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"OK.luv" - The improvised internet musical dating show!'s video poster

16 lonely singles are looking for love on an internet dating site called OK.luv. Only 2 of them will find what they are looking for. Read more

Seattle, WA Theater
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This project was successfully funded on September 5, 2011.

16 lonely singles are looking for love on an internet dating site called OK.luv. Only 2 of them will find what they are looking for.

Seattle, WA Theater
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About this project

After six months of hanging out on the dating website, OKCupid, I decided to write a play about internet dating with characters based on some of the people I had encountered there. With help from my friend, Kat Allen, and Robert, who has trolled the waters of PlentyOfFish, we came up with 30 characters and decided to do a public reading to test out the concept - musical theater with improvised dialog.  The result was an evening of sublime hilarity.  Armed with new ideas and inspiration, we continued on with our quest of creating a very unique theatrical experience.

A second reading with less characters and more songs was also well received, but it became clear that a full blown workshop was needed in order to work out the improvisational elements of the show, learn how to incorporate the musical numbers, and solve the technical challenges.  The workshop is set for September/October 2011, and in a perfect world, the show will open Valentine’s Day 2012!  Meanwhile, we're writing songs, creating scenarios, rehearsing the music, and developing a website.

This is where kickstarter funding comes in. The money raised here will be used to hire a cast of actors for two weeks of rehearsal and four public performances.  Rehearsal and performance space will be rented. Vital set pieces will be built.  Promotional material will be printed and distributed and songs will be recorded.  Producers, directors, and investors will be invited to the public performances, all bringing OKdotLuv closer to full production by Winter 2012.

The current cast is Peggy Platt, Joanne Klein, Selena Whitaker-Paquiet, Ron Reid, Marcus Wolland, Rosetta Greek, Kenny Telesco, Xan Scott, Deonn Hunt, Mark Hunt, Belinda Fu, Matt Corey, and newest cast member Bridget Quigg, plus a special surprise guest emcee!

                                                          - Donna Rae Davidson


Common tools for playwrights, used to develop scripts, are readings and workshops.  In a reading, the actors are seated in chairs reading the script. A talk-back with the audience usually follows.  It helps the writers learn about what worked, and what didn’t.  Playwrights often include a questionnaire as well, so they can get lots of feedback.  Actors usually volunteer to do readings and there are only a few, if any, rehearsals.  In the case of a musical, there are a couple of rehearsals to familiarize the actors with the music.  Workshops involve a limited amount of rehearsal time to work on the script, and a reading/performance for an audience with a talk-back.  STAGED readings involve movement for the actors on stage, but they are still using scripts.

In the case of “OK.luv”, the script is only an outline of what needs to happen.  The actors will have to develop a back-story, and know their characters so well, they can answer any question put to them by OK.luv, and interact with each other through emails, phone calls and personal meetings.  A two week time frame for rehearsal is planned, followed by four performance/readings with audience talk-backs. 


Actors and Staff - $8,800

Stations - $1,200

Rehearsal Space - $250

Performance Space - $1,000

Business Expenses (fees, printing, etc) - $2,225

Total - $13,475


Any extra funding will be used in the recording studio and to promote the next phase: full production!


 Camera & Editing…..Tom Speer

“Just Wanna Get Laid” soloist…. Noah Parriott

“You’re So Gay” soloists….Rosetta Greek & Marcus Wolland


We want to acknowledge everyone who came to our readings and gave us so much laughter, and invaluable feedback. Also all the wonderful actors who have participated in the readings including: Stanislove, Mario Gomez, Joel Labahn, Mark Hunt, Alan Barlow, Noah Parriott, Ron Reed, Marcus Wolland, Kenny Telesco, Pete Johnsen, Troy Johnson, Rosetta Greek, Xan Scott, Deonn Hunt, Selena Whitaker-Paquiet, Aya Clark, Joanne Kein, Ella Rose, Joey Gilmore, Christopher Stearns, Cliff Barnes, Kristie Ann Foss, Karen Skrinde, Peggy Platt, Belinda Fu, Therese Diekhans, Susan MacIntire, Dayna Cole and Sarah Ando.  La la love Randy & Jay at Unexpected Productions at The Market Theater for providing a space for our readings and several outstanding actors, and all the other folks who have helped us along the way including Sharon Shaw, Kat Allen, Alan Camhi, Florence Harvey, Terry Loving and Cathy at Boston Street Baby.

LOVE CARDS!!! - A few examples of Donna Rae's fabulous handmade love cards!


  • October 11, 12, 18, 19 - 8 PM

    Wing-It Theatre, 5510 University Ave NE, Seattle

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    We will think of you often and smile.

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    2 tickets to any one of the 4 performance/readings in early October, 2011 in Seattle, and your name added to the Special Thanks page on, plus…we’ll wink at you.

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    4 tickets, Special Thanks, and a handmade “love” card created by the author and signed by the cast, plus…we’ll send you a personal email.

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    6 tickets, Special Thanks, a “love” card, and a cast recording CD when available, plus…we’ll call you and tell you how wonderful you are.

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    8 tickets, Special Thanks, “love” card, CD, and your name in the program at the world premiere of OKdotLuv, plus…we’ll meet you for coffee.

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    10 tickets, Special Thanks, “love” card, CD, name in program, plus… we’ll take you out for dinner and a movie.

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    All the above plus free admission for 10, to the world premiere of “OK.luv” and Opening Night cast party, plus… a sunset walk on the beach, with s’mores over a campfire.

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    All the above, plus… a custom love song written just for you by the songwriting team.

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    All the above, plus… you get to be in the show because we love you so much. As the guest BUTTON PUSHER, you will operate the control box for all the character’s monitors. For part of the show, you will decide which of the characters speak at any given moment. (rehearsal needed, as the heartbeat of the show is literally in the hands of the BUTTON PUSHER).

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