Overturn Rising Sands (Suspended)

by Foxtales Studios LTD

Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter and comments are closed on project updates. For more on project suspension, please see our FAQ.

    1. ZupaleX

      Nice to have a bit of background on the project creators :-)

    2. Loig

      Ok sooooo. Nice to meet you guys. How about part 2; the gameplay video? It's ok if it's your faces in it. All we want to see is the game and how it plays.

    3. Scott Hammernik

      Lol! I love the jabs at the annoying backers. Finally someone is giving it right back to them. Nice to learn more about you guys, and I look forward to playing your game.

    4. Mark-Ders on

      Nice to meet you guys. A cool detail to show the game in the last picture :)

    5. Dave the Badger on

      This update is great. Seems like this is what Kickstarter is/was really about. Helping a dream come through.

    6. Justin Rockwood

      Boy, first you alienate your backers by offering an exclusive to the first 48 hours a week after going live, then you call your backers annoying? I realize that by writing this I’m putting myself into the “annoying” camp, but honestly you can’t treat your backers that way. It looks like a great game and you should be proud. Please don’t continue alienating your backers, though. Let us help you be successful!

    7. EtePetete on

      Nice to read you.... and I'm happy that you guys fit completely to the image I have had from you :)

      And I think most mirrors will survive you :) and the backers also :)

      Well done up to yet :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Erwin Klumpers

      Great write up n to put faces to creators of what looks like a great game! Loved the humour and realism. Keep it up and look forward to seeing a game play through soon!

    9. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      Thats the right way! We support creators not companies so managing trust and personality is important!! Cool. Have fun!

    10. Kowa

      I always love to know a bit about the people behind projects. Giving newcomers the chance they deserve is one of the great things of Kickstarter. Very well done, guys!

    11. Kehlenschnitt (Miremarsh Stumpy)

      Thank you for the update and sharing this vital information. Finally we know (and see) who is behind this project. I wish this had been available at the launch of the campaign, would have been so much easier for all of us (creators & backers alike). I really appreciate all the information you provided about yourselves and the small jabs at all of us who asked the hard questions ;-) I know the first days might have been rough & tough for you, but believe me, we backers felt the same. That's the reason why I and some other backers had to put up the pressure and ask the hard questions. We WANT this project to succeed, but we also WANT to see more information and most of all the people (and not the company) we support. KS is based on trust and transparency and if you continue with this and keep the backers informed and involved, some of my concerns are lessened. I still cannot promise you to stay till the end, but I will follow this campaign along (at $1 pledge for now). I might still pledge for a Rebellion Reborn before the end or pick this game up when/if it hits retail. I wish you all the best for this campaign. I really want this unique looking game, like I said before, the 3D renders look amazing as do the gameboards. We only need to see some more evidence that you can actually deliever this in all its glory.

    12. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Calling your backers "rude" is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black ... You have not been the soul of courtesy yourself and you like to see rudeness where there is none.

    13. Foxtales Studios LTD Creator on

      Why cant anyone dig the totally metal Witcher Medallion that I am wearing?

    14. Monsters & Mazes

      Oh my eyes!!!
      Just kidding, congrats & great video. Love the look of the game.

    15. Clint Lee Werner

      @Foxtales - Oh, man, I so need that medallion! Certainly a display of good taste!

    16. Foxtales Studios LTD Creator on

      It's been humming ever since we started this campaign.

    17. MikeR

      Haha !! I missed that. I was just happy to be able to place faces with names.

    18. Art D

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    21. Tom on

      This Kickstarter project is considered likely to be a scam. Backers are advised to reconsider and cancel their pledges. To investigate read the links or check the comments section for details.

      Media links:

      How to cancel your pledge
      1. Click the 'Manage your pledge' button in BLUE or GREEN at top right of your page
      2. Click 'Cancel pledge' which is in faded text to the left of 'Change your pledge' in BLUE
      3. Click 'Cancel pledge' in BLUE, you can leave a reason if you wish but do not have to.

      You MUST cancel before the last 24 hours or your pledge is locked in, if you have any pledge of any amount Kickstarter will forward details of personal data, some financial and email contacts, which might be sold on to scammers.