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Building a ruined cityscape for your gaming tabletops.
Building a ruined cityscape for your gaming tabletops.
208 backers pledged £17,138 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      @Tom - as noted on previous comment below, PM remains open until shipping of rewards - (currently still on target for December) - one of the reasons for using a custom webcart is that it allows me to offer this option for KS backers who can also add other items and save on postage.

    2. Tom on

      @ Fenris I need to know a reasonable timeframe remaining for the pledge manager, as most of my pledges are low during the campaign and paid for (or abandoned) in the order they close in.
      I currently have three ongoing projects £1/$1 backed and four more to fully pay for including this one, depending on time windows I might have to give up on one in order to keep my spending within realistic bounds.

    3. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      @BlackPanzer - the PM will remain open until all of you have completed your Pledges, so there's no immediate rush. You can even add to your Pledge at a later date if you spot new releases between now & fulfilment !

    4. BlackPanzer on

      Hi, just a simple question.

      Until when will the pledge manager be opened?


    5. James Stec on

      Thank you for the prompt response!

    6. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      @James that's correct - in your case that should be sooner rather than later as you're not opting for any of the new (as yet unsculpted) addons.

    7. James Stec on

      Just a quick question... If we added things other than Rubble City it's still all going to ship together correct?

    8. Missing avatar

      David Baker on

      Yes mine has now gone through ok so whatever you've changed seems to have done the trick!

      Also I just wanted to extend my sympathies and offer my condolences for your current hardships.

      I certainly appreciate you still taking the time to keep us in the loop and not just that but apparently also motoring along with fulfillment!

    9. Sven Wichert on

      I placed my order for my Villa pledge on Saturday and even with added Staircases and Long Window Walls multipack I had no problems. Looking forward to build me some nice ruins for games of Frostgrave.

    10. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      Okay - those of you having issues with Oversize Parcels - I've just updated the weight limits and costs, so your Pledges should be allowed now. Please get in touch if you're still having problems !

    11. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      @David - not just you, sorry! Have been away from the workshop all morning, looking into this now for you.

    12. Missing avatar

      David Baker on

      Is anyone else having issues with the store saying it can't ship over 5kgs when trying to order a large pledge? Have filled out the contact form with details just wondered if others are getting the same issue?

    13. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      Hi @Aitealeeso - got your mail and have just replied. Thanks !

    14. Aitealeeso

      @FenrisGames I sent e-mail about shipping cost (to Japan). Please check it. Thanks.

    15. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      Morning All, proper Update coming shortly ( wiped out by getting the PM done yesterday, this viral infection is killing me for work ).

      @Dusty - not sure why the tunyurl link isn't working for you, sorry ! About thirty Pledges came in overnight and nobody else has mentioned any issues. The direct link @Ed posted below works properly, though - and you can navigate to the RUBBLE CITY catalogue from the main shop page of the fenris website at if that still doesn't work for you.

      @Wayne - the PM will remain open until all of you have completed your Pledges, so there's no immediate rush. You can even add to your Pledge at a later date if you spot new releases between now & fulfilment !

    16. Missing avatar

      Ed Ward on

      Don't forget to check your emails for the coupon code which is used at checkout.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ed Ward on!/Rubble-City-KS-Late-Backers/c/29219099/offset=0&sort=normal

      Direct store link for those of you who can't access through tiny url.

    18. Dusty Erker on

      @Fenris I don't understand how it is suppose to work if the link doesn't work. Please advise.

    19. Dusty Erker on

      The tiny url doesn't work for me.

    20. Wayne Cedeno

      Until when will the PM be open?

    21. Oracle on

      Yes, take care of yourself and get well soon!

    22. Bishmeister on

      Thanks for the update, all the best with your health.

    23. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      Morning all, quick mini-update: hoping to launch Pledge Manager in next day or so - personal health issues have prevented me working this last couple of weeks and I'm currently only able to put in short stints. Waiting on blood tests and specialist doc appointments to get back on track again ! Casting of basic set components is ongoing, and Lazy Forger has sculpts for the new pieces underway. Full update along with your pledge codes by the end of this week :)

    24. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      @Ed and Steve - PM is well underway, hoping to finish coding the relevant webshop section this week. In between general workload and rescheduling of teaching work following the death of my work partner, free time has been sparse - my apologies. Regardless, PM won't delay actual production, which is ongoing !

    25. Missing avatar

      Ed Ward on

      Update on PM please.

    26. Missing avatar

      Steve Kline

      I'm getting a bonus check on the 15th for assistant coaching where i teach. Looking forward to the PM!

    27. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      Hoping to get the PM squared away next week - as noted in today's Update, things have been a little derailed here this last fortnight.

    28. Missing avatar

      Steve Kline

      I'm happy to weight until June 15th for the pledge manager. I want to add on 390 LB to my 300LB pledge.

    29. James Stec on

      Looking forward to the pledge manager!

    30. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      @Agreave - hardly sneaky, I spent most of the last day (when I was supposed to be teaching!) pimping it online at every opportunity :P

    31. Agreave (carpets ARE required) on

      Well done, this sneakily finished and I missed the end lol :)

    32. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      Morning All, apologies for the lack of an Update last night - pretty much collapsed after making it home, seeing to #TheHound, and tending to a still poorly Mrs Fenris. Teaching work beckons now, but will file a proper Campaign Update later today. Thankyou !

    33. P Tracy

      Congrats on a great campaign and product. Dreading shipping to AU, but dead keen on building some stuff.

    34. Nigel Phillips

      Excellent. Hopefully I will be feeling flush by the time the pledge maker comes out, and then I can add some stairs and arches

    35. Laurence Baldwin on

      Well done Ian! Nice looking product, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh! See you Sunday :-) Cheers, Lau

    36. Bad Squiddo Games on

      Well done man, proud!

    37. David Sheff on

      Ooo! Free well! Thank you!

    38. David Sheff on

      Yay! Well done Fenris and everyone else involved!

    39. Wyvernsrose

      Woot grats! Freebies? Cool I kinda pledged and forgot I've been sick and been loads happening so awesome it went so well!

    40. Bishmeister on

      Well done Ian, great kickstarter

    41. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      WOW ! Thankyou, everyone. Humbled by the last 48 hours and by the support throughout this campaign. We even managed that last SG in the 60 seconds before finish - amazing !

      Right, time to leave the workshop, drive home, and have a celebratory drink. Proper update later.

      THANK YOU <3

    42. Amy Van De Water

      Pre grats CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    43. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      Also @Ed - but do make sure that if you want to claim the FREE town well model, your Pledge is at least DOMUS level ! My maths for a freebie only works if you've Pledged that level or higher during the live campaign :)

    44. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      @Ed you will indeed ( I should've added another FAQ, sorry! ) - the Pledge Manager will allow you to add anything Unlocked in the campaign as well as anything from the wider Fenris catalogue should you want to maximise postage savings :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Ed Ward on

      Not sure if this was covered, but will I be able to purchase more after the KS has ended?

    46. Kasper Klitgaard Brix on

      @Fenris - while you are having a think I’m having a drink trying to make up my mind with all those goodies. :-D

    47. Jack

      Great to hear you'll be adding what David Baker suggested concerning rows of arches. Can't wait to receive these :D

    48. FenrisGames 2-time creator on

      @Aaron - nice idea, I'll have a think and see if it can be done :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Aaron Piskorowski on

      @Fenris Any chance in doing premade bundles during the PM phase? Like “Rubble City House” or “Rubble City Manor” and including all of the pieces to build that including dormers, dividing walls and roof panels?

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