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$911 pledged of $6,600 goal
$911 pledged of $6,600 goal

So... what now? (The Future of Photogenesis)

Hey awesome backers!

So it looks like this Kickstarter project won't be successfully funded. Bummer, eh? Maybe a little too ambitious... 

But that's besides the point. Just because Plan A didn't work out doesn't mean the music isn't going to get to you and sound amazing and be very professionally done. 

So what's next? 

Well, I'm currently showing the album around to a couple ambient music record labels, in hopes that somebody will take it under their roof and give it the release it deserves. So, fingers crossed, maybe Plan B will work out. 

But even if that fails, the album will still be mixed, mastered, and released, even if only digitally. I'm not sure if there's something in between a record label release and last resort, but it may end up with me going to a local studio and mixing it with somebody in the area, before sending it off to another professional for mastering, completely self-funded. Followed by a digital-only release.

However, I wanted to make sure I thanked you, my backers, for being awesome and supportive, SO...

Whenever this thing gets finished, I'd like to give you all a free digital download of the album, even though you won't be paying a dime through Kickstarter for anything. Now, no promises, because it might get picked up by a label and the label may say "No way!". But, if I'm releasing it myself, or if it gets picked up by nice people, then I'll make sure to get it all to you for free. And no matter what, you'll get a download code for a free copy of "Negative Film: The Photogenesis B-Sides", which is going to be released very soon- within the next two weeks! 

So, in order to make sure I get you a free download code for Negative Film, and probably Photogenesis too, shoot me an email at with your name as shown on Kickstarter. I'll try and contact anybody that I don't hear from individually, but to make sure you get a reward for being so supportive, please do email me. 

Thanks for your continuing support, and I still can't wait to share Photogenesis with you :)




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