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Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 9 months ago
Foxtales Studios LTDBy Foxtales Studios LTD
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Foxtales Studios LTDBy Foxtales Studios LTD
First created
CA$ 150,795
pledged of CA$ 45,000pledged of CA$ 45,000 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 9 months ago

Video coming up and backers helping us stay on our feet! Random rants

Posted by Foxtales Studios LTD (Creator)

Hey everyone.

Sincerest apologies for leaving you all on your own for like 24 hours. We have been working (finishing) this video which through shot kinda badly captures some really unique elements of Overturn's gameplay. 

The comment section looks intimidating if you are away for a few hours but for some reason we are in really really good spirits despite a lot of backers backing away from us.

During these 24 hours we got tons of messages on our Facebook page from  around 2 dozen or more of our oldest supporters and backers who told us to not lose hope and stay positive. 

Amazing words had been said and the level of support on such a personal level was kinda emotional to all three of us. Humayun is a man who doesn't emote very well but when I read him the messages he kinda broke down and cried. 

Team Foxtales sat together to assess our situation and realized that we may have lost a bunch of backers and still may lose more

But what made us happy was the fact that we could still get this game made. Its happening people. The world will get to play Overturn. Maybe in our next campaign, backers who are enjoying their copies of Overturn at their homes will run the campaign for us because that is the kind of awesome people we have that have been supporting us since we made that facebook page. 

We are happy, reinvigorated and galvanized. Thank you all for getting us out of that sad and exhausted state and kickstarting our enthusiasm once again. 

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Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter and comments are closed on project updates. For more on project suspension, please see our FAQ.

    1. Tom on

      This Kickstarter project is considered likely to be a scam. Backers are advised to reconsider and cancel their pledges. To investigate read the links or check the comments section for details.

      Media links:

      How to cancel your pledge
      1. Click the 'Manage your pledge' button in BLUE or GREEN at top right of your page
      2. Click 'Cancel pledge' which is in faded text to the left of 'Change your pledge' in BLUE
      3. Click 'Cancel pledge' in BLUE, you can leave a reason if you wish but do not have to.

      You MUST cancel before the last 24 hours or your pledge is locked in, if you have any pledge of any amount Kickstarter will forward details of personal data, some financial and email contacts, which might be sold on to scammers.

    2. Dean F. Wilson

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    4. Art D

      BEAR UNCANNY SIMILARITIES, Keep this fresh.

      WARNING, this game is a scam, buyer beware. Creator has been been lying and is Fake.

      ADVERTENCIA, este juego es una estafa, tenga cuidado con el comprador. El creador ha estado mintiendo y es falso.

      ATTENTION, ce jeu est une arnaque, l'acheteur prend garde. Le créateur ment et est faux.

      ATENÇÃO, este jogo é uma farsa, cuidado com o comprador. Criador tem estado mentindo e é falso.

      Feel free to redraft the message, this is just the first try, I also used google translate but feel free to correct.

    5. Eric LAURENT on

      You wrote : "The project is a go whether people stay with us or not".

      What will you do if backers leave this project at the last minute like many says ?

      Be wise, think about a restart as many of us tell you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Richard Sands on

      Well done for getting the FAQ updated. Look forward to seeing more aspects of gameplay in the next video.

    7. Art D

      I have been here from the beginning, Backer #38; Rebellion Pledge, and I have to be honest this campaign is making me nervous. I believe your heart is 100% into this project, but I'm not seeing the execution. I do not want to back another Middara (over 2 years late and still waiting).
      We are over 10 days into the campaign and have yet to see a complete play through (a 16 minute video just doesn't cut it). We have not had any live stream for questions and answers. We have not had any real substantive updates on rules, game play or progress on the development of the game.
      It feels like this is simply too much too soon. And to be totally frank, responses from Foxtales like, "The project is a go whether people stay with us or not." are not very reassuring. Those statements carry with them an air of arrogance. Because, let's face it, you CAN NOT make this game without the backers. You need and want people to stay with you.
      I WANT TO CONTINUE AS AN ALL-IN BACKER. Please believe that. But Foxtales Studios needs to give us some substance. We need some complete play through videos. We need some Q&A live streams. We need some updates that actually say something about the progress.
      Please do not take this as an attack. It is not. It's a heart felt critique from a fan that really wants to put your creation on his family's game table.

    8. Jack

      Dajebriza nailed it. The creators responses in the comments have been lacking in substance and frequency throughout this campaign and leaving non-updates like this one that praise a few loyal 'fanboys' here and on Facebook whilst grouping others into a negative camp speaks volumes about the emotional maturity we are dealing with. It's not too late to salvage this by coming clean about the initial funding goal figures, manufacturer details and costings and details that build confidence around the project fulfilment. Don't take it personally, you're in the business of public funding so backers have a right to ask questions

    9. Adam Dodge

      @Darren. I was on that one too and the comments were way worse than here, I was one of the 3 backers that created the neutral fb page “a LOAD of information” that tried to link as much info as possible to help people. But they had a much bigger team with much more experience in BGs. They also were on the comments a lot more too.

    10. Missing avatar

      Darren Mangan on

      Hey, I agree with a lot of what is said here, I backed LOAD, and that had a train wreck of a campaign, but my God did they deliver, bang on time, so I'm taking the leap of faith here, best of luck to u guys, can't wait to see the game, I'm sure the miniatures are going to be solid quality

    11. Mathias Rossie on

      I want this game :) since 5 months. So I'll be here till the end :)

    12. Adam Dodge

      @Dexter. Spot on comments there buddy

    13. Dexter Frankenstein


      I think this idea has a lot of potential but I agree with others about the execution.

      Just because you’ve reached your funding goal doesn’t mean the project is a success. Hemorrhaging backers is a sign that you have a serious problem with your campaign. I don’t think you should take that lightly.

      I’m an all-in backer at the moment and I would like to keep it that way but I’m also concerned about the health of this project. I realize the game will fund and I will (hopefully) eventually receive a package in the mail containing Overturn: Rising Sands. Right now I don’t know much about how the game plays or what quality I should expect it to be produced in.

      Please realize that people are always taking a gamble when they support a project on Kickstarter. The risk is greater when it is a project by a new team, and it’s even greater when that team is very small.

      I love seeing small teams find success in humble beginnings. I don’t think anyone here wants you to fail. I also don’t think they’re canceling their pledges because they’re trying to contribute to your failure.

      Constructive criticism is ESSENTIAL in developing a more perfect vision. I think it if a grave mistake to turn away from it because it makes you emotional. This is a passion project and passion is an intense emotion with substantial highs and lows. It’s okay to be affected by people’s responses to your work. Use those emotions and adapt.

      My advice—like others—after having supported and actively engaged in nearly 200 board game campaigns, is to cancel this first attempt, regroup, take the feedback you have received to heart, and bring this project back with the clarity and momentum it deserves.

      As I said before, simply hitting the funding goal isn’t good enough. This is your first game and it is a huge opportunity to show people that small teams and big ideas can still carve out their own place in the industry with confidence.

      Kickstarter is a valuable tool and we backers are legion. You’ll get out of the platform what you out into it. Back some projects yourselves, as Foxtales Studios LTD. Comment and engage with other creators. Read Jamey Stegmaier’s “A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide” and check out his blog on the subject as well. Equip yourself for success and you won’t have to teeter on the edge of it, with people doubting whether you can pull this off.

      I think you’ll be surprised at the number of people who would be willing to help you correct the course of this project in a future campaign. The Kickstarter community—like yourselves—is incredibly passionate. You can go from a team of 3 to a team of 300 without compromising your vision. Backers want to support you with more than just their money.

      Please don’t turn your backs on people who want this project to succeed. Listen to the ones who are concerned. We wouldn’t take the time to share our feelings if we didn’t care.

    14. Adam Dodge


    15. Adam Dodge

      Bradley. There was trolls on this at the start, but they’ve long gone fortunately. The concerns generally aren’t about wether miniatures are blistered or not, but about the fact there’s never information being shared. There’s tons of questions that either don’t get answered at all or very vaguely. We still don’t know basic things like what add ons and expansions that have been there since day 1 do. It’s clear this was launched too early, but that wouldn’t have mattered if they’d been more open and engaged from the start. Unfortunately they won’t even entertain a relaunch. So it’s all about wether they can salvage this and this backwards trend on kicktraq. OST of us “concern trolls” actually love the idea behind this and want it to exceed.

    16. Bradley Lacke

      Fanboys are a thing, but so are concern trolls, which there are also a ton of in this Kickstarter. Seriously, give these guys a chance - they're clearly doing their best, and despite the constant barrage of negativity their best may very well be enough - we don't know. Whether the minis come in a blister pack or not is not something that, if the creators haven't thought about or decided yet, means they're not ready to be on Kickstarter.

    17. NablA on

      Sorry for my English, I'm French (LOL).
      I agree with the comments I read:
      We do not know where we are going with this project:
      In the idea it is for this type of project that we come on the site Kickstarter,
      but currently I see add-ons that add to pay more and more when I do not see video or concrete rules of the game ... So to pay more?
      On the contrary, if you want to bring back bakers, then add add-ons to basic pledges and especially answer our questions and expectations!
      ... Otherwise we will have to withdraw while it looks promising as an initiative.
      personally, I wait until the last minute to know if I continue where if I cancel.

    18. Missing avatar

      Neil B on

      @foxtales. What you need to do is stop coming out with non-updates like this last one, be more present in the campaign and start answering the questions being asked.
      You have previously thanked specific people in this comments section for their support BUT a number of them have since left because they have NOTHING to back you up with anymore and have felt let down.
      You are only 3 guys, everyone can accept limitations to what you can do but what they don’t expect is to taken for granted.
      I’m still here, i like the game. I’m here for another 17-18 days then I’ll decide but i can guarantee others won’t stay that long unless improvements seem to be made.
      I say this for your benefit not mine.

    19. Adam Dodge

      @Foxtales. I hate seeing the “superbacker” card played, and in all the campaigns I’ve backed since having that title myself I’ve never brought it up. But please notice the majority of people talking to you with concerns or suggestions have it. The majority of people singing your praises and denying any other backers concerns don’t.

      These few backers that refuse to let others express their concerns and instead praise every little thing you do are also known in the community as fanboys. A fanboy can actually be very damaging to a project as they drown out the concerns of others, causing them to loose faith in the creators.

      Superbacker is not an easy title to get, the people with it tend to have been on Kickstarter for years, know the trends of what does and doesn’t work. Please realise we say and do what we do because we’re the ones trying to use our experience to make this really succeed. Unfortunately it’s started to become clear to me that you are now actively trying to avoid engaging with us and instead just relying on the blind faith of the 3 or 4 fanboys you have.

    20. David Ross on

      Thank you for such an update. I am a day one backer. For creators like you and games like this is why I am on Kickstarter.

    21. Foxtales Studios LTD Creator on

      The project is a go whether people stay with us or not. This campaign may be a beast for us to tame but we can and have been doing this with the support of our amazing backers. It's okay if the backers back away for not seeing a very organized and coordinated efforts from a skeleton crew of 3 men only; we are still gonna go along with it because we still have the faith of a massive amount of backers who do not think like few of the people over here. We will stick with their wishes and see this campaign through till the end.

    22. Patrick SAYET

      - will the miniatures be in some kind of blister in the box or just moving around?
      - can the buildings be un-assembled after a game to fit more easily in the box or do they stay assembled one and for all (and thus never fit in the box again)?

      This is a concern I had with Shadows of Brimstone, once assembled a big figure (I see there's a big dragon here) didn't fit in the box when the wings were assembled. And the figures didn't have a special place to put in and thus were moving in the box, resulting in some damaged.

      The buildings is also a concern as if when mounted (and glued?) they wouldn't fit in the bow anymore and need some other box to put them in.

    23. dajebriza

      This does not instill confidence. So the last 24 hours, you were actually withdrawn and avoiding the campaign, choosing to disengage with the video. That's the exact OPPOSITE of what you should be doing as mature managers of a project. The "poor us" and "give up" attitude is all over this message. This is not a friendship, where we are here to support you through a difficult time, this is you asking us to give you money to support a project that you are now showing clear signs of instability and inability to maturely manage.

    24. The.waves.of.time on

      I will hang around and see what happens. I like the concept and everything looks brill but there are quite a few red flags still. Waiting for a rulebook and a video.

    25. Patrick SAYET

      my questions were possibly difficult to hear or understand as English is not my primary language because I've seen some Kickstarter fail, restart, or go to the end with lots of flaws

    26. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Waiting for the video and the promised update of the FAQ ... and bear in mind that whatever is happening or said on Facebook does not mean much in comparison to what is happening and said here - because here is where you get your funding.

    27. Isaac Alexander

      Maybe you should cancel the campaign and relaunch when you're better prepared.

    28. Mark-Ders on

      Go Foxtales :)