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Building a ruined cityscape for your gaming tabletops.
Building a ruined cityscape for your gaming tabletops.
208 backers pledged £17,138 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. James Stec 6 days ago

      Looking forward to the pledge manager!

    2. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 18

      @Agreave - hardly sneaky, I spent most of the last day (when I was supposed to be teaching!) pimping it online at every opportunity :P

    3. Agreave (carpets ARE required) on May 17

      Well done, this sneakily finished and I missed the end lol :)

    4. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 17

      Morning All, apologies for the lack of an Update last night - pretty much collapsed after making it home, seeing to #TheHound, and tending to a still poorly Mrs Fenris. Teaching work beckons now, but will file a proper Campaign Update later today. Thankyou !

    5. P Tracy
      on May 16

      Congrats on a great campaign and product. Dreading shipping to AU, but dead keen on building some stuff.

    6. Nigel Phillips
      on May 16

      Excellent. Hopefully I will be feeling flush by the time the pledge maker comes out, and then I can add some stairs and arches

    7. Laurence Baldwin on May 16

      Well done Ian! Nice looking product, looking forward to seeing it in the flesh! See you Sunday :-) Cheers, Lau

    8. Bad Squiddo Games on May 16

      Well done man, proud!

    9. David Sheff on May 16

      Ooo! Free well! Thank you!

    10. David Sheff on May 16

      Yay! Well done Fenris and everyone else involved!

    11. Wyvernsrose
      on May 16

      Woot grats! Freebies? Cool I kinda pledged and forgot I've been sick and been loads happening so awesome it went so well!

    12. Bishmeister on May 16

      Well done Ian, great kickstarter

    13. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 16

      WOW ! Thankyou, everyone. Humbled by the last 48 hours and by the support throughout this campaign. We even managed that last SG in the 60 seconds before finish - amazing !

      Right, time to leave the workshop, drive home, and have a celebratory drink. Proper update later.

      THANK YOU <3

    14. Amy Van De Water
      on May 16

      Pre grats CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    15. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 16

      Also @Ed - but do make sure that if you want to claim the FREE town well model, your Pledge is at least DOMUS level ! My maths for a freebie only works if you've Pledged that level or higher during the live campaign :)

    16. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 16

      @Ed you will indeed ( I should've added another FAQ, sorry! ) - the Pledge Manager will allow you to add anything Unlocked in the campaign as well as anything from the wider Fenris catalogue should you want to maximise postage savings :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Ed Ward on May 16

      Not sure if this was covered, but will I be able to purchase more after the KS has ended?

    18. Kasper Klitgaard Brix on May 16

      @Fenris - while you are having a think I’m having a drink trying to make up my mind with all those goodies. :-D

    19. Jack
      on May 16

      Great to hear you'll be adding what David Baker suggested concerning rows of arches. Can't wait to receive these :D

    20. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 16

      @Aaron - nice idea, I'll have a think and see if it can be done :)

    21. Missing avatar

      Aaron Piskorowski on May 16

      @Fenris Any chance in doing premade bundles during the PM phase? Like “Rubble City House” or “Rubble City Manor” and including all of the pieces to build that including dormers, dividing walls and roof panels?

    22. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 16

      @Kasper (and everyone else not following on Twitter!) here's some more sample pics of the floor tiles in place with the DOMUS wall set. - including, additionally, Mayan and Celtic flooring from the webshop.

    23. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 16

      *Room in the MARKET, not marker.

    24. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 16

      @Iain - thanks for the extra, you just helped (almost) everyone grab a FREE town well model ! I think there's plenty of scope for more Rubble City yet - so possibly an RC2. I've mulled over the idea of a dungeon set forever, but am not sure whether there's room in the marker for yet another version. We'll see!

      @Kasper - the ones shown in photographs are existing panels from the Fenris webshop; RC versions will be in sizes to fit the interiors of the wall sections (ie. roughly in units of 95mm); they're typically around 2-3mm in thickness, so ideal for cutting and fitting to size.

    25. Missing avatar

      Iain Smedley
      on May 16

      This is all getting a bit confusing and costly as well as lovely, so I am just randomly adding extra cash to the pledge in the hope we can add up the precise numbers in due course. On the back of the success of this, any chance of Rubble City: Dungeons next ?

    26. Kasper Klitgaard Brix on May 16

      Which size do the resin sheets come in?

    27. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 16

      @Steve - thanks! And thankyou to everyone upping their Pledges or joining us for the first time :) Just adding Secret SGs now ....

    28. Missing avatar

      Steve Kline
      on May 16

      Just updated my pledge to the Picta set with some money for add ons. I hope to add on mor ein the pledge manager. Lets get those stretch goals

    29. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 16

      FLOOR TILES for #RubbleCity are UNLOCKED ! - really pushed for time today (typically) with freelance work but will Update and add 2-3 absolute-last-minute secret stretch goals this afternoon - including a freebie for all Pledges of DOMUS and above if we can reach £16k....

    30. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 16

      Just before I leave for the Estuary (!) here's a link to an existing shingle roof in the shop that's not a million miles away from what the Unlocked ROOF PANELS will look like. Also sculpted by The Lazy Forger, so style will be similar ...

    31. Bishmeister on May 16

      I'm loving this kickstarter.

    32. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 16

      Morning all, welcome new backers, and Thankyou! For unlocking ROOF PANELS while I slept. Just about to walk #TheHound - proper update when I get to work :)

    33. Missing avatar

      David Baker on May 15

      Thanks, raised for my many arches!

    34. Missing avatar

      Tom Jones on May 15

      @ Fenris Maybe by the time you launch the pledge manager you could have kit compatible round columns, and broken columns/ column stubs.
      I took a look at your websites columns, they are very nice but aren't quite right for this project. Most are fluted and or much larger. These ruins are domestic and basic architecture. Small town market forum rather than huge temples.
      We shall see.

    35. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 15

      Mid arch and Paired arches now added as multipacks for those who want to go full arch-villain.

    36. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 15

      @Peter - you will indeed. Shipping will be calculated based on weight of final parcel - latest Royal Mail charges are here:

      One basic set of 23 pieces weighs approx. 350grammes - you can calculate a rough estimate of weight from this.

    37. Peter Maidens on May 15

      Quick question, will we be able to add more funds during the pledge manager? I want to get more stuff, but it is hard to budget it without knowing how much shipping will be.

    38. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 15

      @David - I'll be adding those as an option later this evening.

    39. Rocket Pig Games on May 15

      Yes roof panels!

    40. Missing avatar

      David Baker on May 15

      Could we get the middle piece of the 3 piece arch made so it can be repeated in a line to create multiple arches in a row and a multipack of this piece? I envisage the same end pieces but one finishes in a top row brick, the other the last brick is in the one but top row and the middle piece has top row one side and the second row the other so it can be be repeated. I think this would allow much greater variety as you could have a sequence of 3, 5, 10 arches this way etc. with even spacing.

    41. Missing avatar

      Aaron Piskorowski on May 15

      Bring on the roof panels!

    42. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 15

      Afternoon all , just checking in and it seems you've all Unlocked the Arched Walls pack - thankyou ! No chance to update the campaign right now but the mixed pack ( as per concept art ) will be £12 and the multipacks will be £13 each for those of you wanting to add to your Pledges.

      Gable Ends are our next stretchgoal at £12500 - almost within reach already....

      Thanks again !

    43. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 14

      Evening all and welcome to new Backers ! We're into the final stages now and I'm confident we can knock down one last SG to Unlock the arches so many of you are waiting for.

      @James L - stairs are roughly 30mm wide (to suit modern basing) x 45mm long x 25mm tall. There are several build options making sure they don't obstruct door openings.

      @Tom - at this late stage my budget won't stretch to new unplanned SG unfortunately. The main Fenris webshop does contain several styles and kits for columns so although there are no dedicated Rubble City columns there are options- and dedicated column kits will definitely happen at some point in the future.

    44. Missing avatar

      Tom Jones on May 14

      @Fenris You have four stretchgoals set and at current pacing will require £16k to clear them.
      If nothing else column stubs need to be done now. Look at you Domus set, add two broken stubs and you begin to make sense of the structure as it was before it was ruined, you get a semblance of it. Add ten stubs to Villa in two rows of five and you broaden the space in a way that makes sense and you add a lot to the ruins with a little.
      Add twenty stubs to Praefectorum in square patterns and you see the ruins become worthy of the name.

      These need to be an add on now, it would make so much difference to what you already sell.

      Simple columns are best with square plinths, Doric or Minoan and broken at varied heights. Square plinths better define the space. Full columns with capitals should be a different pack, Again Doric as your ruins are fairly plain and domestic from what we see so far.

    45. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 14

      @Tom - all of those are planned additions to the set - if we can drop a couple more stretch goals they'll be possible !

      Thanks to everyone who upped their Pledges overnight, keeping us hanging in with the Opening Walls unlock despite a large dropout. Fingers crossed we can still break another goal and get those Arches !

    46. Missing avatar

      Tom Jones on May 13

      Anyway, going by current quality your arches should look awesome.

      I see your arches are to support walls with partial walls underneath. This is great for kit compatibility, but could you also do round columns, full ones and broken ones and column capitals to mount stonework atop. Columns in rows are a common feature in pre modern ruins.

    47. Missing avatar

      Tom Jones on May 13

      @Fenris The curve of the arch is made of rimstones upon a basestone with a single keystone which is bevelled in both directions at the top.

      Ruined arches will usually have at best only a partial curve.

    48. FenrisGames 2-time creator on May 13

      @Tom - arch shown on the link was a WIP/proof of concept and noted as not final product - if you check the concept art on the stretch goal that's far closer to what will be sculpted and does show keystones.

      @Steve - that's the plan/hope !

      @James L - I'll grab measurements on the stairs blocks when back in the workshop tomorrow.

    49. James L
      on May 13

      @Fenris - Any chance you could let us know some info and the dimensions of the stairs? Will they obscure the square door/arch if used on the ground floor of a 12x12 tower for instance.

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