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Utilize unique traits, claim territory, struggle for survival and decide the fate of your species in a game of nature and adaptation.
Utilize unique traits, claim territory, struggle for survival and decide the fate of your species in a game of nature and adaptation.
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Step 22 - Wrap Up

Posted by Corey Le Mesurier (Creator)

Hey everyone,

Vivarium has made its way all around the world and should be in pretty much everyone's hands by now. There's a few loose ends to chase up and if you haven't received your game/s yet, send me a message and I'll sort it out. 

I hope you enjoy the game and if you have any ongoing rules questions, definitely let me know. I've provided an FAQ with some clarifications on BGG. If you've enjoyed the campaign, Vivarium or just want to help a small time publisher out, then head there and give Vivarium a rating. :)

I've finally gotten around to exporting and sorting out the video of the trees being planted. I'll provide some photos when they're a little bigger. It was a hot day, and took a few hours for myself and my family to get it done. The video isn't too exciting, it mostly shows me swinging a mattock up and down the fence line while my family did all the technical things. 

Thanks to everyone got on board with this idea, we now have a lasting and positive contribution to represent the campaign. :)

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Additionally, one backer, made an unboxing video of Vivarium in Spanish and another made a tutorial for Vivarium in Italian, check them out! It's really cool to see Vivarium in the hands of people all over the world.

Overall, Vivarium seems to have performed well and the 1,000 copies in existence are mostly spoken for. As a first time publisher this has been a massive learning experience, while difficult and stressful, it has been mostly positive and a lot of fun! It's also a dream come true for me to walk into my local game store, where I worked for 5 years, and see Vivarium on the shelf. There's a lot of things I would have done differently, now that I have the blessing/curse of hindsight, but also a lot of things I would do again. 

On paper, I delivered a game ahead of/on schedule, which, for the most part, people enjoy. Not to mention is has some kick ass art, a relatively unique theme within the industry and I hope it also has a somewhat educative role regarding the natural world. 

I have a few other ideas for board games, one which is close to being able to be tested by the public, but I also have a few other non board game projects to weigh up before launching into another campaign. Regardless, keep your eyes peeled for more work from me please!

And now, most importantly, I owe you all my sincerest gratitude. People from all over the country joined together and made Vivarium not only possible, but also improved upon it. Without your generosity and support, we wouldn't be here today. And it's been empowering to share in your enthusiasm throughout the process. I hope if you have an idea, or a project you can find the courage to run with it, you'll be surprised by how welcoming and supportive those around you (or on the other side of the world are). It's truly worthwhile pursuing your passions and seeking to make your mark on the world. 

So, thank you to everyone! 

Anyway, have fun and get out there and pat some dogs! 

Until next time, 

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    1. Corey Le Mesurier Creator on

      @Caleb, thanks so much for all your support! I haven't sent them a copy, I'm actually pretty much out of copies!

      @Mike, glad everyone's enjoyed it!

      @Neal, thanks for the feedback, I'm aware of those issues. The down time at 5 players is already considerable, while the game could support a 6th player, it's good you found a work around though! Thanks for your support!

    2. Missing avatar

      Neal Walker on

      Thanks for a great game, have played several games and everyones enjoyed it.

      A couple of thoughts that you may be able to take on board for future games:

      The text on the cards is pretty small and hard to read. Most of the people in the 60+ category that I've played the game with have said that.
      Energy wheel : It's a shame the cut out in the box doesn't have space for the player boards with the wheels attached, it's a minor thing but is a shame to have to keep taking the wheel off each time we put the game away.
      30mins? The bottom of the box states it's a 30min game. While I enjoy long games and have no problem with the game length, I've yet to finish a game in under 2 hours. Assuming a 4 player 4 year game, with 16 turns each, that's 30seconds a turn / player, we are getting quicker but I doubt we'll ever come any where close to that.
      Finally I'm curious why the game wasn't made for 6 players, the 5 player map can be easily altered to be 6 players, and it's a shame you didn't include one more starting tile as all the other bits for a 6th player are already there (as there's 8 species boards/pieces) We just use one of the other tiles and a dummy token to represent the home space.

      Like I said I'm loving the game and thank you for making it. These are just a few observations my friends and I had.

    3. Mike Frenchik

      Awesome job man. I know that folks here love the game in the US. Me and my gamer group look forward to the next one.

    4. Caleb O'Brien on

      You did a really good job. Great quality game, both in production and components, and the slightly-quicker-than-expected delivery was great. Have you sent any copies to board game reviewers like the Dice Tower?