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Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 9 months ago
Foxtales Studios LTDBy Foxtales Studios LTD
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Foxtales Studios LTDBy Foxtales Studios LTD
First created
CA$ 150,795
pledged of CA$ 45,000pledged of CA$ 45,000 goal
Funding Suspended
Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter 9 months ago

A look at the architectural designs for buildings used in Overturn

Posted by Foxtales Studios LTD (Creator)
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 They dont just look cool on the board, but have their unique uses too. Where the shadow of a wall can save your hero from enemy's line of sight; a watch tower can put your hero in the cross hair of an archer. Have a look at some of the common architecture of the war torn world of Drish Barahir


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    5. Missing avatar

      Bruce J. Eike

      The buildings look terrific, and as someone mentioned earlier, will have uses for a wide variety of games. Frankly, for a new kickstarter project, I was expecting only cardstock buildings and scenery (or at best, buildings like these as a paid add-on). To have something as substantial as this as part of the all-in pledge- delighted! I can understand those concerned about plying the interiors, but for my purposes, these will make for a very enjoyable battle board.

      Please keep up the good work!

    6. Isaac Alexander

      Very nice! I don't know how that cottage and building won the Nobel prize in architechure though. They must have had lower standards back then. You should make some upscale buildings too, that a noble might live in ;P

    7. EtePetete on

      @Jevr I don't think so. Look to the measurements. For a playable interior is not much place. Classic bases have a 2 cm diameter.

      A removable roof can be possible... or not? Can such buildings made with one mold? I don't think so, I think they must be assembled, and if well planed the roofs can be removeable.

      If it is a little bit more stressless for foxtales we should ask again.

      The terrain gave potential to something realy awesome, even more as now ;)

    8. EtePetete on

      Great buildings... uhh... they will look fantastic on the table.

      And the idea with the Shadows is great. A big lamp for a spot, the burning sun..

      I have send you a message for some fine tuning ideas, even more modular to creat as many as possible different buildings with a few parts :)

      An other question, how look a figure near a building? The scale of the buildings is a little bit different to the figures ( with same scale would be no chance to place all the buildings on the table ;) ) a good trick to make it possible :)

      Great work, great product!! And up to now great kickstarter.

    9. JEVR

      Can you play inside the buildings / do they have a removable roof and detailed interior?

    10. Mathias Rossie on

      Nice update. Keep em comming

    11. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      Those buildings look great, but I expected an update with more important/urgent answers to certain questions ... The building renders would not have been my priority. But ok, maybe it's just something you dropped here quickly to tide us over to the soon-to-be posted video.

    12. Chad E. on

      Great update!

    13. Amarice on

      Please do an update detailing also the cardboard buildings and trees. Thanks.

    14. Sergey Vlasenko on

      Look very stunning! And as for other buildings from core box - will they also have plastic variant?

    15. andré duchesne on

      so many uses for a lot a games

    16. Mandy

      Very impressive :)

    17. Mark-Ders on

      Excellent update in regards to the buildings. Love the added measures.