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A new RPG where the 4 color world of Super Heroes clashes with the horror of a Zombie Apocalypse with a great twist - Super Zombies!
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New Rotted Capes Project coming

Posted by Henry Lopez (Creator)

Hello everyone, 

I just wanted to let you know that we're working on a new Rotted Capes product for next year, tentatively entitled, the Survivor's Guide, Vol. I

The Survivor's Guide is a rules supplement featuring new sources, such as Cosmic, Mystic and Supernatural, new archetypes, like Alien, Android/Synthoid, Anthromorph and Demigod, new disadvantages, new skills and of course, lots of new powers. 

We'd also like to know what else you'd like to see in the book?

An enclave sample? NPCs for your heroes to care for and look after? New adventure hooks?

Feel free to comment below. 

Thanks, and enjoy the upcoming holiday season!

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    1. Conrad Earl on

      Sounds good, I would be interested in buying it.

    2. Henry Lopez 9-time creator

      All - just had a brainstorming session and besides the additional powers, achetypes, sources, etc. that I already mentioned, we are also considering adding the following:

      New power stunts / maneuvers

      Sample heroes or villains for each of the new archetypes

      A selection of sample gadgets

      Sample dependent NPCs and possibilities for what occurs when one dies

      Sample groups that hunt heroes – cannibal bikers, religious fanatics, etc.

      Advice on creation of spells that go beyond copying powers

      Super items that can be scrounged

    3. Henry Lopez 9-time creator

      @Ross - Thank you for your kind words. We'll see what we can do.

      @Robert - I'm not sure the smaple enclave is right for this book, but we'll see.

      @Ryan - Let's hope so.

    4. Ross

      Backer levels for artwork and inclusion of our heroes/zombies in the book would be awesome. Would also help to unlock those stretch goals. In fact, save me a slot because i'd back that right now. :-)

      Loved the first book and, to be honest, i've loved everything you've made!

    5. Ryan Blackstock

      I guess we are just going to have to hit some stretch goals then!

    6. Robert H. Mitchell Jr.

      More adventures would be terrific...and I really like the idea of the sample enclave.

    7. Henry Lopez 9-time creator

      @Ryan - I'm hoping to do an entire book of stand alone (1 night) adventures, but that will depend on reaching a number of Stretch Goals.

    8. Henry Lopez 9-time creator

      @DKeith - The enclave is something I'd like to see as well. I was unsure if players would want that, as it seems more of a GM tool.

    9. Ryan Blackstock

      This book sounds great!
      Can you attach another adventure in the Guide as well?

    10. DKeith2011 on

      Those origins and types pretty much cover the genre basics.

      An enclave ready to drop the players into would be nice.