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The first auto-tightening, interactive, heating, & shock absorbing sneaker.
The first auto-tightening, interactive, heating, & shock absorbing sneaker.
The first auto-tightening, interactive, heating, & shock absorbing sneaker.
509 backers pledged $114,747 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Christopher Carter 6 days ago

      requested a refund months ago. promptly sent my bank details as they requested. months later and still no refund and no reply to multiple inquires. what do i have to do to have my refund processed?

    2. Gordon Bradley 6 days ago

      They have just stopped replying to me. I requested a refund and haven't heard from them since.

    3. ruby


      I read through the comments tonight and some of the responses from you.
      Delays are nothing new on Kickstarter projects. S*** happens.

      When the delays extend into the months, it is critical for the creator to communicate with the bacers as frequently as possible and as frankly as possible. Twice a month is a reasonable goal, stick to it.

      For guidance, take a look at another overdue project and how the creator has handled it.

      Keep in mind that the creator of the Euclid campaign is a month late at this point,and his campaign involves a much simpler product. Nonetheless, check out the nature of his recent updates as the S*** hits the fan on his project.

      They are detailed and transparent. They are educational. Even though the product is not there as promised, the creator is bringing you inside his world. I never knew how a piece of plastic kitchenware was manufactured and the 100 things that could go wrong. Now, i do-for better or worse.

      So, let it fly. The good, the bad, and the ugly. If it takes another year for the shoe to come out the way it needs to, fine. However, i expect biweekly updates from now on and a timetable for completion also.

    4. Missing avatar

      Omar Carrasco on

      I already send couple emails to digitsole about my refund. Freaking tired of excuses. I pledge ‘couse the first design was one, not so much please refund me.... waiting over a year for some shoes I don’t even like, forget it......please refund me....

    5. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on

      Dear all,

      We hope you are doing well.

      We have been a little bit late to post the new update. We are preparing it with all the team and it will be ready very soon.

      @Xander, we can assure you that there is no exit as we will be making this product as promised

      @Rick, we understand your frustration but there is no reason for a law suit or similar as we are going to deliver our products. We have been late and we apologies for it.

      Dear all,
      We want also to apologize again for the delay, we know that it's something you are already heard but, we are on the right way. We have taken into consideration all your comments and we are moving in that direction. We do ask you for a little bit of patience in order to continue improving and delivering this product.

      We are very grateful to all our backers for the support in this adventure of recreating the future of the footwear... it's not easy but we will do it.

      Thank you so much for your support!

      Digitsole Team

    6. Missing avatar

      Xander Hugh on

      Updates? It's now been over a year since backing this project with cash, thus far we have had a handful of updates which is unacceptable.
      Must we report this as fraud? You seem to be running an exit scam.

    7. Missing avatar

      Rick Collins on

      @DigitsoleSmartshoe What is going on?!?!?! Should we file a collective lawsuit, or are you going to get your product to us soon????

    8. Missing avatar

      Jacob yob on

      Update please

    9. Missing avatar

      Rick Collins on

      HELLLO!!!!! @Creator

    10. Missing avatar

      Yoshikazu Naganuma on

      When is the next update?

    11. Missing avatar

      James on

      @Creator Please respond to my email and/or PMs.
      Lots of people are confused, me included, and by not responding you're hurting the name of your brand.

    12. Jason Boyd

      @creator you’ve logged on today so I am sure you read my PM and my note on this thread. When and how am I getting my refund??????

    13. Jason Boyd

      I’ve read your recent update in the comments and very disappointed in your excuses. I was a champion of your product early on when so many wanted a refund. I tried to convince people to give you a chance. I regret doing that. You have continued down the same lack of responsiveness and I’m tired of it. I want a refund. Either a PayPal refund to ***** or the credit card that I was charged that KS has on file. Please process this immediately. I’m tired of the excuses.

    14. Sebastian Ivergård on

      Is it possible to get a refund? been in contact but no response since first mail.

    15. Missing avatar

      Gunputh Suraj on

      I want the SmartShoes and I hope the design will be amazing and unique !!! I will wait until the end to have them ! And don’t forget the backers who trust and believe in you ... if you want to have a good reputation too for publicity ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Romano W. on

      I like the 1. Design much better too... this one looks like a copy of back to the future nike shoes....

    17. Eduardo Hidalgo

      @DigitsoleSmartshoe I like the first design better. The Piston design is much more unique and eye catching!

    18. Missing avatar

      Youngges on

      I just want a refund.

    19. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on

      Dear all,

      First, we are sorry for the late communication, we had a reorganization of our team and are still working very hard to make this project happen.

      We have received and well noted many of your comments regarding the last update that we made and the new design that was proposed. We are making our best efforts and working with our engineers and suppliers to achieve to something great and which will suit all of you.

      We hired new engineers as well as designers and support team to be able to answer to all your questions very fast.
      As you know, this project is very innovative and requires a lot of work which we are making daily.

      We will post before the end of next week an update with the advancement of the project.

      In any case, do not worries as we are still here doing our best effort to deliver what we said,

      Thanks for your support !

      Digitsole Team

    20. Jason Boyd

      Oh look, they logged in today as well. No responses still. What’s up guys? Are you logging in, reading the comments here and laughing at us? This whole campaign has turned into a joke. Well to us the backers, it’s not a joke. Respond to us! We have spent our hard earned money bringing a project to life and it seems dead in the water.

    21. Jason Boyd

      Last logged in: June 12, 2018
      Last response to a backer: Never! (Maybe a bit of a stretch but my point is still valid)

    22. Missing avatar

      Gunputh Suraj on

      Ils ont dit qu’il faut attendre courant septembre

    23. Missing avatar

      Anthony Klaus on

      A quand la sortie ???? Quel dates ???🤔

    24. Jason Boyd

      Don’t worry guys. They logged in today as well and have made to choice to ignore us again. They’ve seen all our frustrations and annoyance and made the choice to disregard our concerns. They are nothing if consistent in their lack of consideration to all of us.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ilja Kotow on

      Sorry for you and your Company (or maybe not, cause this was not fair), but now also my patience is exceeded.
      I want a refund!!! I don't have trust that this Project will have a good ending! Really, really Pity!

    26. Jason Boyd

      April 26 since the last responded on this message board, and May 2 since the posted an update of a video you can barely make out what is happening. June 8 was the last time the logged in to their Kickstarter account. So it’s apparent we are all being ignored and they couldn’t give 2 F*?!’s about their backers.

      I’m pretty sure we are up S#!t’s Creek with out a paddle on this one.

      I think I’ll set a deadline for my refund, which I’m sure will be ignored, but what the heck, let’s say June 18th. If no refund, I’ll contact my credit card company and pray they will do a charge back after all this time.

    27. Jason Boyd

      Just reviewing my comments from start of campaign. All I ever asked for was regular updates. I even suggested people not ask for refunds and give them a chance. Damn I’m sorry to all of you that stayed on because of my suggestion. I worry trying to get a charge back to my credit card might be difficult because of the length of time. I may try if I do t get a response within a little while.

    28. Jason Boyd

      Every one of the collaborators on this campaign had a private profile. Come on, really, if this was legit, they’d have some transparency.

    29. Jason Boyd

      These guys have pathetic customer service. Don’t respond to messages. Don’t keep us updated, even the updates are Barely even an update when you get it. We all agreed to wait longer understanding KS projects are often delayed. And this one is being delayed for close to a year. As stated by me and many other backers, all we want is regular updates. Showing some legitimacy to their campaign. They can’t even do that. It’s sad and disgusting. I want a refund now.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ryan Elco on

      Hmmm, been a while, is the product still gonna be released in September 2018? Or just September of some year in the future?

    31. Missing avatar

      Jason Burton on

      Refund requested!!!
      The company have not provided the promised updates as stated and have made significant changes to the product resulting in something that no longer represents what I pledged to back.
      The lack of communication is unacceptable!

    32. Jason Boyd

      More then a month since the last update. Really guys?????

    33. Missing avatar

      Anthony Castellanos on

      I requested a refund back in March, and got an email for information to process my refund, but there was no update or response.

    34. Missing avatar

      Hamon on

      I also want a refund

    35. Jason Boyd

      @digitsole, since we can’t get what you promised, bi-weekly updates, can we assume that September 2018 as a delivery expectation isn’t in the cards either? I have no misguided idea that I’m ordering from
      Amazon or Ebay, expecting my product in 2 weeks. And I generally I don’t have any issues with delays if they are reasonable reasons, and to improve the quality of the product. But what I absolutely cannot stand is when something as simple as keeping us updated like you promised, goes out the window. I’ve already invested my money for a really cool pair of shoes. And I want a really cool pair of shoes. And I want the quality to be fantastic. But PLEASE for the sake of my sanity, and I’m sure the sanity of other backers who have agreed to be here for the long haul, UPDATE US! Like you promised. That’s all.

    36. Missing avatar

      Hassan Yousuf on

      When can we expect the product to be finished and delivered???

    37. Jason Boyd

      Bi-weekly updates?? What happened to those. Getting frustrated and feel very used. Promised broken time and time again. Seriously guys?? Don’t promise if you won’t deliver on them.

    38. Missing avatar

      Romano W. on

      @Digisole, why so quiet ??

    39. Missing avatar

      Irene Rau on

      @Youngges, who cares?

    40. Missing avatar

      Youngges on
      You are not the first in lacing system for your last update.
      See this project in KickStarter back to 2016, not successfully funded.

    41. Missing avatar

      Gunputh Suraj on

      I saw the video... i prefer the old version because it was a lot Of fun BUT the new version it’s like Back To The Future 2 ... come on ! Be nice with Digitsole ... we need to believe in them ... thé SmartShoes Will ne released in September ... IN 4 MONTHS ALREADY !

    42. Randy Archer on

      I want a refund. I have already messaged the creator on may 2nd. Kickstarter is useless when going through this process. Don't bother with them.

    43. Hakim Mokadem on

      One year after reserved...... and i don’t have m’y product!!! !! Why why why ??? ?????????????????😡😡😡😡👮‍♂️

    44. Missing avatar

      Youngges on

      I want a refund.

    45. Gordon Bradley on

      How do I get a refund? I keep asking for a ship date and never get an answer.

    46. Missing avatar

      Yoshikazu Naganuma on

      Please see shoe brand hyper adapter 1.0. It's very smart.

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