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The first auto-tightening, interactive, heating, & shock absorbing sneaker.
The first auto-tightening, interactive, heating, & shock absorbing sneaker.
The first auto-tightening, interactive, heating, & shock absorbing sneaker.
509 backers pledged $114,747 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator about 12 hours ago

      @Tanakorn, we sent you an answer on 7 march. We cannot use Paypal. We don't have a paypal account. If you send us your bank details, we send you a transfer. We cannot take money from your account bank if you don't accept. We only can tranfer you money with your bank details.
      Thank you

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Surgeon about 18 hours ago

      Will the accounting department be contacting me soon?

    3. Tanakorn C.
      1 day ago

      I had sent email for refund almost week ago. No respond at all

    4. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator 1 day ago

      Hello しん えいけん
      If you want more information. Contact us by private message.

    5. Dario Calonaci 1 day ago

      Yeah, I understand that and I thank you for the professionalism on this side. But can you please be more precise than that?

      Like an actual timeframe/anything?
      Been ten days since my last email

      When these refunds will be handled?

    6. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator 1 day ago

      Hello @Dario,
      Yes our accounting department told us, they do the refunds.

    7. Dario Calonaci 2 days ago

      @Creator - any news about those refunds?

    8. Missing avatar

      Ryan Elco 4 days ago

      @Dario , yeah that's how I figured it out. But thanks for the reply

    9. Dario Calonaci 5 days ago

      @Ryan Elco - I received an email from them, so I copy-pasted the exact text here for others to know, I thought everyone would have received that email

      Also, they confirmed it trough a comment, exactly 11 comments under yours

    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan Elco 5 days ago

      Ok so wait. Where is the email saying that the project was pushed back to September 2018? I went back through my emails and looked on the campaign information and saw nothing that mentioned this? Is there some other way to receive information about this product that I am unaware of? At least the initial promise of having it done for Christmas is looking like it wasn't false after all (just a year later)

    11. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Surgeon 6 days ago

      No response!? Refund me ASAP. Please do it over Paypal or contact Kickstarter
      and tell them the situation. I’m definitely not comfortable sending banking information over an email. I don’t want to wait until September.

    12. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on March 9

      @Jason, Thank you
      @Jeffrey, We check your email

      Best regards

    13. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Surgeon on March 7

      Ok. Get in contact with me through the emails I sent so we can discuss the refund route to take.

    14. Jason Boyd
      on March 7

      @Digitsole. Ok. I’ll stay on with the journey and hope for a quality product. But I demand, for myself, and all the other backers that are continuing their journey with you, complete transparency and timely responses. It’s money already spent, and it’s not even the point of the money. It’s the issues aforementioned. So let’s start with a clean slate and let’s hope we get some awesome shoes.

      This is a public forum for all backers so I hope those continuing with you can wipe the slate clean too, without forgetting about your previous indiscretions.

      Good luck Digitsole. I sincerely hope everything goes as planned!

    15. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on March 7

      @Jason We believe in this project too. We will deliver this innovation. we understand that you want more update. We do the necessary to put more and more

      @Jeffrey we send your request your accounting department.
      @Remington We don't have a Paypal account. we ask to our CFO

      Thank you for your message

    16. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Surgeon on March 6

      I’m still waiting on a response

    17. Missing avatar

      Remington Morris on March 6

      Can the refund be provided via PayPal? I too am really not comfortable with just sending my banking information in an email.

    18. Jason Boyd
      on March 6

      @Digitsole Yes, I understand that you are 2 different companies, what I thought you could do is direct KS to issue refund on your behalf and you guys work out the details. I honesty do not feel comfortable emailing my bank info in the day and age of digital thievery. Don’t know you guys well enough either to provide you that. So my solution is simply for you to get a $199USD (in my case) bank draft and mail by some method that has tracking for both yours and my protection and mail to my address on file.

      I really want to believe in this project and I really want to get these shoes, but your lack of responsiveness has been very disconcerting. I am willing to drop the refund issue and continue my journey with you, but I need a commitment from you that you will be prompt (within 3-4 business days) to respond to inquiries and questions (not that there should be many at this point) and a monthly update to all backers with details/pictures etc. with complete transparency.

      My hope is other backers asking for refunds may drop their refund request if you do the same. So maybe any backers requesting refunds, if you agree with me, let the creator know by acknowledging this comment.

    19. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on March 6

      We cannot use your kickstarter account. Kickstarter and Digitsole are two different companies. Kickstarter cannot send us your information.
      We only can send a transfer.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Surgeon on March 5

      When you respond to my email I sent a little while ago, I want the full refund back through the same bank account I used. You should have my information from the payment a long time ago.

    21. Jason Boyd
      on March 5

      Finally got a response today to my refund request. They want my banking info? Really? I’m not inclined to give my banking info to someone I don’t know. This was my response:

      What banking details would you need? I paid through Kickstarter on my credit card. Can you not inform them to refund (they already hold my info) and then you can pay them back. You are a company that I have very little trust in. Based on your own actions and responsiveness. You’ve caused that to happen. I don’t feel comfortable giving you my info. If KS issuing refund is not possible, send me a international money order to my address which you already have for $199 USD. And provide me with tracking details of this mailing.


    22. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on March 5

      Hello Michael,

      Yes, in September 2018

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael Polster on March 5

      how about a update? Is it real that the new delivery starts in September (2018 - i hope)?!?

    24. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on March 5


      Yes we received your emails. We send our answers.

      Best regards

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Surgeon on March 4

      I never got my refund email response

    26. Dario Calonaci on March 3

      Sorry, I worded that message completely wrong.

      You said in your comment 4 days ago you would have "handled" refund requesting emails this week.
      It's saturday: what did you do about those refund emails?

    27. Dario Calonaci on March 3

      Refunds email will be, according to your email 4 days ago, "handled this week"

      It's saturday: what did you do, according to refunds? How did you handled them?

    28. Tanakorn C.
      on March 2

      I sent an email to Still waiting for reply.

    29. Jan Michael Lange on March 1

      I send an e-mail three days ago to your Adress, no answer till now. Would be nice to get a reply....

    30. Jason Boyd
      on February 27

      I sent an email to Waiting for reply.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jason Hamilton on February 27

      Though the mass production has been push back is disappointing I don’t really mind waiting. I do hope we get something extra for this wait. Keep up a good work guys

    32. Missing avatar

      Tim Zielski on February 27

      So we get the shoes in the september 2018?

    33. Dario Calonaci on February 27

      @Omar Carrasco: they will make a new update soon.
      Anyway a new, tentative delivery schedule is now September 2018, from Official email

    34. Missing avatar

      Omar Carrasco on February 27

      @creator the delivery of the smartshoes is gonna be march right?

    35. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on February 27

      We received your email. They will be handled this week. :-)

      @Irene Yes we try to do regular updates :-)

    36. Missing avatar

      Irene Rau on February 26

      @creator, thanks for your honesty. I’ve been part of several kickstarters that have had delays along the way to improve the product, so this is not unusual for me. I’m happy to wait to get a better product. I would appreciate hearing more about what improvements are planned. And please keep up with doing regular updates.

    37. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on February 26

      Yes we understand. If have any questions/request, you must send us an email on

      We will publish, as soon as possible, an update including a video of our new motor.
      Digitsole Team

    38. Missing avatar

      Lukas on February 26

      I want a refund too

    39. Missing avatar

      Remington Morris on February 26

      Just sent my email requesting a refund. Very disappointed in the delay. A month or two behind I’d get, but a 6 month delay?!

    40. Dario Calonaci on February 26

      Of course, I immediately did ;)

      Will take a look out for sure in the future - but right now, I felt completely out of enjoyment and support; not for the product, but for the company

      Good luck

    41. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on February 26

      We can understand.
      If you want to get a refund, you can send a email on

      Best regards

    42. Dario Calonaci on February 26

      According to their email, it's now September 2018 - unbelivable

      Copy-paste text: "Unfortunately, this innovation asks more resources to develop the motor and its integration. We are sad to announce that the development will be delayed.
      We really want to apologize for the delay; we took the engagement of delivering them on time but we made the decision to improve the Smartshoe and to create new technologies to offer you an optimized product, with many features. We take the engagement of delivering them in September 2018.
      We have decided to publish more news on our kickstarter page about the development of the Smartshoe."

      Funny that we only know this now, after a couple of delays - on the almost delivery day

      Cannot really believe it...

    43. Digitsole Smartshoe Creator on February 26

      Hello everyone,

      We sent an initial wave of emails last friday. Now we send a last wave of emails.
      If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us on

      Thank you
      Best regards

    44. Missing avatar

      Irene Rau on February 25

      @creator, update please? It’s time.

    45. Missing avatar

      Lukas on February 25

      No Mail no Statement nothing

    46. Missing avatar

      Lukas on February 24

      One day left to get the promised mail

    47. Jason Boyd
      on February 22

      Well the days not over yet. Probably a little over optimistic, and it will hopefully be a little more exciting then last. . .

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