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Utilize unique traits, claim territory, struggle for survival and decide the fate of your species in a game of nature and adaptation.
Utilize unique traits, claim territory, struggle for survival and decide the fate of your species in a game of nature and adaptation.
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Step 20 - Get back into gear

Posted by Corey Le Mesurier (Creator)

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great holiday season and are ready to conquer 2017 and incite some change!

Here's a quick update on where things are at:

Australia - By now everyone should have received their copies, if you haven't, please let me know. There's been some great photos of people playing Vivarium and some really nice feedback too. :)

US - Your games have finally arrived with the fulfillment company and they should be shipping out from early next week! Keen an eye out and check your mail!

Europe/ROW - Your games should be clearing customs in the EU shortly and from there will be sent to the fulfillment company, thanks for your patience! I'm hopeful they will arrive ahead of schedule. :)

Some others things to talk about: 

- I've still got to find time to grab the video of the trees being planted off my camera, but will endeavor to do so soon!

- If you have any questions about the rules please send me a message. I'm keeping a list of any FAQs which I'll upload to Vivarium's Board Game Geek page (please rate Vivarium here if you enjoyed it). By messaging me you'll not only get clarification sooner but it helps me keep track of what is being asked and what needs to go on the sheet. 

- There's a big gaming convention in Australia called Cancon coming up in January where I'll be looking to demo Vivarium and test a prototype of another game I have in the pipeline. If you're attending, keep your eye out for me and come say hi/have a game. :)

I'm excited to see Vivarium make its way around the world and land with backers, 2 years ago I started development of Vivarium and to be able to put a neat little bow on it and have Vivarium out in the world at the end of this month seems rather fitting. However, there's still a lot of work to be done and I hope Vivarium has a long life and sees many tables around the world!

Anyway, any questions let me know! 

Thanks everyone!

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    1. Corey Le Mesurier Creator on

      @Nikki, I've just replied to your message, but Canadian copies should arrive by the end of January. :)

      @Wayne, great to hear! Bringing in the new year with Vivarium sounds good to me! If you and your are friends are keen please head to the BGG page and rate Vivarium to help its future! :)

    2. Wayne Hewitt on

      Got mine in time for new year. Had friends round and played a few games. Lots of fun. Thanks for all the hard work!

    3. Nikki Thiessen on

      I live in Canada and still have not received my copy. What time frame should I be expecting?