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Photo session for a reality show

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of shooting photography for a reality show. Definitely different element at first to be in for me. The whole look of the cast and their personas were basically riding on my skills as a photographer. Needless to say I was a bit nervous walking up to the location to shoot. It's one thing when your doing your own photography, something completely different when your being directed by others on how things will be done. 

All in all the shoot went very well and I found my comfort zone relatively quickly. What started off as the producers giving their direction on things ended with me saying, "I got this and if you just let me and the cast breath I can get you what you want out of them." I guess that is a knack that I am learning about my work. I have this ability of making people comfortable and getting what I need out of them. Shoot lasted until 12:30 last night from headshot portraits to group sessions with all 6 of the cast members. Granted it could of gone better had I had the proper equipment needed, but I will mark it up as a huge compliment if a television show sees my works, knows I may not have all the things required for a shoot, but I am inventive with what I have and put out a good product. 

Sitting at 46% of the goal and 14 days in. That is amazingly good but I'm gonna have to get creative with how to drum up interest and support. Perhaps some new incentives might be added to the mix. Determination and just keep going. I have faith. In the meantime enjoy 2 more pics from my NOH8 spoof. Once I was able to step back a day or two from the initial processing I feel these were more successful. Which one do you like the most? Feel free to share. 

Enjoy the weekend true believers.



    1. Creator Hartwell Brooks on June 1, 2012

      You and your photos are so sexy. Never give up.