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3D Printable Scifi Structures for Tabletop Gaming Vol 2
3D Printable Scifi Structures for Tabletop Gaming Vol 2
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Google Drive Invites Sent!

Posted by Project Mobius (Creator)

Google drive invites have been sent out, please let me know if you guys don't see it. The email subject should be something in the lines of "3D Printable Scifi Structures for Tabletop Gaming Vol 2".


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    1. Project Mobius 7-time creator on


      You can download a free "slicer" program, one I use is called Cura, once installed. Open the software, and you can open one or more STL files from the zip file from my Google drive. You will see the actual model there. Now the printer setting part I cannot help you since different printer has different settings you might need to look for help from that printer's particular facebook group or their forum.

      You can go to File and save as another format called gcode, this is the format that the 3d printer actually reads in line by line to print the model. So once you have the gcode, for me I save it to an SD card which my printer reads in from and print with.

      Hope that helps a bit!

    2. Micah

      I’m a total noob when it comes to 3dprinting and hope it wasn’t me messing up things. On that note how is a Mac user able to download and print these files? Just a noob trying to figure this out and my assistant (12 year old) it’s all new.

    3. Project Mobius 7-time creator on

      @James P Walker I will resend later tonight after work

    4. James P Walker

      Haven’t seen it yet.

    5. Project Mobius 7-time creator on

      @Jared De Campo and @Mike thank you for the letting me know and seem like it's just a mistake and misunderstanding.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jared De Campo on

      I think I made the same unintentional mistake that Mike is talking about. I clicked restore immediately after and the file was back where the link had taken me to Google Drive so I hope there was no damage done. Apologies if so, very much an honest mistake on my behalf

    7. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      I tried to make a copy and it said "Do you want to move the file here?" so I replied "No" or "Cancel". I hope that wasn't me that caused an issue.

    8. Project Mobius 7-time creator on

      Please try again as I have just finished resetting permission. I noticed I forgot to set the drive to view only and saw a few individual trying to make a copy of my zip and remove mine and claim as the owner. I am not too happy about this.

    9. Daniel Evanson

      the link seems broke.... the zip file is empty