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Follow the spiritual journey of California based yoga teacher, Psalm Isadora, as she teaches yoga to women in the Slums of India.
Follow the spiritual journey of California based yoga teacher, Psalm Isadora, as she teaches yoga to women in the Slums of India.
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Shakti the movie video & update

So as many of you know - we started our second and final Kickstarter - to finish post production on our little movie, that is a golden drop in the bucket of goodness in this world.  All of you here - donated in the past - so I am sending an update on where we are at and where we are headed!  We are humbled by your past and present support - energetic and otherwise!

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!  This is amazing.  We started reaching out to you with the campaign this week and in just a short time we've already had 4K in pledges!  It is such an amazing feeling to have all of your love and support!  It quite literally made me dance with joy in my living room!  I am just blown away...

So to share my joy - I want to share a little video from India with you about worship, devotion and what classical Tantric practice can look like!

Have a beautiful Friday!


This is purely for your enjoyment and pleasure!  So do enjoy and have a gorgeous Friday!

Love&Light, Anka

Shakt - Project development

Hello Supporters.... There is a link to the movie you've been waiting for  at the bottom of this messageI wanted to let you know that yes, we have started our second and final kick starte for Shakti!  Our goal is to gather the remainder of our post production funding through crowd funding here on Kickstarter...

So some of you may wonder what happened to the money you donated a year ago...  That money enabled us to cut a first act of the film, which we then used to raise enough to continue production on the film. We shot In India two more times. Last March and at the beginning of this month. We are now finished filming and have a firm deadline by May finish cutting the film. In order to meet our deadline we need 15K to pay our editor, our sound editor, translations and color correction. All of this we are getting at highly discounted rates. All and all the film will cost us 75K, when we are handing it to our distributor. This is a tiny sum for a multinational epic production. 20K of the 75K will come from public funding. The rest has been provided by private investors.

We feel that this has turned out to be a beautiful powerful story - it was well worth the time - to allow events in Psalm and Pinky's life to unfold naturally - so we can witness the transformation that happens through the practice of Yoga, or even just the practice of a conscious life.

Because you donated in the past I am forwarding a link to a cut of the first act of the film.
The Password is 'Tribeca 2011'

I will be keeping this password active for one week.  After that contact me at for your own private password.  This cut is a work in progress and is not available to the general public.

If you feel inspired I encourage you to help us get to the finish line so we can invite you to the movies this fall!

There is another beautiful video there that gives clues to the story that develops.

Happy 2012!  May you have a beautiful and fulfilling year!


INDIA - update 1

The clouds cleared and to reveal the farmlands surrounding Calcutta.  Where getting on the plane to India this time, somehow felt more intimidating than ever before, stepping off the plane felt like a home coming.  This country has seeped so deep into my bones.  Calcutta with its Victorian Architecture and its little yellow cabs from the fifties, looks like it is frozen in Time.  The City of Joy and the city of Intense poverty.  I am excited about sinking my teeth into Calcutta, another texture to the film. My plane landed at 7am, by 930am I was sitting in the lobby of the Chrome hotel with Psalm.  This place holds so many memories for our little film, as the safe harbor in our Varanasi - Vizag crossings last year.  This is where we came to recover from bouts of dysentery or whatever else we caught in the process of hurling ourselves across India. Its good to be back.  Its  good to sit with Psalm and drink coffee.  Then we're off and running.  Before we leave the hotel Psalm and I talk about whether she will return to these women in the future.  She says she will return where the teaching she carries is called strongly, like in Hawaii - where she just taught a two week women's work shop and now the women there are forming their own groups to continue the practice.  Will the women in Calcutta take to the practice?  Will they feel like it benefits them? By noon we have shot her first interview for this leg of the trip and then we are off to the center where she rents a room for the women to come.  There are over 20 women in the room - all intensely listening, watching.  They want this teaching.   Immediately it is apparent these women are serious.  To me somehow the sex workers feel more liberated than the women in the village last year - they are intensely curious about the yoga and not afraid to own their curiosity.  Something magical happening - we can all feel it.   The women ask her to please come back and to come back for at least two weeks.  They give her their word that they will continue to practice if she gives them word that she will come back.  Its on - she'll be back for two weeks at the end of July. There is one woman who hones in on psalm more intensely than the others.  She invites Psalm to her house after the next class.  She has a son, who lives with her parents because she is a sex worker - underneath a palpable strength there is heart brake in her eyes.  Psalm is thinking about focusing on training her to meet with the women here once a week and hold a Yoga class.   She would pay her a small salary for this.  Its perfect because this woman already does out reach in her community - she calls other sex workers making sure they see the dr when they need to and check in with them.  The sex workers are open about their lives and seem willing to share on camera.  Today is Sunday and there is no Yoga class.  Psalm and I are flying to Assam to the Kamakhya temple - Sati who was married to Shiva, threw herself into a fire because her father who was a king would not invite Shiva to a fire ceremony.  Shiva was so heartbroken that he took her body and started running around the world, his footsteps were shaking the whole world -all the Gods were worried that the world would brake apart from his stomping.  They sent Vishnu with a chakra (a blade), Vishnu took the blade to Sati's body and it was cut into 108 pieces that fell all over India.  Her Yoni fell at the site of the Kamakhya temple.  It is the holiest pilgrimage site for Shakti/ Goddess worshipers.   I hear that everyone in the town wears red, red being the color of Shakti.  Psalm promised herself that she would take a pilgrimage there.  We'll be there for less than 24hours.  Then we'll fly back to Calcutta on Monday to continue the class. Sending love to all of you, who are so graciously supporting this endeavour.  It is unfolding beautifully.

Always Love, anka

We have reached our funding goal!!!!!!

As I watched your pledges roll in last night... I was reminded of what a friend recently shared with me - that the greatest gift we can give to another is to BELIEVE in him or her. Think of the last time someone believe in you - think how it it made you feel.

YOU gave us the greatest GIFT - the gift of BELIEF. YOUR BELIEF in our project has made my heart swell beyond its previous boundaries. Love seeps from it (my heart) like sap from a tree. Love envelopes this precious seed, which you have helped me water. My hope is to make this film grow into something that returns your BELIEF in us with INSPIRATION for your personal endeavors.

Knowing that there is such strong support from our community and friends makes me smile, laugh and dance. Joy swells in my heart and nudges at the corners of your life, seeping in slowly throughout the afternoon - turning into laughter by evening.

I wish all of you an incredible day, joyous Holiday Season, and Happy New Year.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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