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Foxtales Studios LTDBy Foxtales Studios LTD
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Foxtales Studios LTDBy Foxtales Studios LTD
First created
CA$ 150,795
pledged of CA$ 45,000pledged of CA$ 45,000 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 9 months ago

Rulebook is up

Posted by Foxtales Studios LTD (Creator)

Hi everyone,

The rule-book is finally up. Its for the core gameplay elements and will be much more detailed with scenarios which we have not detailed here for the sake of keeping the story under the wraps. 

We cant thank you all enough for your patience and assure you that the rulebook and all the English language based elements will be proofread and corrected by multiple native content developers which comprises of Neil Amswych, editor for rule-books for Blood & Plunder, and also for Zephyr: Winds of Change.

Help us make this rule-book better by your feedback because after all, its you who have made it possible for us to come this far. Thank you so much once again

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    1. Prime All

      ************************************ WARNING!***************************************
      ============================HIGH RISK PROJECT===============================
      ----------------------------------ALL BACKERS, OLD & NEW--------------------------------------
      Examples of blatant plagiarism PLEASE READ!!! these media links:
      Tracking sites:
      -There is NO pledge manager- CrowdOx has rescinded their platform for this campaign.
      -There is NO shipping details for this campaign.
      --------------------------------How to cancel your pledge-----------------------------------
      1. Click the 'Manage your pledge' button in BLUE or GREEN at top right of your page
      2. Click 'Cancel pledge' which is in faded text to the left of 'Change your pledge' in BLUE
      3. Click 'Cancel pledge' in BLUE, you can leave a reason if you wish but do not have to.
      You MUST cancel before the last 24 hours or your pledge is locked in,
      If you have any pledge of *****ANY AMOUNT *****.
      Kickstarter will forward details of personal data, and unfortunately unless kickstarter stops this , it WILL fund.
      That means project creators will see:
      -your profile name, - pledge amount, AND YOUR-email address linked to your KS account,

      1. On completion Kickstarter will forward email contact details. Valid emails with attached data of a mark is useful for phishers.
      2. Monies are also forwarded from Kickstarter minus their fee.
      3. The developer then sets up a pledge manager which can directly mine financial details and full addresses. What data is collected varies from pledge manager to pledge manager.
      All this can occur long before the project is confirmed to be a scam the hard way.
      A message of your personal contact details and financial details being at risk is factually correct, but the process is simplified to fit the warning text.
      **All which might be sold on to scammers.

      *re-post from @Shane . @Tom Jones , so many others-That wish to protect other backers -Thank you, on behalf of all of us :)
      GREAT JOB GUYS, protect the backers !
      Let's keep re-posting your warning messages, near the top :) Feel free to copy & paste

    2. Tom on

      This Kickstarter project is considered likely to be a scam. Backers are advised to reconsider and cancel their pledges. To investigate read the links or check the comments section for details.

      Media links:

      How to cancel your pledge
      1. Click the 'Manage your pledge' button in BLUE or GREEN at top right of your page
      2. Click 'Cancel pledge' which is in faded text to the left of 'Change your pledge' in BLUE
      3. Click 'Cancel pledge' in BLUE, you can leave a reason if you wish but do not have to.

      You MUST cancel before the last 24 hours or your pledge is locked in, if you have any pledge of any amount Kickstarter will forward details of personal data, some financial and email contacts, which might be sold on to scammers.

    3. Dean F. Wilson

      Plagiarism Example 6:
      Plagiarism Example 7:
      Plagiarism Example 8:
      Plagiarism Example 9:
      Plagiarism Example 10:

    4. Dean F. Wilson

      Plagiarism Example 1:
      Plagiarism Example 2:
      Plagiarism Example 3:
      Plagiarism Example 4:
      Plagiarism Example 5:

    5. Missing avatar

      Karen L

      Here are some of the key things that are very concerning about this campaign:

      - Plagiarism - their posted rulebook has astounding similarities when compared to the Massive Darkness rulebook, with many paragraphs copied word for word.
      For your reference, here’s a side-by-side comparison one of the backers have posted:

      - They haven’t posted an update addressing all the concerns that backers have raised since the rulebook was posted. Campaign updates trigger emails and other forms of notifications to all backers, which will be an effective way to inform all backers of the current situation and how they choose to handle it. Yet, no updates on that topic, just some responses on the comments page, which get hidden unless someone decides to go in and dig through it. The latest update mentions nothing about the plagiarism accusations. The creator only said in the comments section that: “Its unfortunate that the alpha version bears uncanny similarity with the said game's rule book but since it's not the final version there is no need for us to address this any further than we already are.”

      - CMON’s CEO, Chern Ann Ng, has filed a DMCA notice against them for this. Screenshot for your reference posted by @Impact! Miniatures:

      - Plagiarism - Refund Policy (under Risks and Challenges) copied word for word from Mythic Battles’ KS campaign without even fixing it to show the correct currency.

      - Plagiarism - they copied Mythic Games’ KS profile biography word for word.
      This is Foxtales’ profile bio:
      This is Mythic Games’ profile bio (starting from the 2nd paragraph):

      - Plagiarism - the Shipping section of this campaign is copied word for word from Conan’s KS campaign:
      (scroll to the bottom, right above Conan’s Copyright section, between “We will do our utmost to ensure...” and “...Thank you for your understanding.”)

      - The 3 creators are not Canadians, yet they’re posting this as a Canadian-based project. They are all Pakistanis, but they are not posting this as a Pakistani campaign. They said it is because one of their first financial backers is located in Canada, who had paid for them to take trips to visit Canada. Nothing’s wrong with being Pakistani, but something’s wrong when you’re representing yourself as someone you are not.

    6. Art D

      BEAR UNCANNY SIMILARITIES, Keep this fresh.

      WARNING, this game is a scam, buyer beware. Creator has been been lying and is Fake.

      ADVERTENCIA, este juego es una estafa, tenga cuidado con el comprador. El creador ha estado mintiendo y es falso.

      ATTENTION, ce jeu est une arnaque, l'acheteur prend garde. Le créateur ment et est faux.

      ATENÇÃO, este jogo é uma farsa, cuidado com o comprador. Criador tem estado mentindo e é falso.

      Feel free to redraft the message, this is just the first try, I also used google translate but feel free to correct.

    7. Balloongineer

      @Neil Amswych: Thank you! We all appreciate your integrity.

    8. Missing avatar

      Keltickope on

      What pages were plagiarized?

    9. Neil Amswych on

      I want to make it clear to all backers that I am no longer involved in this rule book. On Monday I sent Foxtales a document with my suggested edits for the first four pages that I had read. My plan was to do the rest this coming Monday. Yesterday I discovered that the rule book was directly plagiarized from CMON’s Massive Darkness. I contacted Foxtales who have now started saying that there’s actually a beta rulebook that’s all their own original creation. That makes no sense. You don’t send someone a copy of a rulebook that you’re not going to use.l and ask for it to be edited.
      I have therefore informed them that I am no longer involved in this project and have dropped my pledge to $1 to remain on the Comments page to warn others about this project.

    10. Rand Chua TL on

      Any new updates? Been almost a week?

    11. Missing avatar

      Ryan Johnson

      All potential backers should check the main comments page. A large plagiarism issue has arisen regarding the rule book. Foxtales copied Massive Darkness word for word. No word from them since it was revealed.

      Backers beware!

    12. Amarice on

      @Isaac, nop, this is "what Massive Darkness should have been".

    13. Isaac Alexander

      Is this game compatible with Massive Darkness?

    14. Missing avatar

      Valen on

      Game looks outstanding. Best wishes going forward

    15. Patrick SAYET

      @ Neil Amswych : can't send a PM with KS to users, only creator

    16. Amarice on

      @Neil, thank you very much.

    17. Neil Amswych on

      Hi everyone,
      I’m Neil and I’m heading up rulebook editing. There are obviously a lot of typos and grammatical errors which I’m already addressing. My plan is to send Foxtales suggested changes on a page by page basis. I’ve already sent up to page 4 and hope to finish by next week.
      If you have any rule concerns (not typos or grammar, i.e. unclear rules, references to something that doesn’t exist, clashes between differing rules, etc.) please send me a PM and I will look through it.
      Please don’t post it here because I’m not wading through thousands of messages!

    18. Missing avatar

      Angelo on

      @Foxtales Studios Great work guys. Keep it up.

    19. Missing avatar

      Angelo on

      Can't they make a online version of the rulebook where we all can adjust any flaws in the rules? I think I have seen that with te rules of Solomon Kane. I have found some typo's and weird word constructions.

    20. Patrick SAYET

      signature move shouldn't cost XP, XP is hard earned by doing actions and advancing the story and should be used for levelling or getting new skills only ; possibly 2 stamina? or can only be used after a set number of rounds have passed (like it's the finishing move so it can't be used from the start)

    21. EtePetete on

      Wow.... looks amazing,haven't read it but it looks better than everyone has thought :)

      Great work... and before all overrun you with questions, suggestion and ideas.

      Lay back, get some sleep and enjoy the short rest ... :)

    22. Alfonso G. P. on

      Amazing game, fantastic.

    23. Endevor on

      I am suprised this is 40 pages long, i was expecting a 10 pages one. Good.
      I still don't understand the level/scenario/mission count of the previous video, i think you should do an update to explain the structure of a campaign, it feels weird that you say you can go through each scenario in any order.

    24. Werner Beytel (Miremarsh Marshfellow)

      Thank you, much appreciated.

    25. Amarice on

      Thanks. I have some feedback to share about card sizes. I know you will be able to manufacture them all with no problem, but I see it from players' perspective, so I was thinking about "standardization" (common sizes with wide available sleeves) and "unification" (the less types of cards the better).
      I suggest, for example, having only 2 or 3 sizes for all the cards, not more. For instance (made up)...
      - mini-euro size: "search", "item", "fortune", "treasure", "artifacts", "wanted posters".
      - poker size: "weapon", "interaction", "guards activation", "companion id", "guards", "bosses ai", "event", "ifreet".
      - tarot size?: "bosses id", "missions".

    26. Missing avatar


      Finally. Let u know whats up when im done reading the rules:)