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Punk Like Me...liner notes for a revolution that never happened's video poster

Punk Like Me is an inside account of the original punk rock music scene in Hollywood,1977-1985. Written by Terry Graham. Read more

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Punk Like Me is an inside account of the original punk rock music scene in Hollywood,1977-1985. Written by Terry Graham.

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I’m writing an irreverent, often silly, occasionally funny but always informative version of a slice of rock and roll history known as "punk rock" that descended upon an unsuspecting Hollywood in 1977 and, well, still hasn’t gotten the hell out of town. First-person, too, which isn’t easy to pull off but is much better, to my way of thinking, than some sour, old, self-righteous blowharding about how great it was back in day, nope!

This book is my thank you to rock and roll and all the outcasts, misfits, dropouts, loners and loonies who listen to it and dare to get on a stage and create it in spite of the music industry or the prevailing winds of "fashion." Timeless, no?

I’m aware that many readers don’t like to read (and who can blame them), so I’ve made sure PLM is littered with interesting photos of interesting people pretending to be interesting, which is kind of interesting all by itself. Just stare at the pictures. I know I do!

Down to business:

My publisher is only able to pay for the imprint. So the money I raise will pay for the artistic contributions required to make this book super-duper. The more I get, the prettier the book will be. And who doesn't like pretty? I have to pay for:

Graphic artist (layout)
Illustrator (cover)

Also, I've acquired permission to use many photographs from a variety of photographers without charge. However, it would make my heart burst with blood if I could pay them something for their wonderful work. They truly deserve it.

As a bonus, I suppose, I'd love to have a well-designed web site for updates, events, more photos, etc., and possibly use it to create a platform for an all-digital version of the book suitable for downloading to computer, tablet, phone, gps, what have you. Sadly, I'm unable to design a web site myself so will require the services of a qualified person or other.

So, this could be just another book or it could be a visually interesting artifact to cherish and show your friends and pass down from generation to generation until, finally, the apes take the planet back and burn all our vanities in a bonfire (sorry). Damn you, apes!

Hoping for an end of year or earlier release. The thing will probably weigh ten pounds so not recommended for stuffing stockings. Great for bathroom floors, however.


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