trading Cards, and have a chance to be voted up to progenitor status!

New Figurines!

As our modelers create new characters models for CKC, we get new figurines in the store!  Today we're announcing the inclusion of Lycanoid and Ikameijin!

New Vote - Sponsorship rewards!

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We have a new vote up on the forums - concerning sponsorship rewards.

For those of you unfamiliar with sponsorship - it's the process we've come up with to (eventually) bring new characters into CKC.  After much discussion, we created a FAQ about the process.

The short version is this - sponsorships are $10 "tickets" purchased on behalf of an original monster you would like to see developed for CKC.  You can buy tickets for yourself and for others.  At the end of the sponsorship we'll draw some number of tickets out of a virtual hat.  The winners will be featured on a new set of Trading Cards.

In the future, we'll vote on monsters who exist as trading cards - elevating them up to progenitors.  (Like the folks who paid $500 during the kickstarter.)  These are DTM votes - no money is involved.

To encourage lots of sponsorships, we would like to offer some rewards to folks - a few options are listed in the vote.  Please come in, let us know what you would prefer, and maybe offer some new suggestions we hadn't thought of!

And if you want to get a monster in the forums in anticipation of our upcoming sponsorship vote... you have about a week left to do so!

New Mailing List?

One last bit of business - we've had nearly 200 pre-orders of the game since the Kickstarter ended, so updates via Kickstarter aren't reaching all of our backers any more.  We've started investigating other mass-mailing solutions (anyone with any direct experience in such things should get in touch with us!) so at some point our updates might start arriving via another source.