Vivarium - A wild strategy board game for 2-5 species.

by Corey Le Mesurier

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    1. Caleb O'Brien on

      You did a really good job. Great quality game, both in production and components, and the slightly-quicker-than-expected delivery was great. Have you sent any copies to board game reviewers like the Dice Tower?

    2. Mike Frenchik

      Awesome job man. I know that folks here love the game in the US. Me and my gamer group look forward to the next one.

    3. Missing avatar

      Neal Walker on

      Thanks for a great game, have played several games and everyones enjoyed it.

      A couple of thoughts that you may be able to take on board for future games:

      The text on the cards is pretty small and hard to read. Most of the people in the 60+ category that I've played the game with have said that.
      Energy wheel : It's a shame the cut out in the box doesn't have space for the player boards with the wheels attached, it's a minor thing but is a shame to have to keep taking the wheel off each time we put the game away.
      30mins? The bottom of the box states it's a 30min game. While I enjoy long games and have no problem with the game length, I've yet to finish a game in under 2 hours. Assuming a 4 player 4 year game, with 16 turns each, that's 30seconds a turn / player, we are getting quicker but I doubt we'll ever come any where close to that.
      Finally I'm curious why the game wasn't made for 6 players, the 5 player map can be easily altered to be 6 players, and it's a shame you didn't include one more starting tile as all the other bits for a 6th player are already there (as there's 8 species boards/pieces) We just use one of the other tiles and a dummy token to represent the home space.

      Like I said I'm loving the game and thank you for making it. These are just a few observations my friends and I had.

    4. Corey Le Mesurier Creator on

      @Caleb, thanks so much for all your support! I haven't sent them a copy, I'm actually pretty much out of copies!

      @Mike, glad everyone's enjoyed it!

      @Neal, thanks for the feedback, I'm aware of those issues. The down time at 5 players is already considerable, while the game could support a 6th player, it's good you found a work around though! Thanks for your support!