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Utilize unique traits, claim territory, struggle for survival and decide the fate of your species in a game of nature and adaptation.
Utilize unique traits, claim territory, struggle for survival and decide the fate of your species in a game of nature and adaptation.
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Step 23 - Start Again

Posted by Corey Le Mesurier (Creator)

Hi everyone! 

Long time no talk! 

Vivarium was a success thanks to you. We made a thousand copies, about 500 of them went to backers and the remaining 500 were sold to retailers and distributors before I knew what was happening. 

Since then so many of you have contacted me through various means to talk to me about all the games you've played, to share musings and the amazing stories the game creates about the struggle of species. It's been one of my greatest joys to see the game on shelves, in player's hands and making it to the table quite regularly. I've also enjoyed quite a few games of Vivarium since and was glad to put the designer's hat away and just enjoy it as a player. 

As it stands, Vivarium has been well received by players and is now itself a rare species. It has quite a high rating on Board Game Geek. If you enjoyed it, I encourage you to rate it and help build its profile even further! Also, if you have any suggestions on how to better present the game on Board Game Geek, any guidance is appreciated, that website still confuses me!

While I'm very proud of Vivarium, it can be a bit rough around the edges, particularly with the rule book. For now I've shelved the project, but I would like to revisit it in the coming years hopefully to do a revised edition with an expansion. There are so many great ideas for expansions, and a lot of backers shared their creative ideas with me. Stay tuned for a potential relaunch.

Which leads me to...

What have I been doing since? I've been juggling a full time job as well as running a small food business with my partner, it's been very busy, but a lot of fun. However, I've always carried a little note book around and have not stopped designing games. It's at the point where I have a list so many games that it's time I try to publish another one of them!

Enter, stage right: Kamuy. I had the idea for this game at some point during Vivarium's production and have been working on it since. I'm hoping to publish it this year, and another Kickstarter campaign is looking likely.

It's a lighter game, averaging 30-60 minutes at the moment and is an engine building game where players assume the role of an Ainu god visiting the world of humans to collect treasures. In exchange for these treasures (called inaw in the Ainu language), the gods provide knowledge and protection to the people. 

It's my hope that Kamuy will bring a lot of fun to gaming tables around the world, but will also provide people with a unique insight into Ainu culture as well as helping to preserve the very endangered language. 

Where is Kamuy up to?

I have a prototype, I have a manufacturer lined up, I have illustrators working to bring the vision to life and I'm starting to blind test tomorrow at Cancon (please come say hi if you're around). Seriously, get in touch with me and let's chat and have a game. I'll be there all 3 days!

I've also just started a Facebook group so people can join in on the discussion and development of the game. Please join it and be a part of the magic:

You can also just get general updates about what's going on through the Facebook page. :)

Any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch, and I hope to see some of you over the weekend! 

Until next time,



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