Independant Black box (i.e., origin of sample unknown to the lab) radiocarbon C 14 dating of allegedly original  Crown of Thorns of Jesus Christ  that was bought in XII cy A.D. by Kingf Louis IX from King Baldwin II. It is preserved today in Notre Dame de Paris.

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Funding of academic level translations of Volumes 5,6,7 of  'History: Fiction Or Science?'

Risks and challenges

Evil Empire of Homo sapience sapience species

Dr Fomenko et al developed a toolbox of proprietary analytical, statistical, astronomical, chemical, demographical methods to apply to world history. Historians are not interested as yet. They are ready to throw out the baby toolbox of new chronology methods together with the murky waters the reconstruction of history. Paradigm shift going on step by step: complacency and/or marginalization, ridicule, criticism, acceptance.

Mathematicians on their own apply their toolbox strictly per Occam's razor principle to the world history and produce their Eurocentric version of the world history that is drastically different from consensual one with chronology compressed to barely 1500 years. As the Astronomy plays important role in their research let`s call it the Star Wars of History

According to genetics our species has grown to actual population of 7.6 billion people from a group of 20-30 persons that appeared in Africa 120 000 years ago. Because of the Ice Age that started 110 000 and finished barely 10 000 years ago we barely survived to start multiplying again.

From Tribe to State to Empire

V cy AD - According to UN population institute World population reaches 10 million which is not enough to perform in the events of `Ancient` History.

The regions deltas of Nile, Efratus, Tigris, Ganges, Yantze rivers were supportive for for the rapid growth of population due to multi seasonal agriculture, domestication of animals, fishing and fluvial communication.

These supportive for rapid growth of population regions start from the same blocks: Polytheism as religion. Tribes form a proto-States. Produce. Invent. Record. Believe.Organize. Expand.Transfrom. Grow from Tribes to States to Empires.

In the case the Delta of Nile population which went through its stages faster, made breakthroughs earlier and evolved into the Evil Empire that colonized and controlled most of Eurasia for 300 years before it broke apart in XVII cy AD.

VI-VII cy AD – Breakthrough. Invention of instruments, weapons and hieroglyphs. Delta of Nile Proto-state grows into State Kem and expands on Mare Nostrum coasts.  Hieroglyphical writing on papyri, plaster, textile, clay, stone supports makes centralized management possible. Hieroglyphical writing is descriptive, but unsuitable for composition of complicated phrases and texts. Writing is difficult to acquire and use.

VIII-X cy AD – Breakthrough.Polytheism transforms into Monotheism. Invention of alphabetical writing. Invention of parchement as support for writing. All supports are expensive and difficult for writing. Composition of complicated phrases and texts is difficult. Literature is impossible. Teaching and learning to write is difficult. Dissemination of knowledge and know how is complicated.

Breakthrough. Invention of iron, steel, wheel, primitive and composite concretes, mathematics, astrology and alchemy. State `Kem` transforms into state `Egypt` headed by deified Pharaohs. Construction of pyramids and decoration of temples. Descriptive hieroglyphical writing is used for religious purposes and for reflecting the important events or religious notions on the walls and columns of the temples and palaces. Dates of important events are recorded in zodiacs and horoscopes in temples.

State `Egypt` expands further to the North and transforms into Judea-Izrael proto-Empire with Capital on Bosporus, Minor Asia. It is named in different manuscripts of XIII-XV cy AD, when people acquired the art of complicated writing subsequently: Troy, Rome, Jerusalem, Constantinople, Czar Grad. Proto-Empire Judea expands in Europe. Izrael expands up to Baltic and Urals.

XI-XII cy AD – Breakthrough. Monotheism transforms into Abrahamic pre-Christianity. Proto-Empire Judea-Izrael transforms into Empire of Byzantine. Difficult to manufacture expensive parchments are used exclusively for religious purposes and imperial orders. Ancient manuscripts are written from left to right without vowels to spare expensive parchment. Text interpretation mistakes are possible. Writing and reading are complicated.

Breakthrough. Invention of cheap paper. Writing from left to right with vowels which makes texts makes easily readable. Recording written information is simple. Composition of complicated phrases is simple. Long complicate texts and literature are feasible. Teaching to write and read is easy. Dissemination of knowledge facilitated. Speed of proliferation of ideas increases. Conflicts of ideas probable.

Breakthrough. Christianity. In the course of mutiny due to the conflict of religious ideas Byzantine Emperor Andronicus allegedly born in 1152 in Crimea is killed (crucified) in 1185 in Jerusalem, buried on the mountain of Beikos,Constantinople, Istanbul. Monotheistic pre-Christianity transforms into Christianity with Emperor Andronicus as prototype of Jesus Christ of the New Testament.

Breakthrough. Crusades. First Crusade of 1189-1192 AD and Second Crusade in 1199-1204 AD to Jerusalem-Constantinople were military operations under the banner of Christianity by the subordinates of late Emperor Andronicus. Byzantine Empire disintegrates. Part of Byzantine nobility flees to England and France via Venice, another part to Izrael (Russia). Abrahamic Christianity begins to split into Orthodox and Catholic currents.

Breakthrough. Religious education. Due to powerful societal potential of Christian ideas, due to the increased speed of proliferation and dissemination of the art of writing and reading, the religious literacy and education become possible and spread. Hundreds of monasteries, dozens of sects, schools, universities of religious character spring across Minor Asia and Europe.

Breakthrough. Orthodox Catholic Christian Empire. XIII cy AD - Slavic and Turkic Princes of Izrael, blood relatives and subordinates of Byzantium Emperor Andronicus recreate an Orthodox Catholic Christian Empire with Center in Great Novgorod, i.e. union of Vladimir-Suzdal-Yaroslavl-Kostroma-Moscow cities. Proto-Islam is a branch of Orthodox Catholic Christianity. Rem: Russian Czars are shown as direct inheritors of Jesus on their family tree in Annunciation Cathedral of Kremlin.

Breakthrough. Colonization of Europe. Orthodox Catholic Christian Empire colonizes and baptizes the Central and Western Europe. Note that the European museums are full of swords, armor, decorations with Turkic, Slavonic, Arab and allegedly illegible inscriptions. Rem: manuscript Orthodox Slavonic Bibles used in royal coronation ritual are kept in the cathedral of Reims, France and Nikoping, Sweden. Rem: Helmets and armor of Russian Czars kept in Kremlin Armory bear Quran quotes.

Breakthrough. Evil Empire. Orthodox Catholic Christian Empire grows rapidly into a multiconfessional and multilingual centralized but ruthless Evil Empire with citizens strictly divided into hereditary castes: governing, civil, military nobles (Caucasians), transportation and equine relay network (Gypsies), taxation (Jews, origin of anti-Semitism), Orthodox, Catholic or Muslim clergy of common Abrahamic root.

Breakthrough. Cavalry. Stirrups. XIV-XV cy AD – The abundance of horses in steppes of Southern Europe and Siberia, invention of stirrups made simultaneous riding, shooting, saber hacking possible. The superior cavalry armies of the Evil Empire or Great Mongolian Empire or Russ-Horde conquer and colonize Tribes, Kingdoms, Empires in most of Eurasia. Abrahamic Christianity begins to split further into Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim, Mithraism and Buddhists currents.

Breakthrough. Military superiority. Due to the overwhelming superiority and mobility of cavalry troops, strict discipline, superior administration, organization and communication in the Evil Empire the colonization and control of tribal territories or proto-states was very rapid. Equine relay network run by caste of Gypsies and taxation system run by caste of Jews is set up. Blood tax', i.e. conscription of population enforced.

Breakthrough. Evil Empire rules the lands. The sporadical resistance is ruthlessly crushed. The refusal to pay taxes due to Emperor alias Czar alias Caesar alias Khan is punished by 'Tartar-Mongol invasions'. The Empire built castles, fortresses and road network for troops, long distance equine relay system with transportation speed up of 40 km/hour for governance and trade (horse and horseman are changed in relays). The Empire establishes provincial capitals in the key points of the road network.

Breakthrough. Plagues. Islam. The network of roads and trade between formerly isolated populations across the Empire leads to the spread of infectious disease and plagues. Evil Empire splits into Ottoman and Russ-Horde branches to contain the spread of infectious diseases. Islam splits from Christianity completely. The second Conquest by Evil Empire of XV cy AD was made under the Muslim colors thanks to powder and guns invented in Europe. Byzantine Constantinople is sacked in 1453 and renamed Istanbul.

Breakthrough. Rapid development. The warlords of conquering armies of the Evil Empire stayed as rulers in colonized countries and made their rights hereditary. After 3-5 generations the heavy taxation by faraway Mongol Caesar alias Khan inspired separatist ideas to the inheritors of warlords. European provinces develop arts, science & technology much faster than 'Mongolian' Center too busy with control of Eurasia.

Breakthrough. European Aristocracy. The split of Christianity into Orthodox and Catholic currents prepares the ground for separation of Europe from Empire. The inheritors of imperial warlords become English, German, French, Spanish kings and form a class of European high aristocracy, fight dynastical wars. Court historians invent 'ancient' dynasties for the inheritors. Clergy duly explains the divine origin of royal power. Astrologists find abundant confirmations thereof in the sky. Rem: all solar eclipses of Antiquity and Ptolemy described in `ancient` manuscripts turn out be actually medieval.

Breakthrough. Printing press. After the invention of printing press producing cheap multiple copies of documents, the speed of information proliferation and dissemination of the art of writing, teaching, reading, and education increases by order of magnitude. Hundreds of monasteries, sects, schools, and universities spread literacy appear across Minor Asia and Europe. Propaganda has its vehicle and becomes a powerful weapon for Europe.

Breakthrough. Re-Naissance. To confirm divine rights of the new 'ancient' ruling class of Europe learned people of Re-naissance invent in XIV-XVI cy AD Ancient Greece, and Rome and their paraphernalia. Thousands of learned monks of different orders, white and black clergy, new class of learned people toil for three centuries to elaborate 'ancient' languages, compose literature, philosophy masterpieces under resounding pseudonyms. Rem: artists and sculptors produce 'ancient' artifacts en masse.

Breakthrough. Science. Under the cover of allegedly pre-dulivian scientific treaties signed by glorious names of ancient astronomers, philosophers and scientists astrology transforms into astronomy, alchemy into chemistry. Frearful of inquisition scientists work under pseudonyms. The groundwork of Science is laid. To turn witchcraft into medicine corpses are stolen and dissected. Anatomy theaters open in universities. Rem: Now sculptors can make beautiful `ancient` Greek and Roman sculptures.

Breakthrough. Separatism. After two centuries of 'Mongol' yoke the separatism takes hold in Western Europe, which by then has already invented clocks, powder, guns, paper, printing, telescope and microscope and sells them in Empire. Concerted effort of Europe to escape control of the Evil Empire that had crushing military superiority was inevitable.

Breakthrough. Protestantism. Council of Trent. Some of the inheritors of 'Mongol' warlords in Germany have staged Martin Luther reform of pro-imperial Catholic Church into Protestantism. Massive pogroms of the Jewish caste of imperial taxation, sack of numerous catholic cathedrals and monasteries took place. In Trent Council of 1545-1563 Black and White Catholic clergy transforms pro-imperial Orthodox Catholic Church into the Roman Church.

Breakthrough. War of Dynasties. Czar Ivan the Terrible (1530-1584) character actually stands for 4 consecutive competing pretenders to throne. Victories with European troops taking oart over Judean Kazan Khan and Tartar Khan of Crimea were acts of the dynastical civil war. The intestine struggle of dynasties decimated over 10 000 high ranking officers of the Russian Horde armies making the re-conquest of rebellious Europe by the Evil Empire unfeasible and the ensuing Great Strife inevitable.

Breakthrough. Peoples memory erased. Once the objective of disintegration of reached, Europe makes a concerted effort to erase from memory of peoples of the former Evil Empire the very fact of its existence. Such effort was supported by the class of European high nobility who already had their brand new 'ancient' history ready. Rem: Jesuit Chronology served for 300 years as immutable basis of the world history is composed by Jesuits Scaliger (1585) and Petavius (1627).

Breakthrough. Change of Calendar. List of heretic authors established and ancient manuscripts burnt all over Europe. Writings of 'ancient' roman, Greek authors are mass produced by Benedictine order, whereby originals mysteriously disappear. Roman Church changes in 1582 Julian to Gregorian calendar in Western Europe. Rem: multivolume collections of ancient Greek and Roman authors appear before masterpieces of the `ancient` are found if found at all.

Breakthrough. Czar dynasty replaced. German princes helped pro-European Romanov dynasty to usurp the throne of the Evil Empire in 1613. By 1762 it becomes Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov German dynasty. The former provinces of the Evil Empire: China, Japan, Iran and Ottoman Empire become independent, but stay fiercely anti-European and anti-Romanov. Ottoman Empire tried the re-conquest of Western Europe in 1529 and in 1689 and dismally failed.

Fare Thee well Evil Empire.

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    The Issue with Chronology

    NASA research of earth-moon mechanics of late astrophysist Robert Newton leads russian mathematicians to a breakthrough in the chronology of the world history that crowns 30 years of meticulous and extensive research.
    This research was actually a byproduct of russian-american competition in Moon exploration.'The Issue with Chronology' is the first volume in "History: Fiction or Science?" e-series, the fundamental oeuvre that exposes and expounds the numerous inveracities of the traditional version of history.
    The e-series "History: Fiction or Science?" contains data and conclusions that aren’t anything short of revolutionary. The alternatives offered to classical history are stunning, unorthodox to the extent of being labelled heretical by virtually every scholar of history, and daring enough to be considered preposterous at first sight, although this impression never lasts longer than it takes one to read a few pages attentively.
    In "The Issue with Chronology" we are reminded of when the contemporary chronological scale was created and by whom, with the culprits named as the XVI-XVII century clergy that was in charge of all matters historical in that age.
    We also learn that the consensual model of history had prominent critics ever since its creation – among them such names as Sir Isaac Newton and Jean Hardouin, chief librarian of Louis XIV, the Sun King of France and colector of Louvre museum.
    The author dissects every historical age and analyses the data from every source imaginable – Roman and Egyptian chronology take a good beating, and it goes rapidly downhill from there. Poggio Bracciolini and Petrarch take the blame for creating the legend of a mythical Classical age that never was.
    The Biblical events are moved a lot closer to us historically, as well as geographically (the Biblical Jerusalem being identified with the mediaeval Constantinople, for instance). The New and the Old Testament swap their positions on the chronological scale, both exposed as referring to mediaeval events. Our perception of history begins to change dramatically even before we’re through with "The Issue with Chronology".

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    Chronology vol.II Rome, Greece, Bible.

    The dynastic parallelism method. Rome. Troy. Greece. The Bible. Chronological shifts.
    History: Fiction or Science? contains data, illustrations, charts and formulae containing irrefutable evidence of mathematical, statistical and astronomical nature. You may as well skip all of it during your first reading. They were included in this introductory volume as ammunition for your eventual discussions with the avid devotees of classical chronology. In fact, before reading this book, you have most probably been one of such devotees.
    After reading History: Fiction or Science? you will develop a more critical attitude to the dominating historical discourse or even become its antagonist.You will be confronted with natural disbelief when you share what you’ve learned with others. Now you are very well armed in face of inevitable scepticism.
    This book contains enough solid evidence to silence any historian by the sheer power of facts and argumentation.
    History: Fiction or Science? is the most explosive tractate on history ever written – however, every theory it contains, no matter how unorthodox, is backed by solid scientific data.
    The dominating historical discourse in its current state was essentially crafted in the XVI century from a rather contradictory jumble of sources such as innumerable copies of ancient Latin and Greek manuscripts whose originals had vanished in the Dark Ages and the allegedly irrefutable proof offered by late mediaeval astronomers, resting upon the power of ecclesial authorities.Nearly all of its components are blatantly untrue! For some of us, it shall possibly be quite disturbing to see the magnificent edifice of classical history to turn into an ominous simulacrum brooding over the snake pit of mediaeval politics. Twice so, in fact: the first seeing the legendary millenarian dust on the ancient marble turn into a mere layer of dirt – one that meticulous unprejudiced research can eventually remove.The second, and greater, attack of unease comes with the awareness of just how many areas of human knowledge still trust the elephants, turtles and whales of the consensual chronology to support them. Nothing can remedy that except for an individual chronological revolution happening in the minds of a large enough number of people.

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    Chronology vol.III

    Dr Prof Anatoly Fomenko and team dissect Almagest of ancient Ptolemy compiled allegedly in 150 a.d. and considered to be the corner stone of classical history. Their report states: Almagest was compiled in XVI-XVII cy from astronomical data of IX-XVI cy. As the King of astronomers Ptolemy is proven to be a medieval phantom, therefore standing aquitted of the crime he was accused by the late American astrophycist Robert Newton. Allegedly ancient Egyptian horoscopes painted in Pharaohs tombs of the Valley of Kings or cut in stone in Dendera and Esna for centuries considered impenetrable are decoded at last! All dates contained therein turn out definitely medieval and pertain to the XI cy a.d. the earliest. Well, how old is 'ancient' Egypt actually? Discover highly interesting angles, chunky facts and updates to the biographies of the famous medieval astronomers Tycho Brahe and Copernicus. Reading this book resembles a test flight to the distant past returning with a conclusion: the past is eventually both drastically closer and dramatically different from one taught in school. Fasten your seatbelts, please. The publishers will pay a 10,000 dollars USA in cash to the first person who will not only declare but prove consistently, with adequate methods and in sufficient detail on the same or better academic level that the New Chronology theory of Full member of the Russian Academy of Science Dr Prof Anatoly T. Fomenko, Head of the Chair of the Differential Geometry of MSU and his team is wrong in their dating of Almagest.

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    Chronology vol.IV

    Why, oh why the mainstream historians do not gratify prominent mathematician Doctor Fomenko with laurels, but call the riot police? For example, the English historians rage at the suggestion that the history of Ancient England was de facto a Byzantine import transplanted to the English soil by the fugitive Byzantine nobility. As te sign of recognition of the special role of the English historians who consider themselves the true scribes of World History, the cover of the present book portrays Tintoretto's Jesus Christ crucified on the Big Ben. The Russian historians brand it all as pseudoscience: because Dr Fomenko asserts that there was no such thing as the Tartar and Mongol invasion followed by over two centuries of slavery, providing a formidable body of documental evidence to prove his assertion. The so-called 'Tartars and Mongols' were the actual ancestors of the modern Russians, living in a trilingual state with Arabic and Turkic spoken as freely as Russian. The ancient Russian state was governed by a double structure of civil and military authorities and the hordes were actually professional armies with a tradition of lifelong conscription (the recruitment being the so-called 'blood tax'). Their 'invasions' were punitive operations against the regions that attempted tax evasion. Dr Fomenko proves that official Russian history is a blatant forgery concocted by a host of German scholars brought to Russia by the usurper dynasty of the Romanovs. Their ascension to the throne was the result of conspiracy, so they charged these German imports historians with the noble mission of making Romanovs reign look legitimate. Dr Fomenko proves Ivan the Terrible to be a collation of four rulers, no less. These rulers represented the two rival dynasties - the legitimate Godounovs and the ambitious Romanov upstarts. The European historians fume because Fomenko blows consensual Russian history to smithereens, successfully removing a crucial cornerstone from underneath the otherwise impeccable edifice of World History. Per Dr Fomenko all medieval European Kings and Princes were but breakaway vice-regents and vassals of the Global Empire who badly needed glorious and very ancient past in order to legitimize their independence from the Empire. Dr Fomenko adds insult to injury, wiping out one by one: the Ancient Rome: the foundation of Rome in Italy is dated to the 14th century A. D., the Ancient Greece and its numerous poleis, which he identifies as the mediaeval crusader settlements on the territory of Greece, the Ancient Egypt: the pyramids of Giza become dated to the 11th to 14th century A. D. and identified as the royal cemetery of the Global Empire, no less. The civilization of the Ancient Egypt is irrefutably dated to the 11th to 15th century A. D. following the breakthrough in decoding of the ancient Egyptian horoscopes cut in stone. Arabic historians may find some consolation in the crucial historical role of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th - 17th century. The trouble is that this empire was initially a proto-Christian state, with Hagia Sophia identifiable as Temple of Solomon, but built in 1550-1557 A.D. by Sultan Suleiman according to Fomenko! The Divinity excommunicates Dr Fomenko because the history of religions according to Fomenko looks as follows: the pre-Christian period (before the 11th century and Jesus Christ ), Bacchic Christianity (11th to 12th century, before and after Jesus Christ), Jesus Christ Christianity (12th to 14th century) and its subsequent mutations (15th to 17th cy) into Orthodox Christianity, the Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Buddhism, and so on..and The Old Testament written after the New Testament in xiv-xvi cy A.D.! Saint Augustine was quite prescient when he said: 'be wary of mathematicians, particularly when they speak the truth.'

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