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A 200+ page science-fiction/thriller graphic novel set in modern day, following the mysterious adventures of FBI Agent Riley Harper.
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Korey Goodwin - Co-Host, Double Toasted
Korey Goodwin - Co-Host, Double Toasted

THIS IS AMAZING! We just received our first review for THE FIERCE ARE FADING!!!!! It comes from Korey Goodwin, a Co-Host for Double Toasted. Check it out!!!


"The Fierce are Fading" feels like something that is brand new and familiar all at the same time. From the first panel of this book you feel like you already understand what the mood for the universe is going to be. Present day, dark settings, and cryptic characters. And yet, that is only at the surface of this tale. The writing for this feels like every day, organic conversations. From condescending demands coming from a superior officer to the snarky response given by the defiant, subordinate, lead character FBI Agent Riley Harper, every line of dialogue between two characters feels like something you would hear in an average exchange. However, when we meet a member of “The M.O.R.S Initiative”, basically if the “Brotherhood of Evil Mutants” and “S.P.E.C.T.R.E” came together and spawned an evil bastard baby, comes into the picture and explains the grand scheme of things. He does his whole, “Here is my villainous intentions speech” forever. And the M.O.R.S.’s plans do not have a brand new end game per say, but I am intrigued on how they plan on carrying it out. And who is there to stop the evil M.O.R.S. from molding the world to suit their needs? Why, a cast of 30-somethings who manage to be intriguing and annoying all at the same time. They all have their dark sympathetic sides that make you want to learn more about them. But, then they do something that comes so far out of left field and puts them in mortal danger. It is bewildering how they are still alive. However, this does not detract from the fact that you want to know more about them and how they have gotten to the point where they currently are.

Now let’s talk about the art. Dear God is it beautiful! The lighting and shading alone is enough to catch your eyes. But there is more to the deliberate choices that the artist makes here. From the detail in characters’ faces when they feel betrayed or the brutal action that takes place, there is something makes each panel stand out just as much if not more than the last. The use of mainly primary colors and earth tones gives strength to the level of realism that the artist and writer seem to be going for. However, the artist seemed to go a little overkill on the onomatopoeia. The sound effect are in majority white, which while used with interesting effect, it detracts from the beautiful, dark art behind them. That is a very minor complaint, but it is really noticeable during dark action scenes. Outside of that minor issue. I can’t wait to see more from this artist.

Overall, this comic has me very excited for the novel that the writer (Joshua Howell) has planned to be released under the same name. With engaging characters and a familiar story that isn’t reinventing the wheel but sure has an interesting take on it, I see “The Fierce Are Fading” ensnaring anyone who decides to open up its pages and dive in.

- Korey Goodwin Co-Host, Double Toasted

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