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A new RPG where the 4 color world of Super Heroes clashes with the horror of a Zombie Apocalypse with a great twist - Super Zombies!
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Mind Games - A New Rotted Capes Adventure Now Available

Posted by Henry Lopez (Creator)

Hello everyone, 

Just a quick note to let you know that a new adventure for Rotted Capes has been released.

 Mind Games by Tony Kenealy 

To Know Your Enemy, You Risk Becoming Your Enemy

As the Z-Day struck, what remained of the United States government mobilized to stem the tide, and turned the efforts of its best think tank to the task. Led by Hubert Shand, PhD, M.I.N.D. sought to use the principles of mind control to dominate the Z’d and turn them against each other. He succeeded; but to know evil, one risks becoming evil and when the ingenious device pulled Dr. Shand into madness, Mindwarp was born. The world teeters on the brink of complete domination and only the heroes stand in the way.  

Mind Games is 32 page adventure providing many nights of peril for even the most hardy band of survivors!

Mind Games will be shipping to FLGS in the next couple of weeks and available now, in PDF, on RPGNow (

Rotted Capes: Mind Games cover
Rotted Capes: Mind Games cover
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    1. Jan Egil Bjune

      Thanks for going above and beyond.
      I received the initially missing dice a few days ago :-)
      Kind regards