This Is War - An LFG Musical Short

by Ryan Sohmer

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    1. Argaen on

      I would love to support the series, but first I would like to know one thing: what happened to the hi rez digital copy of "Slaughter Your World"?

    2. TheChosenOne on

      I asked that 2 months ago and they still haven't answered... pretty poor communication. Only 3 updates aswell on their new project.

    3. safyrejet on

      I got that downloaded on Aug 12. It was made available to the backers some time ago. Not sure how some people missed it.

    4. Tara Martin Dale on

      I now sing 'slaughter your world' when I'm in a raid or pvp...I blame Richard.
      Also, LFG as an animated series must come to fruition! Good Luck!

    5. Mark Tomczak on

      I'm sad, I don't get Payed til next week after it's OVER U_U
      This Month I done missed out on 3 sale do to lack of $Green$ this will be the 4th
      Hopefully Y'all make it with out my Money this time