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From the home campaign of GROGNARDIA's James Maliszewski to your gaming table, thanks to your support and a partnership with Autarch
From the home campaign of GROGNARDIA's James Maliszewski to your gaming table, thanks to your support and a partnership with Autarch
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Dwimmermount Headed for Roleplaying History

Last night we reached the basic funding goal for Dwimmermount. If you were one of the backers whose support made this possible, you may wish to emulate Steven Marsh who commemorated having been the one whose pledge took us over the $10,000 threshold with a hearty Bwah-hah-hah!!! 

If you haven't backed this project yet, there's many reasons still to join us. 

  • Get cool stuff! The most fundamental reason to pledge is that you want the Dwimmermount mega-dungeon in hard-back + PDF, map, tracker, artwork, and/or miniatures that our backers will receive before anyone else. Before our Kickstarter reached its basic target, there was always a chance that we wouldn't be able to afford to provide these rewards. There are still many reasons that any project might fail, but thanks to the faith of those who have pledged to date, we can be sure that lack of funding will not hold us back. We're working hard to make good on your trust, and backer Brennan O'Brian's comment about why he feels we've earned it meant a lot to us. 

Here's a preview of the cool stuff our Archmage backer will receive, from the first of seven Dwimmermount sessions at the Brooklyn Strategist. These are not yet the miniatures Sandra Garrity will sculpt based on your characters, and although the miniature on the right was painted by the night's illustrator-in-residence Chris Hagerty, the ones on the left were done by Tavis, aged 12. 

  • Go on an adventure! If you've been reading Grognardia you know that it can be fascinating to follow the posts and session summaries covering James' Dwimmermount campaign and how they parallel the development of his thinking and the growth of the old-school renaissance. This Kickstarter campaign marks a milestone in this process. Becoming a backer gives you not only a view from backstage but a chance to lend a hand in that development. Some of our higher-tier backer rewards offer unique opportunities to put your mark on Dwimmermount, like creating a character for one of the rival parties or helping to specify one of the scenes that will be illustrated in the book. We're working to create similarly special stuff for the lucky, as well - those who happen to be at one of the Dwimmermount events with an illustrator-in-residence, or to be chosen by a roll of the dice from those interested in playing via G+ with James, will likewise contribute to its legend. If you've been a backer of one of Autarch's Kickstarters before, you know that we're also committed to providing ways for every one of us to be involved in the process of bringing this project to life. Want to run Dwimmermount at your home game and give us feedback, or at a convention and help spread the world? Want to share the ideas you got from reading about Dwimmermount and how they blossomed in your own campaign? We want to hear from you, because our goal is to release Dwimmermount in a way that reflects the participatory, open-ended way it took shape. And wanting to make that release the best it can be means listening to what gamers need.
  • Help reach the next bonus goal! Part of the crowdfunding adventure is figuring out together what is possible, and making it visible for the world to see. If Dwimmermount can raise $20,620, by matching the Kickstarter success of Joe Wetzel's fantastic Dungeonmorph dice we will have shown that it wasn't a fluke and that roleplayers really do want support for the kind of old-school megadungeon play in which Dungeonmorph is so useful. Autarch owes a debt to Joe for leading the way with Kickstarter, and to James for bringing it to our attention. For Bonus Goal #1, we'll pay it forward by setting a similar example for the gaming community.  Dwimmermount can never claim the legendary status of the original mega-dungeons, where gamers and writers and designers adventurering together laid the foundations for all the role-playing that has come since.  What we can do, however, is to prove that fans and researchers are fascinated by the original materials used in playing even such a recent mega-dungeon as Dwimmermount. 

If we reach Bonus Goal #1, we will make the notes James used to run his original Dwimmermount campaign, and the maps and drawings created by his players, part of roleplaying history. Scans will be made freely available to the public online by the Play-Generated Maps and Documents Archive, and the original documents will be  preserved for scholarship by Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection at Texas A&M University

If your support as a backer of this project helps us reach the $20,620 mark, you'll get a PDF of all of these original materials as well as new play-generated documents and preliminary sketches from the process of Dwimmermount's publication!

You'll also get an invite to the party at the annual meeting of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association in Boston at the end of the Kickstarter funding period, at which we'll be celebrating the achievement of this bonus goal and talking to attendees who are interested in play studies to help encourage more academic interest in the kinds of rediscovery of the roots of gaming that Grognardia champions.


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