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VictoryChips are custom designed ceramic chips for keeping score in tabletop games.
VictoryChips are custom designed ceramic chips for keeping score in tabletop games.
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Backers = Chip Designers for our 18k Goal

Posted by Dave (Creator)

With the 12k goal done lets try something interesting!

The next goal (18k) is to create an Active player marker.  Basically a chip to pass around so that everyone can tell whose turn it currently is.  We already have a start player chip, but many times you need to know who started the turn, and also want an easy way to track who is actually taking their turn.

One of this chip design will be included for all reward levels at Chip Collector and above.  This chip is in addition to your set (meaning you don't have to use one of the chips in your set to add this on).  

Here's some concept designs.  What I need is feedback to refine the concept into a final design. Here's some of my thoughts, but please feel free to offer you ideas as well.  I'm hoping this can be a very interactive design and we'll get some great input from you.

  • I'm leaning towards having the same image on both sides of the chip, but if you have a really fantastic idea for different designs, we can consider that too.  
  • I'd like to make this a 43mm chip like the other marker chips that I already produce, but perhaps if everyone wants it badly enough maybe we could make this a jumbo 51mm chip as a Kickstarter exclusive and I'll just use the normal 43mm on my store.
  • A bright color would be helpful so it can be easily spotted from across the table.

Please use the comments on this Update to let me know your thoughts on the design.  I'll compile all the feedback, and ask the designer to make changes where needed.

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    1. Bill Sides on

      I like both of the chop designs on the far right. Either would make me happy!

    2. Marcus Griep on

      For me, having it be a 51mm chip, the same size as a standard dealer button, would be ideal, and so would be my preference.

    3. Missing avatar


      I like the idea of the 2nd or 3rd thinker in green.

    4. Missing avatar

      Doug Swarin on

      I really prefer the green color to the yellow - the existing First Player/Slow Player markers are gold, so having this be a different hue would help distinguish it better (if the Slow Player marker is ever enhanced, perhaps rework it in red?)

      That said, I definitely like the thinker with the clock and gears, just in the green color.

    5. Missing avatar


      I like the thinker. The middle is cleaner looking while not being over bright like the first one.

    6. David Laine

      Sounds like you're having a hard time THINKING this over... ;-)

    7. Dave 5-time creator on

      Some good feedback so far. It doesn't appear that there is a clear favorite but the thinker with clock & gears seems to be the favorite of the 'thinker' style, while the moving meeple seems to be the favorite of those on the meeple side. We'll need to narrow this down soon and make a decision..anyone else want to jump in and help push one way or another?

    8. David Laine

      Thinker, with gears and clock. Everything about it is spot on--you're thinking, the gears are turning, but time's ticking and you have to make a decision quickly to keep the game moving along. Between the meeple ones, the actively moving meeple is best, but I really love that thinker.

    9. James Martin

      I like the right most thinker and the moving meeple. Will "Active Player" be written on the chip? One other thing, I like the size of the meeple on the chip, but it looks like a giant meeple compared to the hand moving it!

    10. Spyke Alexander

      I like the third thinking man one. Would love to see that in the larger size.

    11. Adam V. on

      I really like the Thinking man to the far right. It's a very cool design and I'd love to get one of those regardless of the final decision. Secondarily, i vote for Speed Lines Meeple.

    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua Megerman on

      I second the idea of the moving meeple in black and gold to match the existing chips. But the bright green isn't bad either.

    13. Michael Papak on

      Wow, the meeple ones are awesome. My favorite is the last one all the way to the right. I think it's perfect just the way it is.

    14. Scott Everts

      I like the Thinker, middle one with the gears but no clock. I'd like to see it in gold like your other special tokens so they all go together.

    15. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      I like the moving-a-meeple one, and I'd love to see it in black and gold to match the first 43 mm chips.

      Why are default humans male? Hint: they're not, or at least, they shouldn't be. So I don't like the "Thinker" chip, even though I love Rodin's sculpture. Also, the Thinker is all about AP (analysis paralysis) to me, and so we would use that as a punishment, NOT an ACTIVE player marker.

    16. Michael King on

      I like the thinking man pose with gears though I'd like more yellow so that the chip stands out.

    17. Missing avatar

      Eric Selander on

      Definitely the bright yellow!

    18. Sean K King on

      I like the thinking man with the clock type back ground.

      I also like the moving meeple.

    19. Lance Peterson

      I like the "Thinker" design. It could also serve as an analysis paralysis award :)

    20. Matt Wolfe on

      When I think of active, I think energetic and moving around. So maybe something with a "starburst" background?