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An 80's sci-fi inspired arcade racer...with a talking car.
An 80's sci-fi inspired arcade racer...with a talking car.
1,960 backers pledged CA$ 52,114 to help bring this project to life.

It's the final countdown!

Posted by Megacom Games (Creator)

Yesterday the Kickstarter goal amount passed 50% of its goal amount! You might be thinking: "yeah, but there are only 5 days left." Well, within less than 24 hours it has gone from 50% to 60% of its total funding goal! 10% in one day--and the day isn't even  over yet!

These last few days are crucial for any Kickstarter campaign and I have already seen a huge upswing that shows no signs of slowing down. A lot of this has to do with Super Best Friends Play releasing a video in their Super Best Friends Drift series on Youtube.

Check out their video, if you're not already subscribed to them, below. They're a riot to watch!

To all the backers and/or supporters of the game, help spread the word about the Power Drive 2000 Kickstarter! I believe we can do this with one last push towards the end of the campaign!

More cool news is on its way!

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    1. Vukasin Petrovic on

      i gave what i could... i hope this game will come true!

    2. Michael Cormier on

      I bumped up my contribution and I'm bugging my friends about this. I think this can happen in 5 days if everyone keeps up the push!

    3. Guillaume Roy on

      Yeah! We can do it!! :D

    4. João Gonçalves on

      Come on lets push this game up! I wanna ride that car!

    5. David English on

      Heard about this through the Super Best Friends and decided to back it. Good luck reaching your goal!