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VictoryChips are custom designed ceramic chips for keeping score in tabletop games.
VictoryChips are custom designed ceramic chips for keeping score in tabletop games.
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Ultimate Flexibility Now Available

Posted by Dave (Creator)

Initially only backers at higher pledge levels had the option to fully customize their set design. I have now opened up this capability up to all backers at the one set (100 chips) and above levels.  

Simply put, you can decide which chips you want included in your set from any of our available designs.  You can pick from GameChips, Life & Death Chips, 43mm Special Markers, and of course Victory Chips to create your set.

  • You could create a set of just GameChips
  • You could create a set of just VictoryChips
  • You could create a set that includes some GameChips & some VictoryChips
  • You could create a set that includes some of each type
As long as the total number of chips that you select adds up to the number of chips provided by your reward level, you are free to customize the mix as much as you want.

Important:   Please continue to spread the word about the project so that we can hit our stretch goals. Much of the success of projects like this depend upon social networking such as Facebook to attract backers to the project. If you are a Facebook user, please LIKE our facebook page so that we can reach more people.

PS - There are only a small number of the 300 chip sets left at Warfare pricing level, so if the option to customize would inspire you to increase your pledge to that level, I would encourage you to act quickly before they are gone.

Thanks for your support.


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    1. Sean K King on

      Cool. I do like the side of the 5/10/20's but the dollar type chips of the 25/50/100's not to sure about.

      It could grow on me. My friend who definitely didn't like it who was thinking of getting a set would like to hear that he could get the older 25/50/100's.

    2. Dave 5-time creator on

      Scott - at this time, only the set sizes listed are supported. I'll consider adding a 400 chip set if there is sufficient interest in this option.

    3. Dave 5-time creator on

      David\Sean - It's a yes and no answer. Yes -I'm going to allow folks to pick between the old and new designs for the 25\50\100 chips. No - I won't be continuing to create the old style 5\10\20 with the gradient edge design. So if you want the Gem Style 25\50\100 the answer is Yes. If you want the gradient style edges on the 5\10\20, the answer is no.

    4. Missing avatar

      Scott Klabacha on

      I'm a backer at the Warfare level. This update has made me interested in going up to 400 chips. Can I add on a set of 100, and if so would it be at the $90 or $100 price?

    5. Sean K King on

      I have a friend who said he wasn't sure because he liked the idea of the old chips....

    6. David Laine

      As someone who missed your first campaign, this meant the difference between me putting in for 100 and 300 chips. This should make for a healthy mix of Victory and Game Chips that will see me through almost any game in my collection. Great change!

      For the Game Chips, will we have an option between the old- and new-style 25, 50, and 100? I personally want to keep my collection thematically the same, so I'd rather take old-style jewels over the new paper currency look.