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An animated musical short from the world of Looking For Group.
2,701 backers pledged $132,640 to help bring this project to life.

LFG - let's get animated!


Hello LFG fans!

The holidays are approaching and I don't need to tell you that the greatest gift of all is LFG!

Granny can keep her head warm with a wonderful Richard hat. Little Jimmy can learn to read with the digital omnibus on his tablet (kids these days, so spoiled). Crazy Uncle Ronnie can take out his anger issues with a soft Sooba plushie. There is truly something for everyone!

Get some holiday shopping done and support your favourite comic all at the same time! 

 As ever, you are the best and thank you for your support!


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    1. Mark Tomczak on

      I'm sad, I don't get Payed til next week after it's OVER U_U
      This Month I done missed out on 3 sale do to lack of $Green$ this will be the 4th
      Hopefully Y'all make it with out my Money this time

    2. Tara Martin Dale on

      I now sing 'slaughter your world' when I'm in a raid or pvp...I blame Richard.
      Also, LFG as an animated series must come to fruition! Good Luck!

    3. safyrejet on

      I got that downloaded on Aug 12. It was made available to the backers some time ago. Not sure how some people missed it.

    4. TheChosenOne on

      I asked that 2 months ago and they still haven't answered... pretty poor communication. Only 3 updates aswell on their new project.

    5. Argaen on

      I would love to support the series, but first I would like to know one thing: what happened to the hi rez digital copy of "Slaughter Your World"?