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The team behind the magic at The Retro Dome is working on a brand new musical, that celebrates America’s favorite pastime: Game Shows!

Support the creation of a LIVE MUSICAL

COME ON DOWN!!! You have the opportunity to be a part of the creation of the world premiere musical, THANKS FOR PLAYING: THE GAME SHOW SHOW!

From the creative minds that brought you, The MeshugaNutcracker! and the producers of such critically-acclaimed regional hits as Schoolhouse Rock Live!, Xanadu, Sisters of Swing: The Story of The Andrews Sisters, and Shout! The Mod Musical, comes a brand new musical that celebrates America’s favorite pastime: Game Shows!

About The Show

Night after night in the 1950s and 60s, network game shows kept Americans glued to their seats - and their TV sets! - waiting to see who would become the next BIG WINNER! It's time we bring this enchanting time in American pop-culture history to the stage. 

With original music, a witty (scandal-filled!) script, audience participation, unpredictable contestants, and fabulous prizes, our new show will bring the game show world to life in this world premier on The Retro Dome stage.

THANKS FOR PLAYING: THE GAME SHOW SHOW! is being developed with a professional cast of actors and will have audience participation, prizes, and of course, sensational music. The script is a celebration of the changing role of the female in American society during the '50s and '60s and showcases how television changed the world we live in. And of course, we’ll see a scandal erupt as we explore the world of Quiz Shows and Game Shows!

Our Goal

We will produce the production in San Jose before sending the show to New York for a limited run, creating an Original Cast Recording, and packaging the production for other companies to license. To make this happen we need to raise approximately $100,000 BUT we're kick starting our campaign with an "ask" of $50,000. 

If 500 fans give just $100, we'll reach our goal! Check out the great rewards we'll offer for supporting our campaign listed. If you are already planning to attend the performance, a $100 gift rewards you with not only a ticket for admission but other great perks that far exceed your contribution. And if you can give more, you can enjoy other "fabulous prizes!" Better than "Lee Press-On Nails", you can even give enough to enjoy a movie with 250 of your closest friends at The Retro Dome.

So What's The $64,000 Question?

Actually, for us, it's only a $50,000 question! Do we have a deal or no dealTo tell the truth, if the price is right we can create yet another critically-acclaimed production that will enjoy a long life at The Retro Dome. But without your support, we'll be in jeopardy of losing our dream house. We don't want to break the bank! So make a love connection with us! All it takes is a little concentration! And don't delay! To bring THANKS FOR PLAYING to life we have to beat the clock!


THANKS FOR PLAYING is an original musical comedy scheduled to premiere in the spring of 2012 in San Jose, CA.

Why do you need $50,000?

We need $50,000 to cover the cost of our initial run in San Jose, CA. This includes costume, lighting, sound, and set design; building costumes, sets, and props; compensating eight professional actors and a stage manager; creating original orchestrations; and all the marketing and press relations to make sure everyone knows about this production.

What happens if you don't make your goal of $50,000?

If we don't raise the full amount, we will not get any of the money that was pledged. Your credit card will not be charged.

Does the money that I pledge to THANKS FOR PLAYING: THE GAME SHOW SHOW! make me an investor in the show?

No, it essentially makes you a ticket buyer. Every pledge gets you something tangible. The pledges under $100 get you some fun, themed merchandise. The pledges that are $100 and more get you tickets and various other incentives as the pledges get higher.

Does my credit card get charged when I make the pledge?

No. Your credit card will only get charged when we reach our $50,000 goal.

When do I get my merchandise, my tickets and pledge enhancements?

All pledge fulfillment will happen when we reach our goal and/or on the estimated date of delivery as outlined in the rewards list.

How do I know what dates the show will be running and do I get a choice of dates to attend?

Our official opening is scheduled for May 4, 2012 and will run minimally through June 4, 2012. Your pledge will entitle you to choose from any of the fifteen public performances. If you can't attend you will be able to give your ticket to whomever you choose.

If I pledged for a ticket and cannot attend, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. BUT we will issue you a free ticket to any one of our future performances. We hope THANKS FOR PLAYING will have many more runs beyond the initial five weeks we are raising money for, and we will absolutely honor any unused tickets for future performances.

As the creators of the show are Scott, Shannon, and Steve getting any of the money that is being raised?

NO. Scott, Shannon and Steve are waiving their writers fees for this five week run. And they are also not taking their director, musical director, and choreographer fees. It is their hope that this production will become San Jose's longest running hit (a la Beach Blanket Babylon). They are willing to do everything they can financially to make it so.

What do you hope to accomplish by having your show run for five weeks at the Retro Dome?

Our goal is to develop THANKS FOR PLAYING: THE GAME SHOW SHOW! into a viable theatrical property on both a local AND national level, regardless of how long it takes to get to Off-Broadway. The exposure that we receive from this five week run will help us achieve that.

What happens if you don't reach your fundraising goal?

Nothing. Your credit card is not charged and no money changes hands. If this happens, we may not be able to produce our play as planned. We're going to work incredibly hard and do everything we can to make sure we meet our goal and get the show produced.

Can you exceed your fundraising goal?

Yes! That would be extraordinary. Our fundraising goal reflects the MINIMUM it would take to produce a professional show in San Jose that will tour nationally with the intention of reaching the Off-Broadway stage. Any amount that we raise in excess of our goal will allow us to more fully realize the production AND / OR to continue to travel the show to other cities around the country. We want as many people as possible to see our production; exceeding our fundraising goal will allow us to expand our audience.

Is my pledge publicly displayed?

No. You and the Project Creator are the only people who will be able to view your pledge amount -- only the name you choose (first name; initials; or alias) will be displayed as a supporter of the project.

Do I have to list my name when I make a pledge?

No. You can use a pseudonym, your first name only, or initials. Your privacy will be protected. No one (including the project's creator) will see your complete name unless you decide to reveal it.

If I donate, how do I get my reward?

Depending on the type of reward, once we complete our fundraising effort you'll be contacted as to how and when to redeem your gift. Some rewards may not be available until mid way through the run. If the reward you earned is a ticket to the production, you will be contacted prior to tickets going on sale to the general public to be sure you get your choice of performance.

Well, folks! That's all we have time for today! Tune in again soon to see if THANKS FOR PLAYING: THE GAME SHOW SHOW! achieves its goal of raising the much needed funds to bring this new production to life. Feel free to "phone a friend" and tell them about our campaign so they can help support the growth of new theatre! See you next time on THANKS FOR PLAYING!


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    THE STUDIO AUDIENCE: For your pledge, you’ll receive our sincere thanks and your name will be listed on our website as a contributor.

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    CONTESTANT ROW: The above, PLUS an MP3 of our theme song.

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    CHALLENGER: The above, PLUS special recognition in the Playbill AND a free popcorn.

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    RETURNING CHAMPION: The above, PLUS a limited edition, collectible show poster autographed by the show's creators.

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    LOVELY ASSISTANT: The above, PLUS a customized Water Bottle with the show brand imprint with free refills of fountain drinks at The Retro Dome for the life of the production.

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    ANNOUNCER: The above, PLUS an official production t-shirt.

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    CHARISMATIC HOST: The above, PLUS an invitation to the first table reading of the new production.

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    WINNER'S CIRCLE: The above, PLUS 1 ticket to a performance of THANKS FOR PLAYING at the Retro Dome! Experience the production the way it was meant to be experienced...LIVE!

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    CENSOR'S BOOTH: The above, PLUS another ticket (for a total of 2 tickets) to a performance of THANKS FOR PLAYING at the Retro Dome!

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    THE SECRET SQUARE: The above, PLUS a walk-on role as a contestant in the Secret Square.

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    THE BONUS ROUND: The above, PLUS a meet-and-greet with the cast of THANKS FOR PLAYING after a performance of the production.

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    DIRECTOR'S CHAIR: The above, PLUS shadow our director, choreographer for a day during a rehearsal or one of the designers as they create this new production.

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    TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS: The above, PLUS we will mention your business or product in every performance of THANKS FOR PLAYING in the San Jose run. You’ll have the opportunity to provide product for use as prizes in the show, or honor a family member by our writing them into the script. (Product must be family friendly.)

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    FEATURED SPONSOR: The above, PLUS you'll enjoy a Pre-Performance Reception in our Red Room movie theatre with a screening of vintage games shows; includes 25 tickets to a performance of THANKS FOR PLAYING, beverages and snacks, and a listing as a sponsor of the production in the Playbill.

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    LEAD SPONSOR: The above, PLUS you’ll have access to the Red Room (our adjacent movie theatre) for a MOVIE SCREENING of your choice for you and up to 250 of your closest friends. Lead Sponsor/Presenter credit will be featured prominently on our website, promotional and organizational materials, and press releases.

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