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By Adrián Medellín
$0.00 pledged of $18,000 goal


There are more than 100 million PS and Xbox users combined and growing each day, And the majority of those users play online games were they play against users from around the globe. And also many of the users are gamers as a hobby, and now a days people make real money from their hobbies so why dont give the gamers who spend hours and hours online the change to make some extra bucks or why not a way of living? 

Risks and challenges

The mayor risk are the legal boundaries regarding gambling, and that why we are working with an experienced group of people who have the knowledge on the field and are able to pull out strategies to keep this app on the legal side. Another great challenge is to find the way to make this app viral and to do so we must use great coding skills to give the users the change to invite their friends and share this app into their social media.

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