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Utilize unique traits, claim territory, struggle for survival and decide the fate of your species in a game of nature and adaptation.
Utilize unique traits, claim territory, struggle for survival and decide the fate of your species in a game of nature and adaptation.
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Step 19 - Unplug

Posted by Corey Le Mesurier (Creator)

Hey everyone, most of you in Australia would have received your copies of Vivarium by now. There's a few around Canberra who I wasn't able to deliver to (I did hand deliver over 100 copies though!), you should hopefully have yours by the end of the week. :)

For everyone overseas, your games are inching around the world towards you. I thank you for your patience and am hopeful that everyone will have their games well before February. The US copies should have just arrived by now and will be looking to be fulfilled in the coming weeks. The EU/ROW copies should arrive at the fulfilment company in early January. 

I hope everyone who has received Vivarium so far enjoys it. Being my first project it might be a little rough around the edges but ultimately I think we have a beautiful, fun an unique game on our hands and I hope you can share that sentiment with me!

If you've had a game and enjoyed the experience please head here to rate Vivarium:

While I'm not keen to play the numbers game at this point, having a good ranking for Vivarium on BGG is crucial to the longevity of the project and for my prospects as a designer in the future. So if you've enjoyed Vivarium, or heck, even if you just think it's pretty looking, jump on and give it some love. :) A little bit of love goes a long way for a first time publisher. ^_^

I'll be adding some more content to the BGG page in the new year with some species breakdowns and maybe a newer how to play video.

However, for now, I'm off to Japan for some much needed relaxation. I'll still try and be as responsive as possible but I will be unplugging a bit!

My sincerest thanks to all of you for your support, have a great holiday season!


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    1. Corey Le Mesurier Creator on

      Hi Lindsay!

      Sorry for the slow reply, I'm currently out of the country.

      First of all, thank you so much for the kind words. That kind of encouragement is important as a first time designer. I hope you enjoy Vivarium, if you have any questions let me know!

      If you do enjoy it, please rate it on Board Game Geek, part of my success as a designer hinges on Vivarium's overall rating on that site.

      The link to the print and play would have been sent to you back in August, through message. The link would have expired now though, but I'll message you and see what I can do when I'm back at my computer mid next week.

      Until then, happy new year!

    2. Lindsay Cullen

      Hey Corey,

      My copy arrived a few days ago while I was interstate so I've only just picked it up from the Post Office and opened it. I love the quality and colourfulness of the game. It looks really good, and the rules look interesting, with lots of different strategies and plenty of replayability. I'm really looking forward to trying it out with some friends.

      Great work on this Kickstarter - I certainly hope you are successful enough to continue developing games.

      I haven't yet quite figured out where everything is in the new Kickstarter app, but have you posted details of the downloadable print and play game set yet?

      Best wishes