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"I need more" is a new project by Brooklyn, NY based choreographer/musician/artist Nancy Garcia

I need more is my new project consisting of an online video, three-night performance at the KItchen in NYC, and a solo album entitled Be the Climb. While the work's components can function independently, together they illuminate one another and produce a single, overarching choreography. Be the Climb, out on Ecstatic Peace records + tapes, will be available at the performances. The video can be seen on YouTube,
With this campaign, I'm trying to raise funds to pay all the talented and gracious professional artists involved in making this project come to life.
So far all the artists, performers, set and lighting designers, dancers, and musicians have been working for me without pay for the past eight months out of love and dedication to their art and the project.*
This is my most ambitious project to-date, and unfortunately it's taking place during the middle of a recession. I know these are tough times for everyone, but our work continues and hopefully we can make it happen together.
Following is the list of artists involved with this project:
Felicia Ballos
Xavier Cha
Robbie Cook
Eleanor Erdman
Helena Fredriksson
Naomi Fisher
Nick Hasty
Danny Johnston
Joe Levasseur
Sarah Lipstate
Hanna Sandin
Sarah White-Ayon
About "I need more"
For the piece, I draw inspiration from tropes found in noise, punk rock, and rock'n'roll music as a source for movement material, tapping my own involvement in both the worlds of experimental music and dance. The performance will take place on November 5th -7th, 2009 at 8pm at The Kitchen in Manhattan.
Here are excerpts from Be the Climb:
Be the Climb:
From the Kneeling:
These People:
*Please take note that regardless of the outcome of this campaign, I plan on paying those involved even if it's out-of-pocket. If the goal to this campaign is not met, none of the money pledged will be released. This is Kickstarter's rule, and the reason why I set my goal to only $1,000. Ideally, I hope to raise closer to $3,000.


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    Pledges between $5 and $50 will receive a custom ringtone based on the material on the album.

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    Limited edition cassette of previously unreleased material by me for pledges between $50 and $100.

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    For pledges between $100 and $200, I will send you a limited edition handmade book with CD of previously unreleased material by me.

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    I'll cook dinner of your choice for you and a friend in your home, for any pledge between $200 and $500. Must live in NYC. For donors outside of the NYC area, we can make other arrangements.

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    A pledge between $500 and $1,000 gets you a private viewing of a dress rehearsal, a pair of tickets to one of the performances, limited edition handmade book with CD of previously unreleased material, and drinks with the cast after the show.

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