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Bringing high quality, affordable, 100% organic cloth books to babies everywhere!
Bringing high quality, affordable, 100% organic cloth books to babies everywhere!
147 backers pledged $8,082 to help bring this project to life.

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Wrapping up


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It's all happening now!


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At long last!

Hello Everyone!

First I'd like to apologize for taking a bit longer than expected to post this update and for being silent for a bit.  I've been hard at work getting everything ready for your books and hoops!

It's with great excitement that I present to you the 8 books that are in the process of being printed as I write this (at the bottom of this update).

In the interest of getting these photos up as quickly as possible I didn't spend a lot of time on editing so they're not the best but will give you a good sense of each book.  If your reward includes a hoop you can choose any of the pages within the books, though it's important to note that images will need to be fairly small to fit into the 3" hoops so best not to choose anything too complicated.  I can also do an appliquéd letter of your choice for the hoops if you would prefer.

I anticipate having the fabric in hand early next week and then the flurry of production will begin!  Tripling my goal also means tripling the rewards I need to make and I know that many of you are planning to give your book(s) or hoop(s) as holiday gifts so I'm on a really tight schedule.  My goal is to have all International rewards in the mail by December 9 and all U.S. rewards in the mail by December 19.  If you're okay with receiving your reward after the holiday (in late December or early January) you can let me know in the reward survey I'll be sending out shortly.

Thanks so much for hanging in there while I work out the details of this project. I'm so excited to get these books in the hands of babies everywhere!

♥ V.

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Overwhelming Success!!!


It's with enormous awe and gratitude that I announce the overwhelming success of my Kickstarter campaign!  There shall be printed cloth books!!  I want to give my sincere thanks to everyone who pledged, I am really so touched by the outpouring of support I have received from around the globe.  So thank you, gracias, merci, danke, dank u wel, arigato, takk....!!

I am putting the finishing touches on the books and hoop designs to be printed and will have photos of them up and a survey out to all of you within the next couple of days.  The timing is going to be a bit tight with the holiday coming up--by tripling my goal I have also tripled the rewards I need to make (definitely not complaining!).  If all goes according to schedule I should have the printed fabric to make the books in hand by the end of this month and rewards in the mail in the second week of December.  I'll get international orders out quickly to give them a chance to arrive before the holiday, as well.

Again, I am so grateful to all of you for your support of this project that I've been dreaming of for so long.  I know it's a bit of a leap of faith to back a Kickstarter project and I am so honored that all of you decided my project is worth it.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

♥ V.

Let's keep going!

I am so completely blown away by the outpouring of support I've received for my project--thanks so much to everyone who pledged and spread the word!!!!  A huge thank you is in order to the fine folks at Kickstarter who included my project in today's newsletter, putting me over the top after less than three days!  Amazing :)

Now I am REALLY amped to get this project up and running!  There's no reason for the momentum to stop here; with every additional $450 my project receives I can create another book design!  I have so many more ideas for books and suggestions are always welcome!


♥ V