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Ottoman Empire's new range of 28mm metal miniatures. By Tercios Miniatures.
Ottoman Empire's new range of 28mm metal miniatures. By Tercios Miniatures.
Ottoman Empire's new range of 28mm metal miniatures. By Tercios Miniatures.
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    1. El Kraken Released 3-time creator on

      @David McKay: Thanks for the support! There is an ongoing translation, but it is something that is in the hands of the publisher, so it is difficult for us to give you an accurate estimate. We will let you know as soon as it is ready.

    2. David McKay on

      Hey guys, I love your product! Do you have any timeline for a translation of the rules to English?

    3. Missing avatar

      Richard Bond on

      Pleased to see the success. Well done all at El Kraken

    4. El Kraken Released 3-time creator on

      @Massimiliano Cretara: Yes, you will have the opportunity of a later upgrade.

    5. Massimiliano Cretara on

      would it be possible in the pledge manager to upgrade a "1€" pledge in any other one, getting all the strech goals of that new pledge?

    6. El Kraken Released 3-time creator on

      @Rillian: Yes. There will be a 'Brevis Editio'. It will be published for free in a few days.

    7. Missing avatar


      Are their brief/Quick rules available for Encamisada like there is for Tercios? To get a feel for the rules?

    8. El Kraken Released 3-time creator on

      @Raul Hilara Parra: Yes. When you receive the pledge manager place it on comments. We have no problem to change things like that.

      @tanquerayno13: Count on it. We will take into account the extra ammount contributed in pledge manager as an extra credit for add-ons.

      @Rillian: We will try to make a fast introduction. "Liber Militum: Tercios" is a big battle game, focused in the 30 Years war. Large units, and representing the big battlefield; "Kigndoms" is the supplement for this game, growing in a lot of things, but factions for much nations added too (Ottomans are here).

      Encamisada is a new game. It is a skirmishing game for the period, with factions all over the world and with campaing systems. The spanish version is now at the printing house and the english is being in traduction.

    9. Missing avatar


      Could you talk about the different rules books? What is the difference between each book and how they do or do not fit together?

    10. tanquerayno13

      I added an additional €70 to my 18 pack pledge in the hopes of receiving one of everything! I'd like if you could not give me the free Kazan because it's already included in one of the packs and instead swap it out for the Bullock Bombard Cart (same €9 add-on value), and also include the Bullock Ammo Cart, Driver, Liber Militum: Tercios, Kingdoms, Encamisada, Ottoman Order Cards and Ottoman Dices. Thanks!

    11. Raul Hilara Parra on


      Would it be possible to change the 8,000 freebie for the 10,000 freebie?. I mean, interchange Kazan for Iman on Dromedary.


    12. Bethany Graham

      I cannot wait to get these on my painting table!

    13. Serge Lecler on

      Ok muchas gracias :)

    14. El Kraken Released 3-time creator on

      @Serge Lecler: The correct is in the campaign section. We can't correct text there, because Kickstarter make it permanent.

      In any case any backer may select these perks if he prefer instead of the others. We have not any problem, anyways it was our misake :).

    15. Serge Lecler on


      These miniatures are great :)

      I have a doubt, the drummer on camel comes with 144 euros pledge as in the campaign section (i hope) or in the 216 euros pledge as in the rewards section ??

    16. El Kraken Released 3-time creator on

      @Ronan LOUVIGNY: Encamisada will be a skirmish version for the same period in history. These minis will be valid for both systems.

    17. Ronan LOUVIGNY on

      Again some amazing minis ! can't wait to see painted version of this turkish army.
      Can you tell me if these minis are playable with the Tercios ruleset and the new one : encamisada ?

    18. MaxPuster

      Ok, thanks. I just hoped that a standing horse was somewhere part of it, but if not, I am able to either substitute it with one of my own or use him moving...

    19. El Kraken Released 3-time creator on

      @Maxpuster: We appreciate your comment, as the suggestions always help us guiding our future steps.

      It will be difficult during this campaign to include new miniatures because of the time left, it is a process that takes time and our modelers are already finishing some surprises.

      In any case, if it were not for this campaign it is possible that something similar will be added in future waves.

    20. MaxPuster

      Is it possible to get Suleyman on a standing horse?
      I like my commanders rather static - more in command then in action.

    21. Sebastian Muhs on

      Saw the metal prototypes on Friday. They looked awesome!

    22. El Kraken Released 3-time creator on

      Yes, the miniatures will have the taps on bottom. Now we are making all our miniatures with it, even the old models was redesigned this way.

      And yes, we will include bases. We forgot to include this line of text in the campaign (by now fixed). The good news is that we will let the backer choose between round or squared bases.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mark McKenzie on

      Excellent start, with the Funding Goal reached quickly. Will these miniatures have the tabs on bottom and a slotta base included?