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An 80's sci-fi inspired arcade racer...with a talking car.
An 80's sci-fi inspired arcade racer...with a talking car.
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Playable Demo and Console Versions

Posted by Megacom Games (Creator)

Long overdue for an update. So here we go...

If you haven't already, you can grab a playable (very glitchy) pre-alpha demo of the game here:


I also uploaded a gameplay video of the alpha demo:

There are less than 10 days left, and the campaign just recently passed the 30% mark (now 36%). Needless to say, these aren't good odds for the campaign, but all hope is not lost. I'm happy with the reception and support for the game from all the backers and followers!


I've been able to swing, at the very least, a potential PS4 release of the game. Whether the game will come to other consoles is still up in the air.

Also, if the campaign manages to reach its goal, I will include a bonus car that will look a lot like this:

(enough of you having been demanding it!)

More updates are coming and they will be A LOT more frequent as the campaign is 2/3 of the way down.

Thanks for all the support!

I will be addressing all your questions in the comment section soon!

Now, have a listen to a tune by Jepzon, a synthwave artist reborn!



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    1. Cheeseness on

      If you want to provide Linux and Mac builds of the demo, I'd be happy to help test them and make sure they work.

      FWIW, the Windows demo seems to run fine in Wine.

    2. Thomas Ella on

      Thanks to the PS4 news, I just upped my pledge to the $30 USD tier with the soundtrack and early access to builds. Any chance this will include a copy of the PS4 version now that it's coming there? Either way, I just super super super want this game to get made.

    3. Thomas Ella on

      Also, I second the suggestion of an OS X demo.

    4. Thomas Ella on

      Yessssssssss PS4 version. This is all I wanted.

    5. João Gonçalves on

      Damn it, I don't get it I though this project would get founded on the first couple of days... The game as reached green light on steam right?

    6. Downward Viral on

      Thanks for posting the demo!

    7. Danjel Ricci on

      Any chance we can get an OSX demo?

    8. Paul Hamilton on

      You made a bonus..

      ..out of a DeLorean?!