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The first auto-tightening, interactive, heating, & shock absorbing sneaker.
The first auto-tightening, interactive, heating, & shock absorbing sneaker.
The first auto-tightening, interactive, heating, & shock absorbing sneaker.
509 backers pledged $114,747 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeff Friedrich 5 days ago


      I've emailed you guys about cancelling my order as you are not make a windows version. I have not received any thing back for a few months now. Love the idea, but if I can't use any of the functionality I don't have a need for the pair. If I cannot cancel my order, an email would at least be nice.

      That is, unless you have plans in the future to make a windows app.

      Thank you

    2. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on November 30

      We understand your dissatisfaction. "Smartshoe" is the first smart shoe in the world. As every concept/project we can have some technical problems. Everyday, we try to find the best way to offer you the best experience.
      When you wear smartshoes you must live a incredible experience. It's not a simple shoe.

      @Christopher: This budget is only for the smartshoe. We have been selling connected insoles for 3 years. you have my word!

      @omar: You will receive the smartshoe before indiegogo. You are first backers so you will get smartshoe in first.

    3. Missing avatar

      Omar Carrasco on November 30

      This is not the case......if go to indiegogo they say anybody can buy the shoes and they delivery them by march 2018 same ours!!!! I thught we gonna be the first to recive the shoes. I should put my money into another project and then buy this shoes now and receive it on the same date as the first backers.... Very disappointed!!! I understand delays but 4 months delay !!! Frustrated and SAD!! Bad business....

    4. Dario Calonaci on November 30

      @Magnus Andersson - personally I'm deeply disappointed in their problems and communication - theyshould practically have started shipping according to their timeline, now they see a problem with motors?

      What have they been doing and experimenting with 'til now?
      I have no problem with a delay, we're on KS after all - I have a problem with a 4 months delay with no prior communication - and when they should have almost shipped ;)

      I mean, you realize it only now? You communicate it only now?

    5. Magnus Andersson
      on November 30

      For all of you who are dissapointed about the delay you must understand that these kind of delays are very common with Kickstarter projects. Going from a prototype to a finished product doesn´t allways go as planned and that´s why we get a better price for taking the risk. If you can´t handle long delays I would suggest you wait for the product to be in stock and pay the retail price instead. Kickstarter is not a store and if the project fail we don´t get anything, you can´t get a refund if you are not ok with delays. That´s Kickstarter rules.

    6. Dario Calonaci on November 29

      So you practically should have started shipping by now to deliver them in December - and now you tell us of a four months delay?

      Congratulations, you must have found the worst way and time to tell to people interested in your products - your professionalism and credibility now it's well under my shoes, to say.

      Since you're gone around the world showing a good prototype of the shoes, we were expecting not much problems or delays.
      I'm seriously pissed off right now - and for sure I won't support your company ever again, on Kickstarter or outside.

      Damn, I don't even trust you anymore...

    7. Missing avatar

      Christopher Carter on November 29

      these shoes are never coming. how do i cancel my order?

    8. Missing avatar

      Christopher Carter on November 29

      from what i see, they took our money to make their insoles and are now hoping to sell insoles to make the money to make our shoes. im convinced the shoes a

    9. Missing avatar

      Micah Williams on November 29

      @Remington Morris We all want our shoes but at the end of the day I'll take a delayed product over a half finished one any day.

    10. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on November 29

      @Remington: we offer a discount for our super backer who want a smart insoles before the smartshoe. If you don't want buy the smart insoles. don't buy them. We try to offer you the best product. It's a choice. You can get a smartshoe with problems or a incredible smartshoe which works

    11. Missing avatar

      Remington Morris on November 29

      LOL...March?! And 50% off on the TWO items on your website?? So we give you our money for the shoes, and you offer us an opportunity to give you more money at a discounted rate?! Hilarious. Done with Kickstarter. They have all been disappointments.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tim Zielski on November 28

      Yeah in germany too�

    13. Missing avatar

      Gunputh Suraj on November 27

      When we Will know thé release date and when the smartshoes Will be sent ? At the beggining / middle / end Of december ? It’s freezing now :D in France �� !!!

    14. Jonathan Chung on November 24

      Just checked the FAQ regarding app. :P

    15. Jonathan Chung on November 24

      I so can't wait to get mines!! Keep up the awesome work team! =) Definitely going to be an android app?

    16. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on November 23

      For the moment, We are focusing on the smartphone.
      Thank you for your support.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Surgeon on November 22

      Are you going to still work on an Apple Watch app?

    18. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on November 22

      @Eric When you pre-ordered, Kickstarter sent you a backer number. The backer number is the order number. Check in your emails :-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Eric Proshek on November 22

      Where is the backer number at?

    20. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on November 22

      @Lukas, We've been working on this file.

      @Johan Can you send an email on ?

    21. Missing avatar

      Lukas on November 22

      Will the smartshoe app be optimized for iPhone X when it is released

    22. Missing avatar

      Johan Robinson on November 22

      I've tried and email you so many times, but you never respond back. My issue is that I'm uncertain about the actual shoes size, so I have requested you to send details on the inner measurements of the shoe.

      The reason is that, I usually wear EU42, but looking at your size chart - the translated US size is smaller than the US size i usually use. So I filled in size 43 in the questionnaire, but I don't want the shoes to be too big or too small, so if you could please clarify this and also update my order to match a normal EU 42 size.

      And please respond to emails...

      With kind regards,

    23. Missing avatar

      Lukas on November 22

      They said Monday and nothing is there

    24. Missing avatar

      Gunputh Suraj on November 21

      We are waiting the update since 2 days...

    25. William Bremkamp
      on November 21

      Any idea when the new update is coming?

    26. Missing avatar

      Lukas on November 20

      Where is the promised update

    27. Missing avatar

      Lukas on November 20

      Im so excited for the new big update today

    28. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on November 17

      Hello everyone,

      Thank you for your support. We are still here.
      Don't worry, we work very hard on the Smartshoe.
      The smartshoe is one of our beautiful and exciting project.

      We like to share our best news with you and we prepare you a big update on Monday.

      See you on Monday and have a nice weekend

      Digitsole Team
      The future is now

    29. Jason Boyd
      on November 15

      @creator, we all have been patiently waiting for an update. Radio silence becomes concerning. What’s the schedule for delivery like? Are we still on time? Updates on manufacturing process? You know all the good stuff. I’m a regular KS backer and I’m pretty sure I can talk for all backers, the biggest frustration is when a campaign closes, and there is little response from the creator. I’m not expecting anything unrealistic. I understand delays, I understand not much to update, but what I do not understand or appreciate is when there is no response. We have all backed your company to help you get a product produced, and as backers it’s the very least we can expect.

    30. William Bremkamp
      on November 13

      Andreas Wilhelm
      19 days ago
      Hi Malik, when will I get the form? For choosing color and size.
      in January or February? or December?
      And what happens if the shoes do not fit?

      Malik Issolah
      3 days ago
      Hello Andreas, You can use this form to choose color and size Best regards,

    31. William Bremkamp
      on November 13

      They seem to be focusing more on their Indiegogo backers right now as they are responding much quicker to the backers on that platform... :(

    32. Missing avatar

      alexander z.
      on November 13

      update please!!!

    33. Thomas Ng on November 12

      looks like another project has failed

    34. Sugadaddy on November 9

      @creator. When will the email come out for size and color of the sneaker come out?

    35. Jason Boyd
      on November 8

      @creator. Time for an update please!! It’s been almost a month since last update. Thanks.

    36. Missing avatar

      Rick Collins on November 2

      Any updates!?

    37. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on October 11

      Hello everyone,

      We work hard to propose you the best Smartshoe. We will put a NEW UPDATE about the manufacturing of moulds, tomorrow.

      If you are in Paris on Saturday 14th October, don't hesitate to join us at Geek's Live exhibition. We will show our last incredible products: Warm Series, Smartshoe, Run Profiler, ...
      Booth - Start-Up #5

      Thank you for your support
      Digitsole Team

    38. Jason Boyd
      on October 9

      @william, I do echo almost all your sentiments, except I do believe regular updates are an important part of keeping the lines of communication open. We are all anxious to receive our shoes, and I know that taking 10 minutes out of a given day every few weeks shouldn’t be a big deal to the creators to give us an update, even if it’s minor to report.

    39. William Bremkamp
      on October 8

      For everyone freaking out about when we are getting our shoes please remember that the estimated shipping date is showing for December 2017? As long as my shoes ship sometime during December 2017 than I will be happy, and if there is a delay than as long as they let me know when my shoes will be shipping due to the delay than I am perfectly happy to wait for these shoes to be shipped! If we all rush the creators on getting the shoes shipped out as soon as possible than that also means we will be getting a lesser quality product! I am perfectly happy to wait however long it takes for an update on progress as long as my shoes ship on time or I am notified if there is a delay or problem which prevents my shoes from shipping during December of 2017...

    40. Jason Boyd
      on October 3

      @creator, please an update? Are we still on schedule? What is happening? The last update on September 12th was very basic. One feature and no full update on the process. Please!!! We are all anxious to get our awesome new shoes. I know we still have time, but an updated schedule would be great!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Damian McKay on September 28

      Hi, I am one of the people who has supported this project from the very early days, I originally ordered these through the Digitsole website, and had paid a deposit way back in 2016. I backed this project on here as backer no. 18, and was informed that my original deposit would be refunded after this campaign ended. Please advise on where my refund is??!!

      Keep up the good work, btw

    42. Missing avatar

      Alex Baker-Lubin
      on September 27

      I was unable to fill out my survey. When I click on the link I get an error page. Can I have the survey resent. Thank you!

    43. Missing avatar

      omar on September 16

      How can I change my shipping address?

    44. Missing avatar

      Yoshikazu Naganuma on September 12

      Hello, please also consider the strength of the moving part material.

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