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First child monitoring solution that employs Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to give parents smart daily highlights and smile detection
First child monitoring solution that employs Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to give parents smart daily highlights and smile detection
First child monitoring solution that employs Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to give parents smart daily highlights and smile detection
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    1. Agustin Sillas Jr on

      Loving my camera 5 stars

    2. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Glen,

      We are re-organizing our book keeping. This is just a hickup related to our quickbooks system. Please simply ignore the invoice. Sorry for the inconvenience.


    3. Glen Marris on

      Why have you sent me an invoice requesting additional payment?

    4. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Mohammad,

      We started shipping the cameras. Hoping to finish most of the shipments this week. So you should receive a tracking number in the next couple of days.


    5. Mohammad Zubair on

      Will we be getting any notification / email with the shipment details?

    6. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Agustin,

      Can you please send an e-mail to or open a support ticket from

    7. Agustin Sillas Jr on

      Having issues with mine the mic doesn't work and constant delays on recording live can you plz help

    8. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Dekel,

      Can you drop us an e-mail at

      It will be easier to keep track of your issue from there,

      Invidyo Team

    9. Dekel Sofer

      Just got mine today.
      It doesn't read the barcode.
      Please advise

    10. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Backers,

      The cameras are shipping out from the factory in China today.

      It should take about a week for them to get to our US office. We will then start shipping them to you immediately.

      @Naveen - Congrats about the baby. Don't worry you will receive your Invidyo very soon.

      Invidyo Team

    11. Jonathan Johansson on

      What's happening? Please, give us an update!

    12. NaveenKumar Namachivayam on

      When I will getting my device? I have been blessed with a baby girl. Awaiting for the device.

    13. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Backers,

      We have received final production dates from most of the manufacturers. However there are still a couple of manufacturers who have yet to send us the exact dates. So, In order to give you more accurate information, we will postpone the update regarding the delivery dates to Tuesday.

      Thank you for your patience.

      Have a nice weekend,
      Invidyo Team

    14. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Backers,

      I think a clarification is due.

      The backers who have already received their cameras are not "Early Bird" backers, they are the backers of "early delivery reward level". They have purchased this special 199 USD package, whose main value proposition was that those backers would receive the first Invidyo cameras out of the production line.

      The delivery date for the "Early Bird" backers was set to end of November. We are having delays on that schedule due to some small production issues. But the production has already started and it wont be long now before you start receiving the cameras.

      On Friday, I will post an update with more information about the production issues that we had to overcome and expected delivery dates.

      @ziad - we are only 7 days delayed as of now. Although the final delay will be somewhat longer, this is a very small delay compared to an average Hardware project on Kickstarter. We are expecting some empathy from our backers on the production delay front :)

      Invidyo Team

    15. Jonathan Johansson on


      I'm an Extended Early Bird backer but still don't have received my device, what's up?

    16. Missing avatar

      ziad roujouleh on

      Dear team,

      I am really disappointed in the delays and I haven't heard from you for more than a month, I had my baby in November and I thought I will get my camera by that time but till now nothing and with Christmas near the corner I think it will be next year

      I live in the UK please can you give me an estimate for the delivery time?

    17. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Shane,

      The production process for the standard deliveries is ongoing and will finish soon. We will post an update this week when we have the exact date from the manufacturer.


    18. Missing avatar

      Shane Gleeson on

      Sorry I meant delays not days

    19. Missing avatar

      Shane Gleeson on

      Hi, how is the production run going? Any significant days?

      Also, any more feedback from early delivery users out there?

    20. Invidyo LLC Creator on


      @Rick - We have started preparing the online user guide. You can access it from the below link:

      Regarding giving other users access to the camera - the functionality is not yet available on the iOS app. That is probably why you thought you missed it. You can still share your camera from our web site - Here is how:

      Or also from our Android App, if you have an Android phone. Here is how:

      This functionality will be available in the iOS Apps next release which is due before the end of the month.

      Also please submit all your support related inquiries to

      Invidyo Team

    21. Invidyo LLC Creator on


      @Shane - Thanks for the support. We are really passionate about making Invidyo a great product. We know that early adaptor feedback is the single most important thing that can empower us to build something that people will love and use. We will do our best to listen to your feedbacks and fix any issues that might arise.

      @Cricket - I am glad that the delay is back to normal. If the delay increases again, please tell us right away so that we can try to determine a pattern in cases where the delay is higher than expected.

    22. Cricket La Chica on

      Just an update for today, Nov 16, 10:18AM HST.

      My lag delay from the video feed went down to just 4-5 seconds now! Wow. Last night it was 20-30 seconds as I mentioned. I'm not sure if it was the time of day where a lot of users were using it?

      For troubleshooting purposes, I was using an iPad and just my laptop (connected to the web app). Not at the same time though. I tested on separate occasions last night.

      I'll continue to monitor the lag times, and give you guys updates for the next days or so! But for now, it is at 4 seconds!

    23. Missing avatar

      Shane Gleeson on

      Great to see you're on top of this - so many other creators tend to go to ground when there are issues. Really looking forward to this!

    24. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Backers,

      All our servers are located on the Amazon AWS cloud. The main streaming servers are located in Ireland.

      Our delay on a good network connection should be around 4 secs.

      @Cricket - 20 & 30 secs delay is way too high, we need to investigate this. Can you tell me which mobile app you are using - iOS or Android?

      @Rick - We are preparing an online help center which will include user guides and answers to questions. Tomorrow I will send a link to an article from our new help center on how to share your account with another user.

      We are planning to test deploy a US based server very soon, this can help lower the delay observed by our US based backers. But we will investigate the reported delays further as the 20-30 secs is way too long even with the main server located in Ireland.

      Invidyo Team

    25. Missing avatar

      Shane Gleeson on

      "Monitoring your baby while it's napping in a different room"

      I just re-read the campaign to see if I missed anything. Although the focus is on remote monitoring and daily highlights, the above line is given as a use case.

    26. Missing avatar

      Shane Gleeson on

      Wow, if that's the case re: delays then I'll be very disappointed with this. Latency longer than a couple of seconds renders monitors useless. Hopefully the creators can clarify as soon as possible.

    27. Cricket La Chica on

      I got my camera today - woohoo! However, it's not as good as I was hoping it to be. I guess it really depends on what your use case is. We have a 300mbps Internet at home, and I am still getting a 20-30 second delay on the camera feed. Now that 20-30 second delay could mean the difference between me saving my baby from choking or falling down when I want to monitor him. Or even just to go to him once he starts crying at night. Rick Alliss is correct in saying it depends I guess on where Invidyo's servers are.

      Isn't there a way for me to directly feed the video from the camera to my phone via my home WiFi, not waiting for the feed to come back from your servers? I mean, you can still analyze the video by uploading to the Invidyo servers, but maybe the feed I get on my mobile device is a different one (pre-upload)?

      I guess my overall feedback is It's good for monitoring the home while you're away - like watching the nanny, etc. But not as a baby monitor you would use at night for a newborn.

    28. Rick Alliss on

      So, the clarity of the camera is impressive. There seems to be a delay which I suppose should be expected based upon the strength of the internet and wherever invidyo's main servers are located.

      What I'm trying to figure out is how to add the camera to my wife's phone. I've already added it to mine. Is there something simple I'm missing?

    29. Missing avatar

      Shane Gleeson on

      Hi all, I'd like to hear some feedback here from people who received the early cameras? Thanks!

    30. Oscar Torrijos on

      Please response, I sent a PM.

    31. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Vorasuang,

      The update is about our special reward level for Early Delivery of Invidyo. So it is not about being one of the earlier supporters of Invidyo, which you are and thanks again for that, but it is about the backers who bought the early delivery reward level. I checked my records your reward is standard delivery. I will publish an update about the delivery dates for our standard delivery reward level soon.

    32. Vorasuang Duangchinda on

      @Creator, as per your update #13 concerning early international backers (which I though I'm one), I've not received a tracking code yet? Could you please kindly check if anything is wrong? Thank you so much.

    33. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      @Oscar - Sorry, I forgot about our earlier conversation. I confirm that you pledged for 2 cameras with the early bird price and the standard November delivery.

      @Cricket, Gabald - We have had some issues and delays in the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, this is common in hardware projects as it is extremely difficult to predict what might go wrong when manufacturing an entirely new product for the first time. However, we are now ready and as our early delivery backers you will be one of the first to receive the Invidyo cameras. Sorry for the inconvenience caused, we hope that Invidyo's unique features and being the first users of a product which would not be in existence without your contributions will make up for the time lost.

    34. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Backers,

      We have just published an update about the shipment schedule for our early delivery cameras. We have shipped the non-US early delivery cams and the US early delivery cams are shipping next week.

      As with most HW projects, we have had some issues and delays along the way. Nevertheless, we are finally ready. Our early delivery backers will be the first to receive the Invidyo cameras. We will also post an update about the delivery schedule for the standard delivery cams next week.

      The next couple of weeks will be very exciting as our early delivery backers start receiving the Invidyo cameras. Please make sure that you send us your feedback on the actual camera hardware and the overall user experience.

    35. Missing avatar

      Gabald on

      Have the cameras even been shipped yet? From the last update it send end of the week which was Oct 12. Please confirm when will ai be getting it. Thanks

    36. Missing avatar

      Gabald on

      I agree with you Cricket I think we should get our money back for the difference! Even want my money back.

    37. Cricket La Chica on

      Right now, I'm really just hoping to get your product by Thanksgiving... something that I paid early September delivery for. � I'm using a different monitor now, wish I just got the non-early one.

    38. Rithrade

      I really hope you guys deliver soon! My naughty nephew needs to be monitored!

    39. Oscar Torrijos on

      This was back in June 29

    40. Oscar Torrijos on

      I dont know how to PM you.
      I back for 2x and you even confirm this in this public chat media as the very first message posted here.

    41. Missing avatar

      Shane Gleeson on

      Great thanks for getting back to me

    42. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Backers,

      @Ryan - I have sent you a private message about your current address in our records. Please verify the address and if it is wrong please send us the new one.

      @Shane Will publish an update about the schedule for the November deliveries next week.

      @Oscar - I will have the delivery dates very soon. BTW, our records show that you have ordered 1 invidyo camera. Probably I am missing something, can you send me a private message about this.

    43. Oscar Torrijos on


      Can you please update me as to when would I receive the 2x Invidyo I ordered?

    44. Missing avatar

      Shane Gleeson on


      Please provide a rough schedule for the rest of your backers, not just US-based or early delivery backers.


    45. Ryan Martin on

      We just finished moving, and I'm not sure that you have our new address on the survey. Can we get some assistance verifying our shipping address in your records?

    46. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Backers,

      Check out the update we just published regarding the shipping schedule.


    47. Missing avatar

      Gabald on

      Any updates? It has been 2 weeks into October I am backer of early shipping. When should I expect to get my order?

    48. Invidyo LLC Creator on

      Hi Backers,

      As announced before, we have received the first batch of cameras. Testing is generally going smoothly. We are ironing out issues as they come up. Will be able to post an update tomorrow about shipment schedules.

    49. Cricket La Chica on

      Hello! How was the testing? My wife is in labor now, and we desperately need the camera. We might just get another cheap one for the time being...

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