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The one and only tripod mount you need to mount any iphone, smartphone or small tablet to a tripod. Seriously!

The one and only tripod mount you need to mount any iphone, smartphone or small tablet to a tripod. Seriously! Read More
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About this project

Use any smartphone or small tablet on a tripod for photography with just one mount using nano suction technology.

What is MyFotoBuddy?

All of us love to use our smartphones, tablets, iphones to do video or pictures. The thing is they just aren't stable in our hands. If you are like me and want to do nice shots or video you need a tripod. 

They do have mounts available but I've never been impressed by them. They usually don't work well. They are usually the cheap clamping types that break or only work for one type of device. 

So I remembered seeing a thin foam material online. Called nano suction tape. It contains millions of tiny suction cups. It sticks and holds a tremendous amount of weight for it's small size, but leaves no residue. It works on any clean surface. Watch here in this short video, how just a small piece of this material holds an iphone securely and easily.

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The first prototype.

So I set out to design a prototype using this nano suction material along with a standard tripod mount. Here are some of my initial sketches of how I designed it:

So basically I thought a surface a quarter inch thick, pretty close to an actual smartphone. A large rectangular surface where the phone would attach to the nano suction material. It would have enough space and room to allow the phone or tablet to move freely on a tripod. Here is the first prototype we had made:

The first prototype worked really great. I tested it with hundreds of smart phones and small tablets. The one thing though was the base that attached to the tripod needed more support. So we went back to the drawing board to create a better design. One with a more ridgid base and I added a rubber piece to give more friction to the tripod attachment. I expanded the thin fragile areas to make the product stronger. Here are the sketches for the new design:

Second prototype:

When the prototype arrived it worked like a charm. Here are some pics of the final prototype completed with rubber base, tripod metal insert screw and nano suction mount.

When pressed against this material, the gripping power is unbelievable, yet it can be removed with a slight twist easily. This material is washable to keep its gripping power in tip top shape. The plastic mount itself is made of super high impact injected molded plastic. The tripod mounting nut in the base is made of metal and will not wear like plastic one. The mounting base is also covered with a rubber grip to insure a tight fit.

Seriously it's the only and last tripod mount you will ever need for a smart phone, iphone or small tablet!

This is the rendering of the final version that will be injection molded with the tripod mount and nano suction material.

So who are we?

Geoffrey Blakely- I set out to be an industrial product designer and ended up in advertising design making ads for huge brands like Audi and Royal Caribbean. Even though it was always print and tv ads, I still had ideas to  create products and then the ads for them.  Since I can remember I have been driven to create and design the unforgettable. I want people to feel the magic and wonder of my ideas. 

I’ve always been enabled by my own ingenuity and the belief that every idea I have is a catalyst to create more ideas. I trust my instincts and remember where I came from......but I always go somewhere completely new. I celebrate the power of possibility and of course I always break the rules! I believe that life is a journey and love where it has taken me.

Taylor Blakely- I'm the guy that can get it done, Well maybe because I'm Geoff's Dad and have experience. Early in my twenties out of architecture school I started designing houses, then started building them. I've always been an admirer of Frank Loyd Wright. He always followed the principle of form follows function. 

I believe everything follows those rules. Over the years I've built hundreds of houses and buildings. But my son always had these great ideas. I was always to busy to notice, then one day I decided to start helping him. I thought if I can create these beautiful houses and buildings I can help him design, create and implement his ideas into great products. 

Geoffrey and I have access to create, develop and implement any idea we choose. We do it out of enjoyment and we have a support team to create one product for one person or millions for millions of people.

How will we make the product?

The cad drawings have been made and the prototypes were made using 3d laser sintering machines. For a small production run we can continue to use those machines. The product they make can be created quickly, is awesome and very strong. 

If the pledges get past our goal we will have a die made here our local area of Raleigh, NC. Then the mounts can be injection molded. That way we can keep an eye on quality. The nano suction material with be die cut and it already has an adhesive backing already. They will be attached by hand with a small team of friends, family and any paid employees as needed. Also the rubber base will be die cut and attached just like the nano material. The tripod 1/4" mounting nut will also be inserted by hand with a touch of adhesive. If we reach our goal or far exceed it we will be able to fullfill pledges very fast, since we have friends that own an injection molding factory near me. They are anxious about this project as Its a simple and an easy product to make. They think it's an easy product to achieve a high production run with a low cost. Also as my team member Geoff sold music on amazon for ten years with thousands of music shipments a day. We will have no problem fulfilling 1 to 1 million shipments.

Problems and Obstacles?

Like I said before above, this is a simple product, easy to make on small short production runs. Easy to make on large production runs. I have four local companies that do injection molding, also several others that do 3d printing and laser sintering. I'm not worried about any problems since it's a very simple device with no electronics and easy to make.

Risks and challenges

It's a really simple product, I have over ten plastic companies in the US that can injection mold this product. My kickstarter goal will more than enough cover the cnc machining of the mold. Then the rest will be used to produce the product. Please support me if you are ready for a tripod mount that works!

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