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VictoryChips are custom designed ceramic chips for keeping score in tabletop games.
VictoryChips are custom designed ceramic chips for keeping score in tabletop games.
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12K Stretch Goal - Choo Choo

Posted by Dave (Creator)

Since you guys made quick work of the last goal, here's another one to shoot for.

These designs will be exclusive to Kickstarter backers for at least a year after this project ends.     

This stretch goal is sort of a pet project for me.  When I started thinking about the VictoryChips project, this was one of those crazy ideas that I thought would be very cool.   

Here's the idea, imagine you are playing a very popular railroad themed gamed, and you happen to have VictoryChips in all of the denominations used in the game.  As you place down your trains, you could just take a single chip that matches the victory points for that section of rail.   Simple & elegant.

I realize that some of you may not love this goal, but hey, support it for me :)

Completing this goal will unlock 3 new chip designs (4,7,15).  

Backers at the Chip Collector Level(s) will receive one of each of these new designs.

Backers above the $90 and above levels  will have the option to select these new designs as part of your set configuration.

ps.  I know the 7 looks similar to the 100 in coloring...the designs are still a bit of work in progress, so that may change.

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    1. Russell Ahlstrom

      I posted this over in the Ticket to Ride forum on Board Game Geek at Hopefully it'll get the news out and some more backers in on the project.

    2. Julia Gosztyla Ziobro

      I agree on the 150-chip level... though I am not sure I can afford it. LOL

    3. Peter Karpas

      I agree that with these new chips it would be nice to have something in-between 100 and 300 chips... maybe 150?

    4. Sean K King on

      Hmmm. Not sure I'd want that many.

      Have to play a few times on iPad and see what comes up.

      If worse comes to worse can supplement with 1 and 2 and 3 from regular set.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joshua Megerman on

      If you're considering additional denominations for future stretch goals, I'm interested in 6 and 12 point chips, although I still don't want to have to jump from 100 to 300 chips...

    6. Edward on

      Well played sir ... Well Played.

      I might have to change my donation to the 500 chip level.

    7. Dave 5-time creator on

      Hi Edward - I'm only planning on having enough produced to fill the rewards for backers. I don't want to pay to create chips that will not go on sale for a year. If you want them...grab them!

    8. Edward on

      I don't currently own the game which you hinted at in the update but I would almost consider getting it if this gets unlocked. My only concern is how I should break down my set of 300 to have enough for most games and not specialize in the one.

      I know that this is going to be KS exclusive for a year but if I back the victory chips and decide after they arrive I need more could I get them from the GameKnight store?

    9. Jeff Hannes on

      So for TTR: Europe you'd need another 10 4-chips, 13 more 7-chips and uh... a 21-point chip? Where's THAT stretch goal? :-P Of course, realistically you wouldn't actually need 29 4-chips (or the max of any of the others). I have a hard time imagining a game where every single 4-length route is taken (and these counts include both tracks of a double route). Those counts would almost cover all the other official maps as well, except for 1-chips, of which you'd need quite a few more. (The Asia map actually has 44 1-length single routes). Though you can always make change at some point during the game if need be, and I imagine anyone pledging enough to go in for these chips will be getting a bunch of 1-pointers anyway.

    10. Dave 5-time creator on

      I am hoping to avoid using any of the 'standard' chip colors for these strange denominations..what if I want to use them later? Purple is the standard color for the '500' chip. I am trying to use colors that I don't ever foresee needing for future chips.

    11. Sean K King on

      Use a purple. Or get colors that are used in the game for these denominations.

    12. Dave 5-time creator on

      To cover the base game you would need 9x '1', 36x '2', 20x '4', 16x '7', 10x '10', and 9x '15' for a total of 100 chips. This is the theoretical limit, in practice you would like need less since the odds of having all sections of track of a particular length covered is remote.

    13. Sean K King on

      10 of each?

      20 of each?

      Or I guess at most there could be 8 15 point score on the US map.....right?

    14. Sean K King on

      I was just thinking...if a person got a set for Ticket to Ride how many do you think you need for that game alone?

    15. Russell Ahlstrom

      Love it. This will make Ticket to Ride so easy to score. My wife and I play it all the time and even have an annual Ticket to Ride: Thanksgiving tournament. These chips will be perfect for the game and speed up the whole scoring process.

      I'm starting to feel like I'm going to need more chips to accommodate all the new chip designs we're getting form the stretch goals.

    16. Sean K King on

      Ahhh. Is this Ticket to Ride or like it?

      I was trying to put it with my 18XX games I play.

      I do like it for that game as well. Hope my son well start playing it with me as we'll. couple more years. He plays the iPad version of it. So will have to get physical copy.

      Nice now that I figured it out. ;-)